Oxford Volunteer Wanted

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Oxford Volunteer Wanted

Post by Boris » Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:45 pm

As you may have read, we are trying to sell the Roberto-Sport tables in order to replace these with new models.

The problem is that as they stand, we cannot sell them for collection or delivery as we cannot guarantee that the tables are complete with all the parts to render them playable, particularly the coin-ops which have rods in separate boxes.

The tables are currently in storage in the Cowley area.

We need someone to visit the storage unit and assemble the 4x remaining tables (3x coinop, 1x freeplay) and ensure they have all the necessary parts, then to part-disassemble them, keeping the parts together with each table (in double-wrapped bin-liners, with cable ties to hold sets of rods together), so they can be either delivered (seek advice as to whether rods need to be in or out) or for collection (rods out). This is probably around 2 hours work. Ideally each table should be photographed intact.

Unfortunately none of the current committee members live in the Oxford area, this needs to be done during working hours, as the unit closes at around 5.30pm.

We have definite interest in at least two of the tables, so this is pretty urgent, and at all costs we need to have them sold by Mid-January at the latest.

Please PM me if you are willing to help, reasonable expenses may be paid.


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