P4P Open European Championships July 28th to 31th 2016

Details of international Foosball events
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P4P Open European Championships July 28th to 31th 2016

Post by Bundy Volume 1 » Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:00 pm

Hey all, I've received the below from David Detre;

Invitation to the P4P Nation's Cup table-soccer team event

(July 28th-31, 2016)

Dear fellow foosball enthusiast!

As you might know, Players 4 Players is an organization well known for managing large table-soccer tournaments. In 2016 it's time for a major event again! We will organize the P4P Open European Championships, from July 28th to 31th, 2016 at the hotel MARITIM in Bonn, Germany. More information can be found at http://www.players4players.de/

In addition to the singles and doubles events, there will also be the Nation's Cup, a team event with invited national teams -- and we would like to see a team from your country participating in that event!

So what I would like to ask you is this:

- Are you the right person to contact about a national team from your country? If you are not, but you know someone who is, I would like you to direct me to him or her, or to forward them this mail.

- Will you send a national team to our event?

Attached below are some details about the event (mode of play, number of players required etc.). For now, two things are the most important to us:

a) I need a general reply as soon as possible, will your country send a national team to our event?

b) If you will be sending a team to our event, we need a definitive confirmation until July 1st. This is because we have to plan the event and inform the media about which teams will participate. The confirmation also has to include a list with the names of all players in your team (and photographs, if possible). Attention, the event is limited to 16 teams! As soon as we have 16 confirmed participants, it will be too late for other potentially interested teams!

The Players 4 Players Table Soccer Association would be very pleased to welcome your team!

Kind regards,

David Detre
Players 4 Players Tischfussballvereinigung e.V.


Details about the Nations's Cup (more can be found at http://www.players4players.de/):

Name: As in our previous tournaments, the name of the event is "Players 4 Players Nation's Cup", and the winning team will be awarded the title "P4P Nation's Cup Champion". This naming is to avoid any confusion with the team events organized by the ITSF. The P4P Nation's Cup is not a European Championship, the winning team will not bear the title "European Champion", and the team event does not count towards any ITSF rankings.

Number of teams: We have sent out this invitation to all countries where we could find a contact person; but the event is limited to a maximum of 16 participating national teams. Should more teams apply, the order/date of arrival of the definitive confirmation (with the complete players list of a team) will decide which teams will participate -- "first

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