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paulo souza
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table advice needed!

Post by paulo souza » Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:21 pm

Hi All, haven't posted for a while but have recently got the bug to play again after cleaning up my table and giving my nephew a 20-4 spanking..

i'd like to buy a new table, preferably one that i can stand up on one questions as follows..

i'd like to ask which tables are mostly used in tournaments in the UK & around the globe, reason i ask is that there are so many, i am used to playing on a glass bottom type table with vinyl balls, i have played at Cafe Kick on the Bonzni Tables with Cork Balls which took me a few games to catch up with the regulars there, i'm not even sure if they have glass bottom tables at tournaments..

I also saw the Eurosport coverage of the doubles final, and the table, that the England Goalie let the ball just roll into his net, looked nice, not sure which table it was..

so please if there is any advice or any websites/distributors that you guys could point me too, would be appreciated...

kind regards, Paul

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Matt Price
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Re: table advice needed!

Post by Matt Price » Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:39 pm


There is a section on the main site:
which discusses the various table types.

Another useful link is this ebay guide: ... 0000104407
written by one of our pro players.

The majority of tournaments in the last few years have been on the Garlando table - tournament tables do not have a glass top.

There was a tournament last year and another planned for this year on the Fireball table, which has emerged over the last few years.

The Tornado table is another major table and I think would have been the one you saw in the Eurosport final that you mention. (I could be wrong about that.)

Whilst these tend to be the main tables that are used for tournaments in the UK, the links provided will give details of some other tables.

One final link, to the 'official tables' as accepted by the International Table Soccer Federation (the international governing body of foosball.)

Hope that helps and congratulations on the 20-4 win. :wink:

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Jonathan may
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Re: table advice needed!

Post by Jonathan may » Thu Mar 24, 2011 12:44 am

If you are interested in a Fireball table, get in touch. We have some tables available on our website: - and if you get in touch I can do you a special deal on a Fireball Tour table at present.
Manager, TeamGB.

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