ITSF Announcement on World Cups, etc

Details of international Foosball events
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ITSF Announcement on World Cups, etc

Post by willhawkes » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:10 pm

Lifted off the ITSF website:


World Cup 2019:

The next World Cup Edition will take place in Spain in 2019. Here are some important points about the competition:

The Men Division 1 will be composed of 18 teams. The “play-down” hasn’t been played in Hambourg 2017, so no teams are going from Division 1 to Division 2; All categories (Women, Men, Seniors & Juniors) will be played in the same "6-player format” (current format for Men & Women);
World Championship 2019:

The World Championships will host a new category at the World Championship: Mixed Doubles. The best National mixed teams will be entitled a right to take part in the 2019 World Championships;
In addition a new ITSF Mixed doubles World Ranking will be introduced in season 2018;
No Official Speedball discipline will be scheduled at the next World Championship as this disciplicne will be separated into a separate World Speedball Championship which will take place as a separate event.
The Speedball rules will be revised and officially published for season 2018 thus making the style more interesting for all the parities - players, audience etc.
The document describing "How players qualify for the 2019 World Championships" is now online here.

TST System:

ITSF has been using a special handles system for its high ranked tournaments called TST Handle System. It provides the players with the possibility to have a TST handle of their choice and integrate it on the tournament table before each match.

However ITSF would like to expand the possibilities for the players and is looking for a
innovative & easier handles system. All companies (included TST) can work on this project and submit information and proposals to ITSF. If no satisfying solution is foundnd by the end of 2018, all tables will be played with the standard handles of each table (apart Bonzini where people will have to use the “Bonzini handles”).

ITSF Inter Continental Cup:

Following the ITSF Tournament Calendar, the ITSF InterContinental Cup will be played in 2018. This time it will be hosted in Las Vegas (USA) in March.The ICC event is one of the most prestigeous events in the ITSF SPorts Calendar. It will be held intwo categories - men and women. In each category there will be a team representing its Cоntinent trying to defetе its opponents. Each team will be entitled with a coach to take care about the fomration, the playing and all the matter concerning the team and its interests.

ITSF World Masters:

The ITSF World Masters is an event that presents all the Top players all over the World!

This event will take place in 2018 on the same week-end as the Intercontinental Cup means the 9th March 2018.

Prize money will be distributed for the top 3 in Men and Women category.

Men: 1st 1 500 €, 2nd 1 000 €, 3rd 500 €

Women: 1st 1000 €, 2nd 600 €, 3rd 400 €

For this edition, all players will receive ne entitled to a travel package in order to help them to come to Las Vegas.

- All players coming from outside of North America, there will be 400 € of travel package.

- And for a player coming from North America, there will be 200 €.

In total, prize money + travel package comprise about 15 000€ (12 000 € in 2016).

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