Grass Roots Development near YOU

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Grass Roots Development near YOU

Post by Steviola » Sat Aug 09, 2008 7:29 pm

Are you unsatisfied with the state of the game in your area? Wish there were more players to play against, more venues to play in, more nights to play on? Don't you wish you could play in a local league, compete at local tournaments where you don't have to travel around half the country and pay ridiculous entry fees? If your answers to these questions are Yes!, then do something about it!

Join the Youth and Grass Roots Development Group if you want to make a difference in your area and help revive this game. Why should you have to be on the committee to make a difference? If you have ideas you want to share, or are willing to go searching for new venues, talk to table distributors, persuade Geoff to put a table in a school near you (lol) then get on board! Everyone has different skills (some experience in advertising would be particularly beneficial!) so the more people we get involved the easier success will be!

If you want to join PM me and I will add you.


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