Competitive foosball

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Competitive foosball

Post by Happyham » Mon Jun 16, 2008 4:01 pm

It has become apparent that the competitve edge in foosball has gone for a few players in the southwest.  Obviously there is nothing wrong with foosing for fun and the social side as well, however I feel I personally dont improve in these conditions.  

In an attempt to try and bring this back, which will help us improve things like experience in tournament conditions and pressure play, I would like to suggest the possibility of one of the following:

Money matches:
Singles or doubles, best of 5.  Each player puts forward £20 (arbitrary) then the winner(s) take all.  

Mini tournies:  
Singles or doubles, best of 5.  Each player puts forward £20 then you have a double elim tourny out of those players who enter.

Where this would be is open to suggestion, and I will start by saying the crown would be a good venue, as it has a tornado and a garlando.  

Anyways, I guess its a case of trying to find out who would be interested in this, and it doesnt even need to be a massively regular thing.  At least those who thrive on the competition side of foosball will fullfill their foos hit more often than now.
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Post by Mike A » Mon Jun 16, 2008 8:54 pm

I like this idea, I can't remember the last time I played a properly competitive game outside of tournaments. Like you, I get very little out of social play, for me it needs to be competitive, intense and tough (otherwise I am quickly bored).

I think that the Crown would be a very good venue for this.

The formats you suggest sound good (I think 5/5 for each match is a minimum).

Another possible format is to play a league style group with or without a play-off.

Or play winner stays on (best of 3 games would be good for winner stays on) £5 per challenge per player and make a day of it - might be good for travelling players.

I think we should get a feel for numbers interested and then see which format people would prefer.

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