Nuneaton Royal Oak 2014

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Nuneaton Royal Oak 2014

Post by Hand of Doom » Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:37 am

Fantastic night at the Oak.

We were delighted to see the return of Blake and Sam, and to see the Oak debuts of Mayur, Pravin and Rohil.
We can see that Mark's coaching has worked well with the lads and we really hope to see them again.

Two mini-tournaments were held -
Roger & Mark and Paul & Chris tied for #1.
Mark and Rohil won #2, with Chris and Mayur a close runner-up.

I played with Pravin in #1 and was really impressed with his defence and passing ability.
Rohil carried Mark to an unbeaten run in #2, and Mayur showed real quality and potential.

Blake and Sam were even better than I remembered.

The night ended with a cabaret provided by Shabba!

To repeat - a fantastic night!
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Re: Nuneaton Royal Oak 2014

Post by Kingy » Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:05 pm

I must echo Bills comments, it was firstly great to see Blake and Saman at the Oak again, Saman's pull shot has improved a lot. The 3 guys of Rohil, Mayur and Pravin all play table football with me and Saman at work every break time, over the last few months they have been showing a lot of interest so decided to get them to come to the Oak! Before hand they were a little worried about playing these experienced players but they showed no nerves and they really did give em all a good game. They were all impressed with Bills great tic-tac play, and Chris's pin and pull shooting, they really did enjoy it and I am sure they will come again.
The guy singing Shabba at the end of the nite was absolutely plastered and gave us some funny entertainment at the end of a really great nite!
Hope this year to have more great nights like this at the Oak.

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