New Foos venture in Scotland...

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New Foos venture in Scotland...

Post by David W » Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:21 am

From the Evening Times, Glasgow 6/6/6:

Forget the World Cup. . . foosball is kicking off;
Table football venture can see pair score a success

The country may be in the grip of World Cup fever right now, but one Scots-German partnership is hoping to ignite a passion for football on a much smaller scale.
Silja Fisher and Andrew Norrie have launched table football business Foosball4All and they're confident their miniature stars can score a big success with soccer-mad Scots.
The firm, based in Helensburgh, is supplying bars across the country with GBP1000 tables in an attempt to turn people away from pool and fruit machines and on to one ofEurope's biggest indoor gaming phenomena.
A firm favourite in bars across the continent with professional tournaments and even its own World Cup, table football hasn't been a big hit over here, but now the duo believe the time is right it into a money spinner.
Silja said: "We set up the business on May 1 with the deliberate intention of capitalising on the World Cup.
"Foosball is a big deal across the rest of Europe. I'm originally from Hamburg and the game is huge out there.
"Most of the bars in Germany have a table and people will use it before they play a fruit machine or a pool table.
"I imagine quite a few fans will get into it when they are there.
"With all of this in mind, Andrew and I have decided to turn this into a business venture.
"The tables are smaller than a pool table. you can fit two tables into the equivalent space so the potential revenues for sacrificing the same amount of space are higher."
The timing of their launch couldn't be better.
According to the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, several pub chains are planning to complain to the Office of Fair Trading following Sky's decision to raise TV subscription prices by up to 22-per cent, so any alternative form of entertainment will prove attractive.
With support from the Business Gateway in place, Foosball4All is using imported tables from Italy which weigh more than 200kg, much of the weight coming from the toughened security glass on top.
Currently supplying bars and youth hostels, the firm is about to talk to local authorities about introducing their tables to community centres and schools.
And the flat sides of the tables lend themselves well for display purposes, so Silja and Norrie are exploring the possibility of using the tables for advertising too.
But Silja, a foosball addict, is more excited about her other plan - to introduce Scotland's first professional championship.
She said: "I could say it would be a great business idea and raise awareness of the product but it is more about fun.
"I love the game. Now, hopefully, we can make the rest of Scotland love it too."

further article here: ... d=742&cl=1

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Post by Jude » Wed Jun 07, 2006 6:09 pm

Good luck to them.

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Post by Mase » Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:13 pm

Yes good luck to them. To be honest they will need it!

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Post by Famous Al » Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:17 pm

The Doctor
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Post by The Doctor » Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:19 pm

We should get them on side.

More organised and credible people than me might want to contact them to offer BFA expertise and set up quid pro quo benefits  :D:

Company Case Study: Foosball4All
T: 07979 634 310

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