Darlington League - Just up the road

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Darlington League - Just up the road

Post by Elvis » Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:53 pm

Hi All

RE Darlington Table Football Club www.darlingtontfc.co.uk

Just a last gentle reminder – The New Foos Season starts in just over 24hrs at our new venue, Hope Town WMC Club in Alliance Street.

This is a new season and we’ll be reverting back to the 2 divisions format with promotion to fight for and relegation to avoid. Hope everyone is looking forward to it, it’s great to see 4 new players this year.

The league will run over 4 months and as usual we’ll be meeting on the last Friday of each month so please put these dates in your diary’s.

The league has been promoted in the local newspaper and on Facebook - as always feel free to bring friends, the more people we introduce to the game the better.

League Nights will be a mixture of fun (doubles matches, Roller Ball) and serious (singles league matches) but everyone must play a minimum of 4 competitive league matches on any league night.

After every league night I’ll circulate updated league tables for those who enjoy bragging rights. And these will be printed in the Northern Echo Local Heroes section.

Note: Players who travel from out of town may have the option of missing the occasional league night so they can play extra games in advance if they wish - Although it is preferred that all league members attend all league nights.

This season the Premier League will consist of the following 8 players (7 of whom have confirmed their attendance). See league rules for more info:
http://www.darlingtontfc.co.uk/league-i ... gue-rules/

1. Matthew Warr
2. Errol Tez (Still to confirm)
3. Brian Harms
4. Darren Warr
5. Callum Oakes
6. Pav Kudasz
7. Matt Price
8. Ben Duncan

The Championship will consist of whomever turns up on the night – so far the following players have confirmed their attendance.

1. Martin Landers
2. Matthew Mullroy
3. Mark Smith
4. Paul Dickson
5. John Harrison
6. Matthew Binney (will be taking part in the league but is away this week)

Can the following players please confirm if they will be coming tomorrow, or/and they wish to take part in the league:

1. Przemyslaw Szlas
2. Dusan Novak
3. Eroll Tez
4. Rafal Kowalski
5. Adam Jalowiec
6. Damian Malocha
7. Mike Price
8. Dave Aitken
9. Dave Robinson

Dave Bygate – Retired

Kind regards

League Secretary
Martin Landers
Secretary - Darlington Table Football Club

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