Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Details of international Foosball events
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Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by Brian Harms » Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:51 pm

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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by Jude » Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:53 pm

That was a brutal draw UK got in the team event - Austria, Czech Republic and Poland, all Garlando specialists

Rytis Mitkus
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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by Rytis Mitkus » Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:15 pm

ya i was quite surprised when saw the results of qualifications..

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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by Boris » Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:59 pm

Nearly beat the Poles, we had shots to win the 2nd doubles which would have been the match but it wouldn't have made any difference as the Turks had won one more game than we could have done. Rob won all his singles and Nubbert won against the Czechs and Poles.

Because junior events at WCS are now kept to the weekends, they can also go in OS, and both did well in the qualifiers, Matty won two and was unlucky not to have a forfeit and only missed out on the knockout by one goal. Callum won 3 games and had a couple of forfeits to boot and qualified in the upper half of the draw. Nubbert won 6 out of 7 qualifiers, earning a first round bye, but came up against the wrong opponent in the KO.

In Womens Jody reached the quarter finals but was unlucky to come up against an on-fire Verena Rohrer, who ended up winning the event with a bit to spare.

Don't mention Seniors - doubles tomorrow to make amends...

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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by Simmo » Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:23 am

Boris wrote:Nubbert won against the Czechs and Poles.
I wonder how they reacted to his game style :P

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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by Sampson » Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:13 pm

I think Rob might currently be playing in the final of OS against Kevin Hundstorfer. I don't have a Kozoom pass so can't say for sure.

Take it down, Rob!!

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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by Happyham » Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:36 pm

Congrats Robert! Looks like another world title to add to the sick collection. See you soon mate!
I hated every minute of training, but I said "Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."

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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by The Doctor » Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:17 pm

Collignon didn't enter the singles despite being there to win the doubles with Rob?

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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by Jude » Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:36 pm

The Doctor wrote:Collignon didn't enter the singles despite being there to win the doubles with Rob?
Fred arrived late on Friday, apparently he had other commitments

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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by Boris » Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:02 pm


Stunning location and good venue
Playing with Rob in Pro doubles - winning a match on Table 1 in front of the cameras - we lost in the quarters to the eventual winners Kovarik & Brabenec (who gave Rob & Fred their hardest match on their way to the title)
Beating Heinz in singles (had to do it twice as he argued that after he reset me I should have touched 2 players before blasting the snake on him, I tried again, he blocked back to my 2-bar and I snaked it in from there instead!
Beating Didier and partner in SD quals after going 4-1 down.
Finally doing Jet and Heinz in the bronze medal playoff - should have been more comfortable than it was before Zee came up with the goods to pull them out of their misery!!! Full on Jet "Mensch!!!" paddy included!
Rediscovering my push and pull shots in SD.
Watching Rob (and Fred) win another World Title.
Watching Matty and Callum coping with international competition and rising to the occasion - some great results in open events. You'll be winning this in a year or two if you keep on improving and getting tournament experience.
Chan Xing

No air conditioning - obscenely hot in the hall at times
Limited food selection on site
Losing the 2nd doubles game in the Nations Cup to the Poles (Krainsky & Kuba) after looking like winning it.
Having to rush back for SS knockout match and not being in the right frame of mind for it, going 2 games and 4-0 down before I started playing (won the 3rd and lost 5-4 in the 4th)
Losing (again) to Redel & Stachowiak in the semis of SD
Having to leave Rob -v- Kevin in the OS final with Rob cruising at 2-0 up (called to play SD semi-final) and looking up a couple of minutes later to find he had lost!
Missing Sunday events due to early flight
Horrendous traffic on journey back to the airport on Sunday, despite leaving in plenty of time we arrived with only 5 minutes to spare after a 100+mph dash when the autobahn finally cleared.
Memmingen Airport duty-free? Ciggy free more like. You can have any brand you like as long as it is Marlboro! Uggh!
Residing in doghouse on return home after failure to get ciggies (see above).

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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by matty96 » Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:19 am


- Very well run event.Virtually all matches ran on time and very easy to post results/recall people using the swipe card computer system.
- Beautiful location.Surrounded by stunning mountains and beautiful rivers.We went up the 2000m Untersberg in a cable car.Awesome.Apparently Ben Nevis is just a hill!!!
- Great International tournament experience for Callum and myself.We both won games against higher ranked players and quickly learned that if you are on it when you play the big boys you can cause them some problems.For example Callum only lost 7-4 to Andreas Esterbauer in the Open Qualifiers and he made the Open Singles final in Nantes.
- GB team bonding.Played some relaxing games later on in the day with the squad including Martin's infamous first to one winner stays on handicap in which the rules seemed to change after every goal.Thanks also to Dave and Andy for some great coaching.Just wish we could mix it with you guys more often.
- Supporting the team.Watched some cracking games,especially Rob's.Some of his Open singles games on the outside tables were the best I've ever seen.It's great to get behind the team and I know they really appreciate it.Thanks to our dads and Martin also for their fierce patriotism.
- Being part of the senior team.Representing Team GB in two matches each was a huge honour and one we are really proud of.Thanks to the whole team for making us feel comfortable.
- Junior results.5th and 9th.We were both defeated by the reigning champion,Marcel Schroter, who also went on to win again this year.Taking the positive slant,3 out of the 4 guys that finished above me are 18 so will not be there next year.We have both got to believe we can do it within the next 3 years.
- Being followed around by Egil and his film crew for his Foosball project.Had to do a few interviews and he filmed some of our matches.Martin also persuaded him to come up to Darlington on our opening league night for some more footage.Better get Callum to cut his hair.Ha ha.


- Junior Doubles. Only one match which we lost 3-1 to the eventual finalists.The organisers cancelled the qualifiers and we had to go straight to knockout 4 hours later.Didn't feel we had chance to grow in that particular event.Still a 5th place finish though.Also missed Rob in Open Singles final as we were called at the same time.AFTER NOT PLAYING FOR 4 HOURS.AAaarrgghh!!!!
- Not really any more lows.Our dads might have complained about other trivial stuff but for us the whole thing was a fantastic experience and we both can't wait for the next tourny.Home or abroad.

Some photos and vids of us on!/DarlingtonTFC

Matty and Callum.

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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by ybbun » Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:32 pm

Simmo wrote:
Boris wrote:Nubbert won against the Czechs and Poles.
I wonder how they reacted to his game style :P
For singles as a whole across the tournament, it was the same as usual - they reacted with rude exasperation, a refusal to look me in the eye, and occasional angry outbursts. Gotta love those Europeans and their respect for different styles eh?

The winner of this year's most ridiculous reaction goes to a guy in the semi-pro singles qualifications. I'd just beaten him 7-2 and he came out with "This is stupid. You are stupid. I don't know why you play semi-pro singles. You should play rookie singles. I know you win, but this is not foosball, this is scheisse." and then he walked off. Since he finished dead last in the qualifications, I guess he failed to see the irony of his statement.

Anyway, my brief report:

Quals v Knockout
I won 19 of 25 qualification games across OS, OD, SPS and SPD, which was awesome. But I only won 2 of 6 knockout games, so my results were always disappointing after great starts to each event. I thought I played well all weekend and just got unlucky with some of the draws in the knockouts.
The worst case was OS, where I won 6 of 7 games in the qualifiers, qualified 23rd of 222 and got a bye, only to lose to a tricky German in the first knockout match who got a tremendous run of the ball and had the perfect anti-Nub style. The draw after that looked kind and I really think 9th place was there for the taking. SE is brutal, and a few unlucky draws and sweatball losses swung my tournament from good to disappointing. But on the plus side it was nice to not have to worry about qualifying for the knockouts of anything, and to get byes in both singles events.

Nations Cup
There were 8 of us, so Matty, Callum and Boris each sat out one match. We lost to Austria 4-1, the Czech Republic 3-2 and Poland 3-2. Rob won all 3 singles (including beating Hundstorfer, who beat him in the OS final!) and I won 2 singles, but we lost all the rest. My best result all weekend was a 7-5 win over Jan Kovarik, the pro doubles winner, who I'd lost to in last year's nations cup. Harry gap at 6-5 ftw - he wasn't happy.

The Darlington guys were brilliant the whole weekend - great banter, hilarious stories, and we played some excellent pick-up games too. Martin's uncontrollable laughter as he described pranking his mate at the pub by bringing along ludo tokens and claiming they were worth free pints won in the pub's (non-existent) quiz actually had us with tears running down our faces.
Matty and Callum have improved significantly. They lost some games to older juniors, but they have a good chance of winning junior events in the next few years if they keep improving and once the others turn 18. Keep it up guys.

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Re: Garlando Worlds Results, Salzburg

Post by cmau » Wed Aug 01, 2012 5:42 am

Nubscrub. I met this guy in Malaysia called Daviran Morteza and he's apparently the best player in Iran. He hacks like a mofo but people only spoke in awe about him. Perhaps your appearance as a quaint, softly spoken, good looking young man infuriates them further when they lose you? You know like how people get angry if they lose to girls/kids etc. etc.

Wish I was there Nubs, would have been good comedy.

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