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ifp classic

Post by Oatsey » Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:54 am

Good to see mike a and Joe h doing very well in the ifp southern classic especially second in od.

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Re: ifp classic

Post by Shovo » Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:20 am

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Re: ifp classic

Post by Simmo » Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:23 am

Joe Hamilton took 2nd in OS only losing to Tony S, once in the winners bracket and then in the grand final. And he took 2nd again along with Mike again only losing to Tony and his partner.

Great Result Joe and Mike! Well done guys

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Re: ifp classic

Post by Mike A » Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:57 pm

Thanks for the comments, here is a little taster of the event:

This was a really fun tournament! It was set in Harrah's holiday resort in Tunica Mississippi, which is a bit in the middle of nowhere, but has all the key ingredients for a good weekend (foosball, alcohol and casinos). The accent is a strong deep south, and what starts as copy cat mocking, soon becomes habitual and hard to drop - it is dangerously infectious y'all! This was a bit of an opportunistic event for me having been working in New York the week before. Consequently I missed the Friday events which sadly denied me an attempt at an expert singles title.

Despite being a low turnout with few of the highest promasters present, the standard of the pros was really very high indeed, with a significant number being not far off US pro master in the rankings. The Ams and experts were also of a high calibre with each possessing a very capable pass and shot that would match up to the UK pro/master level.

OS was a mixed bag. Having started at 8pm it already felt like 5am for me, so I was struggling from the start. My losses were all in the final game against players I felt I should have beaten, and my wins were close against players I felt I should have destroyed. I hadn't expected anything too great in OS though, so I put most of my focus into the doubles events, which were my best chance of making a bit of money back; playing with Joe H in OD, Deliza Baumbach in ED and Arthur Mitchell in PD.

On Saturday night Mary put on a free bar for the evening, before we all headed over to the casino! It was a great evening, but didn't make for a high quality of Sunday foosball. I got back to the hotel room at 6:30am to find Joe carefully inspecting some regurgitated dinner! This I found somewhat surprising since the food was overpriced and Joe was trying to keep his costs down, but who am I to question the methods of a soon to be US promaster!Fortunately, Deliza and I had been playing great together and had made it to the final of Expert Doubles before the Saturday drinking had begun, and thankfully this wasn't played until much later on Sunday. I later learned that Mary stayed in the casino until 2pm on Sunday!

On sunday, the pro doubles was first up and I started strongly in every match taking a lead before blowing it again - I put it down to the drinking since I wasn't really capable of any sort of concious thought in any of my matches. Open doubles was next up and Joe and I had low expectations since we were suffering just a little. As it happened, we managed to hold ourselves together in the early rounds winning a tight game against Blake and Mark Kraus before losing a game we thought we would win comfortably against Dewey Culpepper and Daniel Colter. It was impressive to see how both Blake's and Daniel's games have improved since I last watched them play when they were struggling reach the rods back in 2006! On the subject of improvement, Joe has made a few adjustments to his own game and is now playing very well indeed. In particular his offensive 5-bar is vastly improved. Having battled back through the losers bracket we had to play Dewey and Daniel in the losers final, this time we came out on top and earned ourselves a darn good thrashing against Tony and Erik Hueltner in the final - lol.

Despite the late start of the Expert Doubles final, I still wasn't feeling great and we needed to double dip our opponents. Fortunately Deliza was more than capable of playing a solid front game and we were 1-0 up and at 4-4 with possession on Deliza's 3 row. She scored the point to win the first dip, but called a spin on herself! We went on to lose that game and the next 5-4. A real shame, and in my eyes a casualty of the night (morning?) before.

I should also mention how well Joe played in OS, making the final against some very tough opposition. The winners bracket final was interesting, with Joe letting go of the 5-bar completely on Tony's put-ins so he could prevent the hacks/tap bangs and force Tony to play a set shot. A seemingly suicidal strategy, but it didn't seem to effect Tony's passing percentage at all and did cut out his quick stuff. Despite this five bar offensive ownage, Joe forced a 5th set losing just 8-7. A darn good effort daag-nabbit!

Loved playing back on tornado again, but it has re-opened my eyes to the need for proper practice...hmmmm, do I get myself a table again?

Can't wait till Germany for some more Tornado!
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Re: ifp classic

Post by Happyham » Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:47 pm

I hadn't planned on going to this event, but with Mike making the trip over I thought I'd give it a bash!

Even though this was just a regional tournament, Mississippi has a solid local player base which made for tough games.

Definitely a disappointing turnout though, which shows that foosball is slowly dying in the US as well as the UK. :(

Great to see Mike again, and I felt that our team chemistry was just as strong as when we played together back home. He blocked everyone (except Tony and a drunken Polish man) very well, and blocked well on the 5 when we switched also.


Hanging out with Mike
Saturday night drinking
Losing 8-7 in the 5th to Tony in winners bracket final of OS.
Doing so without holding the 5 bar when he had the serve.
A drunken Polish man called Jacik Janek


Puking in my bed
Pro doubles with Blake - being a huge favourite and losing miserably.
Seeing Mike and Deliza lose the ED final.

All in all a fun trip, and I hope that a bunch of you guys can make it out to Las Vegas in March!!

PS - Mike is playing Expert doubles with Mary in Germany. I don't know why, but that makes me laugh. :P
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