Warwick V Oxford 2009

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Christopher Lyall
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Warwick V Oxford 2009

Post by Christopher Lyall » Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:58 am

Due to kick off at 1pm this saturday the 14th November. Drumroll for the Warwick Team:

Rich Marsh
Philipp Henkes

Colin Fallon
Nik Doran
Tom Willetts
Stephen Cordle

Ankush Khandelwal
Josh Eilon

Come on the Warwick!
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Pete F
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Re: Warwick V Oxford 2009

Post by Pete F » Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:15 pm

It was a draw, 12-12, Warwick coming back from 12-9 down to win the last three singles.


Graeme Addison & Ben Langridge
Pete Franklin & Mike Hart
Brodie Pearson & Stan Burlakov
Alan Shirfan & Chris Chan

The Doctor
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Re: Warwick V Oxford 2009

Post by The Doctor » Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:06 am

You could have played a decider!

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Re: Warwick V Oxford 2009

Post by richmarsh » Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:38 pm

Decider should have been on Tornado in my opinion.

Oh well, well played Oxford!

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Re: Warwick V Oxford 2009

Post by Graeme » Sun Nov 15, 2009 4:56 pm

It was a great match, thanks to the Warwick boys for having us. We'd have definitely taken a draw before the match but as Pete said we were up at the end so I'm kind of disappointed we didn't manage to nick it. In the end though Warwick's top singles (Colin, Rich) were too good. Brodie and Tom had agreed at the beginning not to do any kind of decider, it could have been fun to have something but I'm not convinced there was any fair way we could have done it.

Well done to Oxford for picking up the best result against Warwick in recent years, fighting hard and winning several games coming from behind. Clearly their team wasn't at full strength (had Chris Lyall played Warwick would surely have won) but still... Hopefully we can keep things going when we head over to tabland next term...
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Re: Warwick V Oxford 2009

Post by brodie » Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:33 pm

It was a good match, level pretty much all the way through. I thought there were some very strong doubles pairs (but clearly not a single dominating pair) which made it quite interesting.

Thanks for having us guys, i'm sure i speak for the rest of our team when i say we had a really good time. Brilliant idea to have the tables right next door to a costcutter too...

Here are the full results (all matches were first to five, best of three):



A: Rich Marsh & Philipp Henkes W3 L1
B: Colin Fallon & Nik Doran W3 L1
C: Tom Willetts & Stephen Cordle W2 L2
D: Ankush Khandelwal & Josh Eilon W1 L3


1: Graeme Addison & Ben Langridge W3 L1
2: Stanislav Burlakov & Brodie Pearson W0 L4
3: Pete Franklin & Mike Hart W2 L2
4: Chris Chan & Alan Shirfan W2 L2

A v 1 (0-2) Oxford
A v 2 (2-0) Warwick
A v 3 (2-1) W
A v 4 (2-0) W

B v 1 (0-2) O
B v 2 (2-1) W
B v 3 (2-0) W
B v 4 (2-0) W

C v 1 (2-0) W
C v 2 (2-0) W
C v 3 (1-2) O
C v 4 (1-2) O

D v 1 (0-2) O
D v 2 (2-1) W
D v 3 (1-2) O
D v 4 (1-2) O

Singles (this was seeded by the captains) (Warwick 3-5 Oxford)

Rich Marsh beat Graeme Addison (2-1)
Colin Fallon beat Pete Franklin (2-0)
Philipp Henkes was beaten by Chris Chan (0-2)
Stephen Cordle beat Brodie Pearson (2-1)
Tom Willletts was beaten by Mike Hart (1-2)
Josh Eilon was beaten by Stanislav Burlakov (1-2)
Ankush Khandelwal was beaten by Alan Shirfan (0-2)
Nik Doran was beaten by Ben Langridge (0-2)
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Re: Warwick V Oxford 2009

Post by jhk » Mon Nov 16, 2009 4:54 pm

Go Oxford! Well done guys.