BFA League representation at the European Champions League

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The Doctor
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BFA League representation at the European Champions League

Post by The Doctor » Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:45 pm

Sketching a systematic approach to club eligibility for the ECL, with reference to Cambridge TFC:

I think, by order of preference:

1) a complete, qualified team
2) a complete, predominantly qualified team
3) an incomplete (but eligible), qualified team
4) a complete, partly qualified team
5) a complete, unqualified team.

What CTFC currently offer is an unconfirmed 3. I would encourage them to supplement their numbers to achieve 2. Preference of 2 to 4 over 5 assumes that there is no evidence that pressure has brought to bear on established club players to make themselves unavailable in order to use more capable replacements.

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Re: BFA League representation at the European Champions League

Post by Boris » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:04 pm

Cambridge have first dibs, and so far they have got half-way. They can pick ANY player who did not compete in the Premier League Finals in Feb.

If they can't get a full team including 'ringers' by a set date (say 1 week before the deadline) LFK should be given the slot - with advance notice so they can start planning/recruiting now if Cambridge can't raise a full team. They should prioritise alumni and ex-players, but not be limited to those with a link to the city/uni.

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