Players4Players Nations Cup

Details of international Foosball events
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Players4Players Nations Cup

Post by Boris » Mon Feb 04, 2008 10:47 am

This invitation arrived today, and I can confirm that ITSF have no problems with member federations sending a team to this event (unlike 2006).

This will be played on P4P-Lemacher tables, which are very similar to Tec-Ball, Leonhart, Löwen or Tournament-Soccer tables.

The rules and formats are slightly different to ITSF Nation-Cup events, and are more similar to the format for the World Cup in 2006.  As far as I know, all UK players other than Rob would be treated as 'Neulingers' (novices) for this tournament.  However bear in mind that if the tables still have heavy rods there could be a major physical effort involved in going deep in a lot of events (I'll try to get the rods situation clarified)

Can anyone interested in playing for Great Britain this event please contact me before 1st March.  If there are more applicants than places the committee will decide the team.  All team members must be full members of the BFA.  Bear in mind that team members would receive a minimum of 50 Euros which could help towards travel expenses.  Teams from Scotland or Wales could also go forward.

Heinrich Opgenoorth wrote: Dear fellow foosball enthusiast!

As you might know, Players 4 Players is an organization well known for
managing large table-soccer tournaments (mostly in Germany). This year, as
another major event in the european foosball calendar, we will organize the
"P4P Open European Championship". This tournament will be held during May 15th
and May 18th, 2008 (Thursday to Sunday). You can find more information at the
web page

We are planning a team event in addition to the singles and doubles events,
and that's the reason I'm writing you today: we would like to see a national
team from your country at the occasion!

So what I would like to ask you is:

- Are you the right person to contact about a national team from your country?
If you are not the right person to contact, but you know someone who is, I
would like you to direct me to him or her, or to forward them this mail.

- Would you be willing to organize a national team and send it to our event?
Attached below are some details about the event (mode of play, number of
players required etc.). For now, two things are the most important to us:

a) I need a general reply (along the lines of "yes, we are interested and will
send a team", or "no, not interested / no time / ..." or "I'm not the right
person to contact, pleas ask ...") as soon as possible, preferably before
February 15th.

b) If you will be sending a team to our event, we need a definitive
confirmation, along with the names (and the photographs, if at all possible)
of the players in your team, *until April, 15th*. This is because we have to
plan the event, inform the media about what teams will participate, etc.

The Players 4 Players Table Soccer Association would be very pleased to
welcome your team!

Kind regards,
Heinrich Opgenoorth, Secretary
Players 4 Players Tischfussballvereinigung e.V.

P. S.: If you are worried about the possible differences between P4P and ITSF,
which have lead to some misunderstandings in 2006, I can tell you that we were
in communications with the ITSF about the team event, and they don't have a
problem with our event and the national teams who participate in it. In
return, we agreed that the team event is not a "European Championship" and the
winner does not bear the title "European Champion" (see below).


Details about the team event (also to be found in even more detail on the web

*Title*: The name of the event is "Players 4 Players Nation's Cup", and the
winning team will be awarded the title "P4P Nation's Cup Champion". We made an
agreement with our colleagues from ITSF about the naming, and we want to point
out that this is no "European Championship", and the P4P Nation's Cup also
does not count towards any ITSF ranking.

*Number of teams*: We have sent out this invitation to all european countries
where we could find a "table-soccer contact person"; but the event is limited
to a maximum of 16 participating national teams. Should more than 16 teams
apply, the order/date of arrival of the definitive confirmation (with the
complete players list of a team) will decide which teams will participate
("first come, first served").

*Team list / confirmation of participation*: We need a written confirmation
(email) about their participation from all national teams, _until April 15th,
2008_. This confirmation has to include a team list with the names of all 8-10
players, if possible with each player's picture. The confirmation also has to
include the name of the team captain (which can be one of the 10 players, but
can also be an 11th person).

*Number of team members*: You have to nominate at least 8 players for your
team (6 men, 2 women). That is the minimum; you may nominate up to 2 reserve
players, for a total (and maximum) of 10 players. You also have to nominate a
team captain; this can be one of the aforementioned players, but can also be
an 11th person. In the latter case, the coach is not allowed to play in the
matches (only the 10 players).

*Mode of play*: We will play a first round in 2-4 groups of up to four
countries each (the numbers depend on the number of participating teams). The
best 1-2 teams of each group will reach the main round (which will be
comprised of either 8 or 4 countries, again depending on how many teams there
were originally). The main round will be played "KO-Style": Quarter Finals (if
there are 8 teams in the main round), Semi-Finals, match for third place,
Final. The placements of the teams below 4th place will be calculated by the
points from the previous matches, so there will be (for example) no "match for
5th place".

In each match, the following games will be played:

Doubles 1
Doubles 2
Men's Singles
Women's Singles

No single player is allowed to play in more than one game during a match! This
is the reason you need 6 men and 2 women in your team; i.e. in each game
during a match, there will be different players participating.

All games are played "Best of Five" (with each set going to 5 goals). The
matches will be played according to the P4P rules (very similar to the ITSF
and the USTSA rules), which can be found at (section

*Hotel(s)*: The national team members (or their national federations) have to
pay for their traveling costs and hotel rooms themselves, and they also have
to organize the booking of rooms themselves (see the hotel information at Note that the Nation's Cup price money will
reward 400€ even to the last placed team, to give a partial compensation for
the hotel costs. To save on hotel costs, there is also a camping area at the
tournament location, available for free to all players.

*Tournament location*: The Nation's Cup and the Open P4P European Championship
will take place at the hotel ARAMIS (near Stuttgart, the same location we are
using for several years already for our P4P German Championship). You can find
the complete address and booking information here:
Since the hotel ARAMIS will probably be booked out fast, we currently
negotiating with several other hotels in the area of about 5-20 kilometers
around the tournament location, to arrange for special prices for tournament
players. You will find the information regarding those hotels at the same URL
above, during the next few days.

*Dress code*: The team captain of the national teams are responsible for
organizing matching T-Shirts (or Polo shirts etc.) for the members of their
team. In any case, the members of each national team have to wear sportive,
matching clothing (preferable with your country's name and/or flag on it).

*Price Money*: The prize money for the Nation's Cup will be as follows:

1: 1.500 €
2: 1.000 €
3: 900 €
4: 800 €
5/6: 700 €
7/8: 600 €
9/12: 500 €
13/16: 400 €

*Entry Fee*: There is no entry fee for the Nation's Cup.

*P4P Open European Championship*: Of course, the members of the national teams
can also participate in the different Doubles / Singles events of the P4P Open
European Championship (they have to pay the same entry fees as all other
players attending the event). For more information, look at the web site, where you will find the exact listings of entry
fees, price money etc. (in short, the package deal for all events costs 125 €;
the entry fee for any single event is 30 €; the combined price money of all
singles/doubles events is about 45.000 €).

For further information, the program and the time schedule, and everything
else related to the tournament, please visit our official web-site at

Heinrich Opgenoorth, Secretary
Players 4 Players Tischfussballvereinigung e.V.
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Rob Atha
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Post by Rob Atha » Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:34 am

The Lemacher Table from last year has changed to light rods so there is not much physical effort required, it is a very good table and would reccomend everyone to attend to this tournament if they are ranked Neulinge (rookie).

I will probbably go to this.


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Post by Elder » Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:44 pm

Hey guys,

i guess not all players will be ranked as "Neuling" check this out ...

     Players who are neither in the P4P nor in the Löwen rankings, but are listed in some other ranking system (different country and/or table) will be ranked one category lower than this "native" ranking.

     All other players who are not in our list will be ranked as Rookie.

For further Information ... .html?&L=1


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