Small Competition in Telfords Warehouse, Chester

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Small Competition in Telfords Warehouse, Chester

Post by miketaboo » Wed Nov 04, 2015 7:42 pm

Telfords Warehouse has been the centre of Chesters table football scene for over 20 years, while the games have always been friendly, there has always been a high standard of amateur foosball abilities with very competitive but good natured matches.

Telfords attracts a lot of the international students that study at Chester University which means the can be very different styles of play on show, there has been players from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, USA and Canada that I have played in the past.

At the end of October Telfords hosted a round of the North West Regional Championship, with ten players there, there was enough time to play a singles and a doubles competition, both were amateur competitions meaning only novice and amateur ranked players could enter.

After a good first event the North West Regional Foosball Championship comes to Telfords Warehouse for the second time on the 23th of November for an amateur tournament followed by either a seeded DYP (DYP stands for Draw Your Partner, meaning the better players get placed with the less better players). Start time (7pm) is be an hour earlier than last time as we started to run out of time. Its double elimination, meaning you have to lose two games before you are knocked out, each round consists of one match first to 7 goals wins. Teams/players must be registered before the start at 8pm and the matches will be drawn randomly.

For more information see here ... llplayers/ all events are listed and can be entered from there.
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