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Futbolin Movie

Post by PADDY. » Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:17 pm

Table football crazy
Argentinian director Juan José Campanella is following up his Oscar-winning drama The Secret in Their Eyes with an animated film about a group of friends who play table football. The director tells me that after the adult themes of his best foreign language Oscar winner he wanted to do something his young son could watch. As if on cue, the young boy charges into the room while I'm talking to Juan José on the line to Buenos Aires. "He's called Federico, unashamedly after Fellini," says Campanella when the three-year-old is finally taken outside. "When he was born, I thought I should try to make an animation, but these things take a long time. The film is called Futbolin and, so far, we've been working on it for three years and it will definitely take some more time." Campanella admitted his surprise Oscar win has seen him under pressure with offers from Hollywood studios to direct more thrillers, but says: "I want to spend time with Federico now. And get Futbolin done. Otherwise, by the time I finish the damn animation, he'll already be into watching porn."

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Futbolín - New 3D film by Juan Jose Campanella
Academy award winner for Best Foreign Film, Juan José Campanella, is currently recruiting the team of artists for his new C.G.I film "Futbolín".

Applications are now open at
For further questions please contact

Thank you,

Futbolín Team.
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