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PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:59 am
by jamesofptfs
List of Tournaments:

19/12/12 PTFS Christmas Shield - Fireball
8/4/13 Cambridge Brew House Easter Tournament - Bonzini
22/6/13 Cambridge Fireball Championships (Major) - Fireball
30/8/13 Cambridge Brew House Summer Tournament - Bonzini
27/11/13 Cambridge Brew House Winter Tournament - Bonzini

PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour is a collection of events in the Cambridge area hosted by The Perse Table Football Society and sanctioned by the BFA. The doubles and singles tours are separated. Each tour collectively counts as a Category D tournament. Within these tours, events are ranked by the standard BFA sytem but majors carry double points.

Dates and tournaments are subject to change - PM for details.

Re: PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:13 pm
by willhawkes
Nice one James, are these open to all comers or just PTFS members? Sometimes I do find myself in Cambridge...

Re: PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 6:32 pm
by jamesofptfs
Well if you played one I suppose that would make you a member! Just let me know if you're around close to one of the dates - they do tend to change nearer the time though depending on when people are free but I'm sure Greta, Jody and Ed would appreciate the competition.

Re: PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 8:08 pm
by jamesofptfs
PTFS Christmas Shield


Jody 7-3 Loek
Hansol 7-4 Matt R
James 7-2 Loek
Matt R 4-7 Jody
James 7-1 Matt R
James 2-7 Jody
Hansol 7-4 Loek
Loek 7-6 Matt R
Mike 1-7 Matt R
Mike 0-7 James
Mike 1-7 Jody
Mike 0-7 Loek
Mike 2-7 Matt C
Mike 1-7 Hansol
Matt C 2-7 Hansol
Matt C 3-7 Loek
Matt C 3-7 Jody
Matt C 6-7 Matt R
Matt C 3-7 James
Hansol 5-7 Jody
Hansol 4-7 James

Semi Finals
Jody bt Loek 5-2 5-4
James bt Hansol 5-2 4-5 5-2

Jody bt James 5-0 2-5 3-5 5-1 5-2

3rd Place
Hansol bt Loek 5-3 5-3

Positions (wins in group in brackets)
1. Jody Walding (6)
2. James Littlefair (5)
3. Hansol Doh (4)
4. Loek Janssen (3)
5. Matt Robinson (2)
6. Matt Cairnduff (1)
7. Mike Bradley (0)


James Littlefair/Matt Robinson bt Hansol Doh/Loek Janssen 3-5 5-2 1-0

1. James Littlefair/Matt Robinson
2. Hansol Doh/Loek Janssen

Re: PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:18 pm
by jamesofptfs

Just waiting for them to confirm but here are the details as they stand.

Monday 8th April
PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Event
Singles and Doubles (min. 3 games per player/team per event subject to turnout)
Registration 7pm-7.25pm
Start 7.30pm
Finals 10.30pm approx.
Singles £3 Doubles £3 Both £4
Winners take remaining funds after table costs

So if you're in the Cambridge area come give it a go and make the most of the new Bonzini venue...

Re: PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:12 pm
by jamesofptfs!/events/3605 ... 4/?fref=ts

This is the event page for our tournament on Monday.

Re: PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:26 am
by jamesofptfs

Our cry out into the wilderness was heard. 14 played - at a very good standard - and a strong contingent just along for a drink. Here are the results in full.


Group A
Valerio/Salvatore 6-7 Hansol/Addison
Michela/Cosmo 7-6 James/Ed
Michela/Cosmo 7-6 Valerio/Salvatore
James/Ed 7-1 Hansol/Addison
Hansol/Addison 7-6 Michela/Cosmo
Valerio 6-7 James/Ed
*Hansol/Addison 2-5 Michela/Cosmo

1. James/Ed P 3 W 2 GD +6
2. Michela/Cosmo P 3 W 2 GD +1*
3. Hansol/Addison P 3 W 2 GD -4*
4. Valerio/Salvatore P 3 W 0 GD -3

Notes: A very tight group with 5 of 6 games won by a single goal. A winning triplet meant to two teams with worse goal difference player the tie break * to decide who qualified.

Group B
Michal/Andrea 7-5 Greta/Irina
Greta/Irina 1-7 Jody/Emily
Jody/Emily 7-0 Michal/Andrea

1. Jody/Emily P 2 W 2 GD +13
2. Michal/Andrea P 2 W 1 GD -5
3. Greta/Irina P 2 W 0 GD -8

Notes: Jody and Emily dominated a group with a high ratio of girls. The first game turned out to be the crucial one in deciding who went through.

6th/7th Play Off
Valerio/Salvatore 5-1 Greta/Irina

Semi Finals
James/Ed 5-0 5-2 Michal/Andrea
Jody/Emily 5-3 5-0 Michela/Cosmo

3rd/4th Play Off
Michal/Andrea 5-3 Michela/Cosmo

Jody/Emily 5-3 5-3 James/Ed

Notes: The two group winners came through the semi finals but it's fair to say that the girls dominated the tournament.


1st Round
Ed 4-5 Jody
Salvatore 2-5 Addison

2nd Round
Hansol 4-5 Jody
Greta 3-5 Valerio
Andrea 5-2 Addison
Irina 4-5 James

Semi Finals
Jody 7-3 Valerio
Andrea 6-7 James

Jody 3-5 5-4 5-2 James

Notes: The format was kept short with so many people and only one table. The focus was kept on doubles. Jody and James both went to sweatball twice before reaching the final where James had two match points in the 2nd game before Jody came through with strong shooting in the last game.

1. Jody Walding/Emily Knox
2. James Littlefair/Ed Taylor
3. Michal Barczyk/Andrea Angella
4. Michela Tassi/Cosmo Coulter
5. Hansol Doh/Addison Shore
6. Valerio Rizzo/Salvatore Palumbo
7. Greta Skrupskelyte/Irina Rasolonjanahary

1. Jody Walding
2. James Littlefair
T3. Valerio Rizzo
T3. Andrea Angella
T5. Hansol Doh
T5. Greta Skrupskelyte
T5. Addison Shore
T5. Irina Rasolonjanahary
T9. Ed Taylor
T9. Salvatore Palumbo

Thanks to everyone for coming, especially Emily all the way from that London. Looking forward to the next one!

Re: PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:56 am
by jamesofptfs
Cambridge Fireball Championships
22nd June 2013, Pemberton Arms, Fireball

This was a small tournament organised in conjunction with a league match to make use of the pub's kindness in letting us put our table in for the day. It is classed as a "Major" event meaning that it carries double ranking points. This is due to the format - qualification matches for ranking followed by 5.5 format for up to the top 8 ranked players in singles and the top 4 ranked teams in singles. Sadly, it had quite a small turnout as many of our regulars were not back in Cambridge yet and there's quite a lot going on with the league at the moment but it made for a good tournament with our limited capacity.


Simrun 1-7 James
Irina 7-4 Hansol
Ed 7-1 Simrun
James 7-2 Irina
Hansol 2-7 Ed

James W 2 GD +11
Ed W 2 GD +11
Irina W 1 GD -2
Hansol W 0 GD -8
Simrun W 0 GD -12

Notes: Everyone qualified as there were fewer than 8 players - matches were just for seeding. James was ranked above Ed due to having played a higher ranked player after they finished with identical records. Simrun did the draw and gave himself a rough deal. The top 3 got byes.

Quarter Finals
Hansol 5-3 2-5 1-5 4-5 Simrun

Semi Finals
Ed 5-2 0-5 5-2 5-2 Irina
James 5-0 5-2 5-2 Simrun

3rd Place
Simrun 3-5 5-0 5-1 Irina

James 5-1 4-5 5-4 5-1 Ed

Notes: James now holds all 3 "major" titles, all with wins over Ed in the final. This year, Jody, Greta, Ed et al. are bound to snatch some, especially with the introduction of a Bonzini tournament. Simrun overcame his seeding to finish an impressive 3rd while Irina was clearly delighted to take a game off CUTFC mentor Ed 5-0.


James/Hansol 5-2 5-0 5-0 Irina/Simrun

Notes: Despite causing them all sorts of problems in the team event, a week of May Balls clearly caught up with the CUTFC pair in the last match of the day. James and Hansol had the Midas touch as everything they touched turned to goal.


1. James Littlefair
2. Ed Taylor
3. Simrun Basuita
4. Irina Rasolonjanahary
5. Hansol Doh

1. James Littlefair/Hansol Doh
2. Irina Rasolonjanahary/Simrun Basuita

Re: PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:07 pm
by Boris
28/7/13 Cambridge Garlando Championships (Major) - Garlando
12/8/13 Cambridge Bonzini Championships (Major) - Bonzini
25/8/13 Cambridge Tornado Championships (Major) - Tornado
Did the July event go ahead and are the August events still happening?

Re: PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:55 pm
by jamesofptfs
No - these were only provisional dates which I forgot to change as most of the information comes through Facebook. I haven't been able to organise them as I haven't been in Cambridge - garlando and tornado tournaments aren't my responsibility really. Hopefully others who are in Cambridge more than we will be starting to organise things - plans are being put in place.

Re: PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:47 pm
by jamesofptfs ... 5/?fref=ts






Re: PTFS 2013 Sanctioned Tour Fixtures and Results

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:22 pm
by jamesofptfs
Cambridge Winter Open – Results

Players Details

Andrea Angella Italian 15/10/1989 Michela Tassi Italian 15/10/1989 Barnaby Couch UK 14/03/1984 Tom Sayer UK 14/03/1984 Nathan Richoz Frenc 21/03/91 Irina Rasolonynjanahary UK 21/03/91 Riccardo Matera Italian 25/09/1987 Nicola Fattone Italian 25/09/1987

Open Singles

Andrea Angella Michela Tassi Barnaby Couch Tom Sayer Nathan Richoz Irina Rasolonynjanahary Group 1

Andrea Michela Barnaby Wins Goals

Andrea 4 7 3 7 2

Michela 7 4 7 6 0

Barnaby 7 3 6 7 1

Andrea and Barnaby qualified.

Group 2

Tom Nathan Irina Wins Goals

Tom 7 0 7 2 0

Nathan 0 7 1 7 2

Irina 2 7 7 1 1

Nathan and Irina qualified.


Andrea vs Irina

Nathan vs Barnaby


Andrea vs Nathan Third/Fourth

Irina vs Barnaby


Michela vs Tom

Final Positions

1. Nathan

2. Andrea

3. Irina

4. Barnaby

5. Tom

6. Michela

Open Double

Riccardo Matera & Nicola Fattone Andrea Angella & Michela Tassi Barnaby Couch & Tom Sayer Nathan Richoz & Irina Rasolonynjanahary


Andrea Angella & Michela Tassi VS Riccardo Matera & Nicola Fattone

Barnaby Couch & Tom Sayer VS Nathan Richoz & Irina Rasolonynjanahary Final

Andrea Angella & Michela Tassi VS Nathan Richoz & Irina Rasolonynjanahary


Riccardo Matera & Nicola Fattone VS Barnaby Couch & Tom Sayer Final Positions:

1. Nathan Richoz & Irina Rasolonynjanahary

2. Andrea Angella & Michela Tassi

3. Riccardo Matera & Nicola Fattone

4. Barnaby Couch & Tom Sayer