Foostasmagoria - the alternative foos 'n cards game

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Foostasmagoria - the alternative foos 'n cards game

Post by The Doctor » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:07 pm


I have designed a card game meant to generate rule changes within a game of table-football.

Now you can play rollerball, left-handed singles and Collignon all in the same game.


There is a deck of forty-six cards.

Forty of these are rule change cards.

Six of these are two identical sets of rule application cards.

How To Play:

A set of three rule application cards is given to each player (or team).

The deck of rule change cards is shuffled and placed face down by the table.

After the first goal, the player who has conceded draws a card from the top of the rule change deck.

The vast majority of rule change cards apply only to the player who has drawn the card.

Note that there are four cards, however, that apply a rule change to both players. These are universal rule change cards. They are intermixed with the unilateral rule change cards.

Once a goal has been scored (by either player) the other player draws a card from the top of the rule change card deck.

Rule application cards can be played at any point by any player.

Rule Change Cards and instructions thereon:

1) Al Volo (no passing between players on a rod)
2) Left Hand Only
3) Right Hand Only
4) No Push [ie. no push shots or push kicks]
5) No Pull [ie. no pull shots or pull kicks]
6) Cross Hands
7) Bank Shots Score [goal-scoring shots must have touched a bank]
8. Jars Allowed [provided that the table or part thereof is not lifted from the ground]
9) No Pinning
10) No Snake
11) No Brush
12) Don’t Touch the 2 Bar [a touch elicits a foul on the nearest opponent’s bar on your goal side]
13) Don’t Touch the 5 Bar
14) Don’t Touch the 3 Bar
15) Don’t Touch the Keeper
16) Spinning Allowed
17) Blind Shooting [close your eyes while shooting]
18) You Can Be Distracted [opponent can distract you]
19) No Deflected Goals
20) No Passing Between Rods [eg. no 5 to 3 passing; but within-rod passing permitted]
21) Hit The Back [no passing or set-up moves of any kind; touches of the ball that go no further than one’s own 3 bar are given to the opponent on their nearest rod]
22) Scoring Shot Move Nominated By Opponent
23) No Shots from the 2 Bar
24) No Shots from the 5 Bar
25) No Shots from the 3 Bar
26) Top Half Play Only [only the keeper can touch the ball when it is in the bottom half of the table (viewed in ‘landscape’); otherwise a foul results in the opponent being given the ball on their nearest rod]
27) Bottom Half Play Only
28) No Shots From Directly In Front Of Goal
29) Stand On One Leg Whilst Playing
30) Collignon [the player must repeatedly intone ‘Collignon, Collignon, Collignon…’ à la Kabbadi, whilst they keep the ball on a particular rod]
31) Take Your Time [one’s opponent’s time limits are doubled ie. 30 secs on the 3 bar etc]
32) Game Ends Immediately
33) Only Goals from the 3 Bar
34) Only Goals from the 5 Bar
35) Only Goals from the 2 Bar
36) No Goals from the Centre Forward

Universal Rule Change Cards:

1) Two-Ball Rollerball
2) Spinning [spin madly like n00bs; no touch without a spin]
3) Three-Goal Margin [winner must win by three goals]
4) Goalie Wars

Rule Application Cards:

1) Switch (instruction is switched to apply to opponent; opponent is next to pick a card)
2) Share (instruction is applied to both players; opponent is next to pick a card)
3) Stretch (instruction applies for two balls in a row to opponent)

Suggestions for improvements/notice of glaring flaws very welcome.

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