BFA League Championship - Yorkshire/Humberside Region

Humberside, S. Yorks, W.Yorks, N.Yorks, E Yorks, Lincs
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BFA League Championship - Yorkshire/Humberside Region

Post by Boris » Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:51 pm

The British Foosball Association are proud to announce the inaugural season of the BFA League Championships, kicking off in November 2012.

This is a team competition for playing venues and clubs. This new competition provides regular nights of fun and foosball with home and away league matches against other teams in your region. The best teams will qualify for the National Championships at the conclusion of the season. This is the competition which the UK has been waiting for!!

The BFA League Championship is open to players of all abilities, new players can take advantage of the handicapping system to allow a level playing field and give everyone a fair chance to win their games. Provided away teams can be accommodated, teams from any type of venue can participate (e.g. pub, club, college or university, workplace, sports centre or even private dwelling).

Teams consist of between 4 and 8 players from a squad of up to 10x players, affiliated to a BFA registered club. Clubs can enter more than one team into the competition. Teams will be allocated into local or regional leagues of usually comprising between 4 and 6 teams. Matches consist of 4x singles games and 6x doubles games.

So get together with your foosballing buddies, start a club and sign up a team today!

Registration for the League Championship is now open, and remains open until 6pm on Saturday 27th October 2012. Teams will be drawn into leagues on 28-1-12 and the fixture schedule announced on or before 31st October 2012.

Full details can be found on the BFA website here:
Frequently Asked Questions -
Club Registration -
Team Registration -

Registration closes at 6pm on Saturday 27th October - Teams will be allocated into leagues on Sunday 28th October with fixtures published on or before 31st October.

How to enter
All teams must be affiliated to a BFA Registered Club and all players must be members of that club. If you are not yet a member of a club, either join one or start your own club.

How to join a club - If you want to join a club a list of clubs can be found here:
Clubs always welcome new players, so get in touch with a club near you…

How to form a new club - It is easy to form a new club. All you need are a minimum of 4x members, a table and somewhere to play, and to register online on the BFA website here:
There is a sample constitution to download and adopt, or you can agree your own constitution (if so a copy must be provided to the BFA and agreed). Decide who will be your representatives and off you go – you are a club!

Register your team:
You need to register at least 4x players with contact details for captain and vice-captain. You can register up to 10x players for your team but if so (or if there are more players) think about entering two or more different teams from your club. These teams would compete against each other as well as against teams from other clubs.
Decide when you want to play your fixtures - There are 9 possible playing sessions each week (8pm evenings and 3pm at weekends), rate these according to how convenient they are for your team. Fixtures will be scheduled for the most mutually convenient date but can be changed by agreement between the teams provided they are completed by the deadline for that fixture.

Yorkshire, Humberside & North Lincolnshire
This region encompasses North Lincolnshire and all of Yorkshire, currently with 44x playing venues and 1x registered club (Doncaster). One or more championship leagues will be held if 4 or more teams enter, split geographically if there are more entries. If fewer teams enter they will be offered the opportunity to compete in leagues from neighbouring regions (e.g. Lincs or S.Yorks into East Midlands, West Yorks with North West, North Yorks or Humberside with North East etc.

Existing Clubs
Doncaster Town TFC

Playing Venues Yorkshire/Humberside venues with a table in the past 3 years:
Black Swan Thornton Road Bradford BD1 2JH
Rileys Silver Street Doncaster DN1 1HQ
Rileys 1 Normanby Road Scunthorpe DN15 6AR
The Varsity 24 Zetland Street Huddersfield HD1 2RA
The Warehouse 12 Zetland Street Huddersfield HD1 2RA
Montey's Rock Café 3 The Ginnel Harrogate HG1 2RB
Knox Arms Knox Lane Bilton HG1 3AP
Manhattan Club and Snooker Centre Beech Avenue Harrogate HG2 8DY
Rileys City Exchange, Alfred Gelder Street Kingston-Upon-Hull HU1 2AN
Rileys 83 Beverley Road Kingston-Upon-Hull HU3 1XR
Piper Club Newland Avenue Hull HU5 2NN
The Haworth Arms 449 Beverley Road Hull HU6 7LD
Bar 66 10 Cottingham Road Hull HU6 7RA
Saltshouse Tavern 1 Dunvegan Road Hull HU8 9JD
Carpe Diem Calverley Street Leeds LS1 3ED
Sports Cafe 123 Headrow Leeds LS1 5RD
Shooters Sports Bar 128 The Headrow Leeds LS1 5RD
The Square 58 - 63 Boar Lane Leeds LS1 6HW
Old Bar Leeds University Union Leeds LS2
The Library 229 Woodhouse Lane Leeds LS2 3AP
The Dry Dock Woodhouse Lane Leeds LS2 3AX
Sports Bar Templar Lane Leeds LS2 7LN
Fab Cafe 46 Woodhouse Lane Leeds LS2 8PL
Halo Quilted Llama Woodhouse Lane Leeds LS2 9JT
The Royal Park 39 Queens Road Leeds LS6 1NY
Hyde Park Hotel 2 Headingley Lane Leeds LS6 2AS
Players Lounge 125-127 West Street Sheffield S1 4ER
The Cavendish 220-238 West Street Sheffield S1 4EU
Varsity 173/179 West Street Sheffield S1 4EW
Rileys Lescar Buildings, Lescar Lane Sheffield S11 8XQ
Rileys Mansfield Road, Birley Moor Sheffield S12 2AU
Rileys 1 Richmond Road, Handsworth Sheffield S13 8TB
The New Broom Broom Valley Road Rotherham S60 2QY
New Inn Midland Road Rotherham S61 1TF
Alexandra Hotel Hollybush St, Parkgate Rotherham S62 6BH
Rileys 15/21 Doncaster Gate Rotherham S65 1DE
The Park Badsley Moor Lane Rotherham S65 2QE
Rileys 1st & 2nd Fl. 47-51 Peel Street Barnsley, S Yorks S70 2RL
Rileys 7 Ferrybridge Road Castleford WF10 4JQ
Montey's Rock Cafe, York 129 Micklegate York YO1 6LB
Postgraduate Bar, Heslington Campus Heslington York YO10 5DD
Charles XII Main Street, Heslington York YO10 5EA
Bootham Tavern 29 Bootham York YO30 7BW

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Re: BFA League Championship - Yorkshire/Humberside Region

Post by Boris » Wed Jun 08, 2016 1:35 pm

BFA National League 2016

Outside London, all matches played between clubs now count towards your National League standing, you can play as many or as few matches as you like, travel around the UK to play away fixtures and/or tournament team events, or simply accept challenges for home matches on your own table.

Clubs can join the competition at any point during the year, but only matches played in 2016 will count towards your points total.

Clubs must state the dates and times they are available to play home fixtures, and cannot refuse a Fixture Request/Challenge from an away team on these occasions without good reason (e.g. prior fixture or venue closure).

Matches should comprise a minimum of 10x games (default 4x singles, 6x doubles) when played home and away (max 2x singles/2x doubles, or 4x doubles games per player).
For team competitions within tournaments matches should comprise a minimum of 5x games (2x singles, 3x doubles - max 1x singles/1x doubles, or 2x doubles games per player).
If both captains agree, further singles or doubles games can be included in matches between larger teams, provided the match includes at least 4x singles and 6x doubles games, and no player (in the larger team) plays more than 4x games as above, and the total number of games is agreed at the start of the match.

Teams must have a minimum of 4x players to complete a fixture. There is no maximum number provided the players are registered with your club.
In the event of a team only having 3x players available for a match each singles player plays with the third player in doubles with the 3rd doubles game(s) forfeited.

The default game format is first to score 7x goals, with players handicapped 1 goal per difference in rank (of highest-ranked player in doubles). This format is recommended where beginner teams meet experienced teams.
If both captains agree the game format can be first to score 5x goals, or to 6 goals allowing a 5-5 draw with no handicapping. This format is recommended where teams are fairly evenly-matched.

Clubs can play both legs of a home/away match on the same occasion/location provided each club is able to play on its ‘home’ table type.

All match scores must be reported to within 7 days.

BFA National League Championship

All results will be entered into a single National League Table/Club Ranking list, including results from regional leagues, team competitions at tournaments, and challenge matches between clubs.
Points are awarded as follows
5 points for a win
3 points for a tie (inc. defeat in a penalty shootout)
2 points for defeat by a single game
1 point for any other defeat

Only each team’s best 10x results will count towards the points total. In the event of teams finishing level on points, the game average (ratio of total games won to games lost) will decide the position. If two or more teams have maximum points at the end of the season all their results will be taken into account in determining their game win/loss ratio.

National Finals (BFA Premier League)
To play in the 2016-7 Premier League teams must qualify for the finals. There are three routes to qualification
Via the BFA London League
Via the BFA National League
Winners of BFA Team Competitions at UK Tournaments
At the end of the season the top ranked teams will qualify for the National finals to be held in a central location during Jan/Feb 2017 alongside the top clubs from the London League and winners of team competitions at tournaments. The exact ratio of qualifying teams will depend on the number of teams in each league. The Premier League will determine the National Champions and which clubs qualify for the European Champions League. The finals will be restricted to 8x teams maximum. There is therefore an incentive for teams seeking to compete at a higher level to fulfil as many fixtures as they can.

How to enter

1 – Form a club if you are not already a club – for this you need
Minimum 4x players
A foosball table (any full-sized type) and somewhere to play home fixtures in evenings or at weekends
Two club e-mail contact persons (at least one of whom is on Facebook)
There is a default club constitution which can be downloaded from the BFA website, or you can adopt your own constitution if you wish.
Register your club here - - and e-mail details to

2 – Register your team - e-mail
Provide address of home venue inc postcode
Days/times of the week available for home fixtures.
Any excluded dates (e.g. due to holidays or venue closures)
Your Home Table Type (make/model/photo)
Your team captain contact details (e-mail/mobile/Facebook)
Vice-captain contact details
Clubs must provide a list of players in their squad to including full names, years of birth and nationality (if UK resident under 5 years), any additions or transfers must be notified promptly – and at least 24 hours before any scheduled fixture or event.

3 – Challenge Other Clubs
Look at the list of participating clubs and pick an opponent
E-mail (or contact via Facebook) their club captain with a date to visit them for a match when you are both able to field teams.
Play the match and HAVE FUN!!!
Report the results (e.g. United 6, City 4) to within 7 days

4 – Go to Tournaments as a team!
Major weekend BFA tournaments may include a club/team competition, typically on the Saturday evening. These represent an opportunity to play several opponents in shorter-format matches on the same day and boost your club’s points total.


There are no entry fees to this competition, however organisers of tournaments may require an entry fee for team competitions at those events, and teams qualifying for the finals may have to pay a table rental fee if unable to bring their own table.

Where tables are coin-operated, home teams are responsible for bearing the costs of all games played in the fixture on their home table. Away teams have automatic choice of side except where the ‘away’ table is provided by the home venue or team.

More Information - See the National League 2016 thread in UK Tournaments - ... =1&t=10561 - for the most recent results and league table.

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