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Re: UKC Results

Post by Bundy Volume 1 » Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:46 pm

Mase wrote:Offers were made to move any of the tables under lights but he wasn't interested. This caused in excess of a 45 minute delay. I made sure I kept tabs on this as it was a hugely selfish act.
You and Rob delayed games you had to play because you wanted to wait for Eddie to finish an SS game and then throw chips at him.

Many, many people delay games at tournaments because they feel they need/want to, just one of those things that happens. There is no need to cite 1 example and put blame solely on that.

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Re: UKC Results

Post by Happyham » Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:39 pm

Elvis wrote: how about playing the final sometime in the next week. Is there any reason why this couldn't happen.
I think this is a pretty decent idea. The problem though, is that in previous years when a team in the final could not / would not play for whatever reason the UK title has always been given to the team willing to play.

Obviously Tom could agree to play the match in the near future in the spirit of resolving things etc, but I don't blame him if he chooses not to. He hasn't done anything wrong. If he had been breaking any rules, then the tournament director would have stepped in and done something about it.
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Re: UKC Results

Post by Gipsy Beast » Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:21 pm

Rob Davey wrote:I just want to add - Tom ............. Dave Bareham hates your guts soooooooooooooooo much!!!


:bad-words: LOL

It's the tournament director's responsibility to ensure the smooth running of an event... not the players.


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Re: UKC Results

Post by Lucky » Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:58 am

I don't think being called a c*ck is abusive or aggresive. I'm often called a c*ck by some of my good friends and I certainly don't feel abused. If you were called a c*nt then you may have a case. If someone called you a poxy c*nt then you have more of a case!(because it is useless to anybody). You are little unlucky here, if you were black and you were called a black c*nt (even if no body heard it including you) then you could have caused a havoc, all the do gooder and self rightout and holier than thou would have backed you and poor John would be public enemy no1

It doesn't look like I'm being missed from foosball scene....LOL
Teeb wrote:In the spirit of britfoos' aimless arguments that are unproductive I figured I may as well offer my version of events.

1) At no point, up until I was preparing to play the singles final, was I aware that Jon May had made prior commitments and had to leave by a certain time.

2) I think it was a shame the quality of lighting and the quality of tables was so poor for an event as high profile as the UKC. I was called to play Dave Bareham at around 4-5pm on a table which had very poor lighting. I asked if I could wait until one of the better lit and more playable tables became available and this request was granted. This was for loser comes 4th. I and the TD(s) judged the tournament to be running ahead of schedule. OD and OS were finished by 9pm.

3) After playing Dave B I was asked if I preferred to play singles or doubles, I said I didn't care and the doubles was called. After the match had started Jon May came over and tried to stop the match saying that the singles should have taken priority as it had an influence over who would qualify for Nantes. I, and the other 3 players, did not want to stop a match once started so played on.

4) After the doubles I started the singles match vs Dave Carter (well played Dave!) and was once again interrupted by Jon requesting that the winner of the current match split first place with him as he had to leave due to prior commitments. I said if I won then I wanted to play.

5) After the match called me a "c*ck" for wanting to play the final and not split first with him. I said that the UKC meant something to me and I wanted to play. I had never won a UKC event after having to forfeit from king seat two years ago when my Juj had to leave to pick up his mistakenly took laptop.

Although I could, or perhaps should, complain to a BFA disciplinary board about receiving aggressive and abusive behaviour from Jon, I am not going to. I know that I, like him, have often acted stupidly when adrenaline has clouded my judgement.

I am disappointed that I did not get chance to play the singles final. It is always a good fight when I play against Jon in singles. I do not intend to hold any grudges. It saddens me that others do not hold the UKC in as high esteem as I do. It was never my intention to act selfishly at anybody else’s expense and I am sad that the course of events happened the way they did. If I had been aware that Jon had a prior commitment I would have certainly requested to play things in a different order to allow him to play the final. I am frustrated that he did not make this clear sooner or at an appropriate time.
In an ‘unbritfooslike’ spirit of reconciliation I am prepared to compromise. Jon, please PM me if you are prepared to discuss this.


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