Garlando Worlds 2008 - 23rd to 27th July

Details of international Foosball events
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Post by Shovo » Sat Jul 26, 2008 3:47 pm

I've just heard that, unfortunately, Rob and Tom were beaten by Fred in the Pro-Am final...

in the first dip...

...but Rob and Tom took the second to become

Garlando Pro-Am WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!

Congratulations guys!

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Post by davez » Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:36 pm

Wow! Excellent news! Well done lads!!

And great to be getting the news so quickly as well...

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Post by PaulM » Sat Jul 26, 2008 5:12 pm

Yeah thats great news. Well done Boys.

Thats Shovo's a tease isn't he.

He He

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Post by Simmo » Mon Jul 28, 2008 12:46 pm

Rob and Joe came 2nd in OD and putting up a great fight against Fred and Todd (Chris Lyall) Loffredo

Rob Atha
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Post by Rob Atha » Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:07 pm

a little more info

The tournament was a good one.

I will start first with the nations cup, we got drawn against Lithuania again in the first round, I decided to sit this one out to give everyone else a game, we won easily 8-0 the same as tecball. the singles players were Joe, Tom and Jon, Jody. Doubles Tom-Oli, Steve-Joe, Jon-Bobby, Sarah-Jody. Good work.

The next match was against Germany, I knew going in that it would be a tough one but I had a feeling we could pull it off. I played the first singles against Ingo, I won 7-1, Jody was playing against Sandra Ranff (2nd in WS) she put up a good fight but eventually lost 7-5. Next up was Tom against Ruben Heinrich, Tom was leading 5-3 but a good comeback from ruben saw him win 7-5, we had chances to close. Joe was playing against Tim Ludwig, tims shots from the back and solid play saw him win 7-4. That put us down 3-1 going into the doubles.

I played the first Doubles with Ste Lyall against Ruben and Robin Hanke, we smashed them 7-1. After that we went onto Cheer Sarah and Jody on against the German Girls Sandra Ranff and Petra Andres, The girst played great, nice shooting from Jody and solid play at the back from sarah, was 5-5 and Sandra had like 5 shots to go up but sarah blocked them all and scored 2 from the back for them to claim a awesome win which tied it up at 3-3 with 2 doubles matches left.

Tom and Jon May played against Tim Ludwig and I think Frank Brauns, they were loosing 5-2 I think then jon may scored 4 from the back which put us ahead, but good play in the clutch saw the germans finally win that match I think 8-6, we had a few chances to claim the win. So we were losing 4-3 going into the last doubles, we had to win.

Up Next was the hero from last years semi final win against Swiss, Joe Hamilton and Debutant Oli Deaking playing against Ingo Aufdeheide and Charly Friessen, they were 4-2 down then joe and Oli started playing really good, very high quality play from both teams, the crowd started to gather, the match was tied up at 6-6 we then go up 7-6 (win by 2 until 10) but the germans level it up again until then oli deaking gets the ball at the back and does a push shot with his far man on the 2 bar and he angles it back to the far post, what a gem. then the match was going ball for ball till 9-9, joe was shooting nearly %100 on charly. On the final point, joe passes it through, his 5 was unstoppable under pressure, Joe takes a time out, Ingo goes to the back, blocks it and then scores a push from the back to win the match. Very well played guys, the matches could of gone either way, nearly all of them, so it shows that we can beat everyone.

I wanna say a little bit about OD, I played with Joe and we had a laugh basically, it made me play without pressure which got the best out of me im sure. The first match was the hardest it went 5 games against Marcel Glaus and Pierino Keller from swiss, we eventually won 5-3. It didnt look too good at that point as we just scraped through. But the more matches we played the better we got. We beat a polish team 3-0 after that, then we had to play against David Csar and Markus Rosicky, hard team from austria. Was a tough one because it was in the morning, was 1-1 and 4-3 for them but we pulled it out winning 3-1 which put us at 9th place.

Next up was the best team from Hungary, Tamas Csige-Tibor Szabo. We were down 4-1 in the first game, then we decided to start playing, we came back to win 5-4, then I caught fire for the next 2 games and good switching earned us a 3-0 win, 5-4, 5-1, 5-2.

Our next one was against 3 time finalist Dalibor and Wolfgang, it didnt start very well as we lost 5-1 first game, 2nd game was going well when we were leading 4-1 but 3 quick goals from them tied it up at 4-4, he stole  my pass then tried a 5 bar shot which I stuffed into his goal which gave us some momentum, joe blocked him well and scored a point up front. We won 3-1 which put us in the winners final.
We got destroyed by fred-todd, 5-2 5-2 5-4. We didnt play good but they did. haha.

The next day we had to play against Laszlo and Alex Lukas in the LBF. We controlled this match, we won the first 5-1, joe was playing great, defending and passing to my 5 or my 3. 2nd game was 5-1 also. 3rd game we were up 3-1 then they started to play better, and they came back to win 5-3, was my fault cos i started dickin around a bit.

4th game went ball for ball until 4-4 but I closed the deal for us to get to the final.

Joes style of play complimented mine which made us a hard team to beat, going into the final we didnt have much expectation to be honest, but we though we have nothing to lose so lets go for it. We won the first game 5-3, joe blocked well I was passsing and scoring good too, they then spanked us 5-1, but another good 3rd game performance saw us win 5-3 in the 3rd game, they came back again winning I think 5-2, the 5 game we had chances, joe was clearing the ball well and he kept feeding me the ball, I think I had 15 shots in the 5th but I didnt score on todd, the goal seemed to get smaller, we were up 6-5 in the 5th, and had the ball on the 5 but fred stole it and scored. at 6-6 they scrapped 2 goals into the goal, lucky ones which won them the title, we put up a good fight. Joe played very smart made the right decisions and did a solid job, he didnt look out of place in any match. Thanks for playing I had great fun.

I played with another english man in Pro Am which was another good decision, Tom Burdett, we scraped through a couple matches we should of lost at the start but then we got better, We played fred in the WBF, we won the first 5-4, lost 2nd 5-1 but won the 3rd I think 6-4, we both played well.
Fred Came back to the final of course, they played much better, they won the first dip 7-5 in the 3rd, but then we both stepped up and took it down 5-3 5-3. :) good playing tom you played great, congratulations.

In OS I played like sh!t, I had no motivation, I just got through my first round match 5-3 in 5th game due to my 2 bar, I had no 5 or 3, I was mentally exhausted after playing lots on tecball the week before and then playing hard in OD in Tulln, so OS was not so good, in my 2nd match I got spanked 3-0 by a hungarian semi pro who wasnt even that good, I played like crap. I just knew if I stayed in OS till the next day I would be fine, I did. Next day felt much better, stormed the loosers bracket winning 2-0 in all of them till 9th place but eventually lost to Buba Kovacevic 5-4 5-4, I must of ran out of steam cos I normally beat that clown. So I took 9th, in the money at least.

Open Mixed was good, I played with Ola of course, We had a couple of 5 game matches but we always seemed to come back and win, we were down 2-1 in games (against Roli Prisi, Pio Keller twice) in 3 of the matches we won, we lost the winners final against Fred, we won first 5-1, then lost 5-3, then 4-4 in 3rd ola blocks him but then he scored the next time, I didnt have the ball. the won 4th game 5-3. We got back to the final though after beating pio keller 3-2 in a tough one then we played fred again in more of a fun match, they won 5-3 5-4, 4-5, 5-2.

In Pro Master Doubles I played with Kevin Hundstorfer (he beat fred in OS winners bracket) we got to the winners final against fred-todd, we should have won, kevin was bricking fred, but he adapted at the end and they won 8-6 in the last game. We beat Dalibor and WOlfy to get back to the final, it was the last event going and nobody wanted to play it cos it was late so we split and went home.

So all the doubles events I played good but in singles I wasnt upto par. All I need is to take 2nd at tornado worlds to do the grandslam of 2nd places in world events in OD, (Paris-bonzini 2nd with Tim, Tecball 2nd with Henk and now 2nd with Joe garlando)lol.

Fred won everything else.

Some Results.

Kevin H
Bjorn Brose
Tamas Csige
5-6 Pavol Kovacik-Buba Kovacevic

Laszlo-Alex Lukas
Ruben Heinrich-Ingo Aufdeheide
5-6 Geza Kiss-laszlo Melka, Dalibor-Wolfgang

Fred-Ellen V O
Pio Keller-Cindy Moser
5-6 Michal Malas-Angnieszka Rutowska, Kevin-Melissa Mosser.


Pro Am
Tom Burdett-Rob Atha
Fred-Trools Trier
Benitvoglio-Muki Fidan
Kevin H-Andreas Estabaur

Pro Master Doubls
Rob - Kevin
Oliver Vilim-Vlado

all i remember

Im shattered now and cant wait to get home.


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Post by Happyham » Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:33 pm

Obviously I'm just gonna echo a lot of what Rob has said, as OD was the only thing I did well in!

The 2 main events I feel I had a very strong chance in were Rookie singles and Open doubles (due to Rob of course).  

Rookie singles was going fine, I went 3-4 up in the winners bracket, then lost to a hungarian who I had beaten in OD with Rob, and Pro-Am with Charly.  He was prolly a little worse than me, but he wanted it more than I did, and deserved to win in the final match.  The night of that match, I went to a bar and didn't leave there till 8:30am! Silly on my part, but I had a great time there. It meant that I went straight from the bar to the event with NO sleep at all.  When I get there I hear them call my name for losers bracket rookie singles against some guy who was terrible. . but, I was just too tired, so forfieted.  

Semi pro doubles for me and Jon was the same old story.  I sucked, and Jon should have prolly played fronts for most of it.  We both seemed to lose form at crucial times, so we didn't finish anywhere.  My bad Jon, I let you down slightly, we could have been a lot more bold with decisions!

Pro-Am with Charly was ok, and I think we finished about mid table.  
Open singles was an event I really wanted to make an impact on, but knew I had my work cut out with the style of game I play on garlando.  I let a lot in from the back against most people, so I started to get down about singles.  I won my first match then played ladislav krapela who has really played well this year, in the second round.  He beat me 5-4, 4-5, 5-4, 5-4 so I didn't beat myself up too much. . Then I won a couple in the losers, and had to play Tamas Csige's goalie.  I lost to him in the final game 6-4, but my heart wasn't in it because I was distracted by Open doubles!!

Open doubles, wow.  
Obviously when Rob asked me I was excited, but sooo nervous that we would suck and I would let him down!  We went there with me thinkin that If i finished 9th or better I was happy! (although Rob didnt know this!)

After the first match nerves were out of the way, we managed to find the right balance of comedy and seriousness, and Rob just played like a man posessed.  With my 2-5 passing / clearing Rob just grabbed and scored EVERYTHING.  

That is by far the best I have seen Rob play against Fred, and I feel honoured to be a part of it.  I hope this proves to himself that he can do this everytime, and he can beat him.  To think that we had match balls to take the first dip against Fred and Todd, who were by know means taking it easy!!  

I had great fun all weekend hanging out with Jim Stevens, Ice man, and Cath. .   hearing some of the things that Jim said about me on inside foos really gives me motivation to want to be the best I can be, so I've decided I will start practicing!!

Highs and lows:


Watching Chris Lyall (Todd) and Jon May take Fred and pro am partner to the final game in a winners bracket pro am match!
Coming 2nd in OD.
Hangin out with inside foos / Cath
Meeting loadsa new cool people like the danes!


Having match ball on my 3 bar, against Ingo and Chaly in nations cup match, which would have sent us to the tie break, where Jon and Steve prolly would have won!
Losing to Cath 3-0 in a serious pickup game.  Raped.
Having match ball against Fred and Todd in the first dip of OD final, rob having shots to win im sure!
The travelling involved to get to the tourny was a nightmare!  Never via Bratislava again!

Can´t wait for the inside foos dvds of this one!
I hated every minute of training, but I said "Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."

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Post by Chaz » Mon Jul 28, 2008 6:24 pm

You two write a ton! Could we perhaps pull your reports into some sort of monthly newsletter?

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Post by Famous Al » Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:06 pm

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Post by Graeme » Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:45 am

lol, no one risks taking their eyes off the kid with the super soaker.
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Post by leaks » Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:00 pm

Was a great week with loads of laughs! the foos was good too, well done to everyone, all the matches I watched were great with us all putting up strong fights against even the toughest opponents! Cheers to Marko and the organisers too - was a great tournie!

 -Some of Marko's announcements were great, making us chuckle - my fave being "Would the people playing Guitar Hero please turn it down, it is too loud!", followed a few minutes later by "People playing Guitar Hero, it is still too loud!!"
 -After the first couple of days I actually had a decent 5 on Garlando for about the first time in my life, and was scoring a really high %age from the 3 too!
 -Playing with the Queen of Foos :) Well played Han, we kicked some ass and looked dangerous against some of the top players we met!
 -Staying in the most awesome Roomz hotel in Vienna on the sunday night. We got to choose the color of room we wanted!

 -The rain - made the first few days pretty painful camping-wise! The half hour walk from the campsite to the venue didn't help either! Thank goodness it got really sunny for the last few days!
 -Won my first 4 matches in Rookie Singles, then play stopped til the next day. Came in the next morning and lost my next two to go out (the last on ITSF sweat ball) :( Shame they wern't called when I was on a roll, my head wasn't in the game the next day, but still pretty pleased with my finish. Shoulda done better tho, that's always a bit gutting.
 -Completely losing my 2 bar after the first couple of days. Could still defend ok, but couldn't shoot to save my life! This made a difference in some of my singles matches.

Overall an awesome G Worlds, enjoyed it even more than last year! Was great to play on the GB team - glad I didn't score an own goal or get kicked back lol! Well done to the team, you played awesome under a lot of pressure!

Look forward to next year already :D

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Post by Boris » Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:03 pm

Results of UK/Ireland players (& regulars)

Number after event code denotes number of entries

SPS 87
65 Russell-Gebbett Andrei
RS 234
7 Burdett Tom
17 Deakin Oliver
33 Nubbert Andrew
33 Hamilton Joe
33 Yeung Simon
49 Lyall Stephen
65 Lyall Christopher
65 Haddon Christopher
129 May Jonathan
129 O'Rourke Des
129 Fallon Colin
129 Ramlee Hannah
193 Moss Rob
193 Brice Sarah
193 Walding Jody
193 Brown Catherine
5 Atha Rob
OS 334
9 Atha Rob
65 Hamilton Joe
65 Deakin Oliver
97 Lyall Stephen
97 Lyall Christopher
129 Nubbert Andrew
129 Moss Rob
129 Burdett Tom
193 Walding Jody
193 Russell-Gebbett Andrei
193 Brice Sarah
193 Yeung Simon
193 May Jonathan
193 Brown Catherine
257 Ramlee Hannah
257 Fallon Colin
257 Haddon Christopher
WS 71
25 Walding Jody
25 Ramlee Hannah
33 Brice Sarah
49 Lasecka Olga
49 Brown Catherine

PA 126
1 Atha Rob Burdett Tom
9 May Jonathan Lyall Christopher
25 Hamilton Joe Friessem
25 Deakin Oliver Ramlee Hannah
49 Schutzenhofer Nubbert Andrew
49 Lyall Stephen Reszler
65 Lasecka Olga Teke
65 Haddon Christopher Walding Jody
97 Fallon Colin Russell-Gebbett Andrei
97 Brown Catherine Yore
97 Momus Lajos O'Rourke Des
OD 182
2 Atha Rob Hamilton Joe
25 Lyall Stephen Burdett Tom
65 Walding Jody Haddon Christopher
97 Russell-Gebbett Andrei Brown Catherine
97 Yeung Simon May Jonathan
97 Lyall Christopher Nubbert Andrew
129 Ramlee Hannah Deakin Oliver
129 Brice Sarah Moss Rob
129 Fallon Colin Ruppert
PMD 12
2 Atha Rob Hunsdorfer
SPD 53
17 May Jonathan Hamilton Joe
33 Russell-Gebbett Andrei Werner
RD 112
9 Lasecka Olga Nowak
17 Burdett Tom Lyall Stephen
33 Ramlee Hannah Deakin Oliver
33 Yeung Simon Fallon Colin
33 Momus Lajos O'Rourke Des
33 Lyall Christopher Nubbert Andrew
49 Brice Sarah Moss Rob
65 Brown Catherine Stevens
65 Walding Jody Haddon Christopher
OM 80
2 Atha Rob Lasecka Olga
33 Lyall Stephen Brice Sarah
49 Russell-Gebbett Andrei Walding Jody
49 Ramlee Hannah Deakin Oliver
65 Brown Catherine Quakulinsky
WD 37
17 Lasecka Olga Otten-Kerkhof
25 Ramlee Hannah Brown Catherine
25 Brice Sarah Walding Jody

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Post by leaks » Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:54 pm

"Would someone from Poland please come to the desk, we cannot read your name" hehe :)

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