Cutting corner hoardings to size question

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Cutting corner hoardings to size question

Post by danscu » Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:10 am


I have a FAS table which had a couple of cracked plastic corner hoardings/edges when I bought it, so I ordered a replacement set of 4 for this table (they couldn't sell them individually unfortunately). They have arrived and are a different length, angle and colour which I've been advised is normal and I need to cut them to size, does anyone have any tips on this as I don't want them to crack! I'd assumed they would be identical so would just screw and fit easily but I'm new to all this!

Also the screw mountings are in a different position but a couple are very close to the original screw holes and I'm concerned it will just make one large screw hole and so the screws will not hold the hoarding down properly, if you see what I mean! Any tips on this would be great.


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