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Re: Uk Masters Penkridge July 23-25

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:59 pm
by Damo

Your personal attack on Sharon, Dave & Robbie Lawlor is unwarranted and unwelcome.
You informed me today that you are taking a break from the game and personally I think you need to.

You also stated in your message to me that you may return to the game in September and should you choose to do so I hope your attitude and respect for fellow foosers has changed.

I started this thread in good faith (not personal malice) simply to advise Irish players of an ITSF requirement for Irish players to hold a valid ITSF License so that any points earned at a ITSF sanctioned event can be attributed to them and they also contribute to the Irish National ranking.

Dave to address your query regarding the list of players in the post Boris submitted.

That list only applies to players who have required ITSF licenses for ITSF sanctioned events.
The players you mentioned Mamadou Cisse , Robert Lawlor have not applied for ITSF licenses in the past.
I did not create the list it was submitted by the previous committee's.

Regarding the suspension of licenses it only the non member players currently competing who's licenses were suspended.

Regarding what do you get for your money as a member of the IFA.

1. A valid ITSF Players license.
2. Representation at ITSF promoting the issues mandated by the membership of the IFA.
3. Should you have chosen to represent Ireland at the World Cup in Nantes you would have
received a subsidy covering in excess of 60% of your hotel and travel costs.
4. A brand new Nike Ireland Team Kit ( the previous team kit cost the players €150)

The travel subsidies and free team kits were a result of the hard work of the current IFA Committee attaining sponsorship and these perks were available to every player who represented Ireland at the World Cup.

Louise I kind of see where you are coming from given Colms comments and I hope the moderator sees fit to remove them.

The issue of un-licensed players intending to compete at the UK Masters is now a matter for the ITSF and the Tournament Promoter/Director to resolve.

I hope all queries have now been dealt with.

Again Best of Luck to all Irish foosers competing at the UK Masters.


Damian Glavin (aka The Sheriff)

Re: Uk Masters Penkridge July 23-25

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:12 am
by Rocker
Cool Thanks for that Shaz. You are one in a million.

Dave I was only Buzzing with you. Take it easy man.

Yeah the curtain twitchers will have to look else where
for entertainment from now on!

Foosball should be about relaxation not aggravation.

By the way Adam my one and a half year old would put
most of you to shame on a table. :lol: :lol: :lol: