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BFA Club Captain Community

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 6:28 am
by willhawkes
This is a message particularly for those who are the primary contact point, or club captain, for a BFA foosball club.


Thank you for participating in the recent BFA Club Captain Survey. The primary conclusion from this was that we would benefit from building up more connections between the UK's foosball clubs, as follows:

1. We would like to offer every UK foosball club your own [clubname] email address, which we will set up direct to the club captain's email account.

2. We will establish a email group,, which will go only to each of the above addresses. This means that you (and the BFA) can easily write to the club captain community as a whole. I hope we can find a way to set this up so that it's a closed group which only people in the club captain community can write to, e.g. to keep the spam out.

3. We will set up a BFA Club Captain Facebook group, again somewhere where we can chat with each other. At this stage, I am not going to set up a Club Captain group on the BFA Forum, unless there is a particular clamour to do so.

Once the lines of communication are in place, I hope we can work together to agree a common set of standards for how a BFA club should operate. How do you find and retain players? How often should you meet up? Should you run your own club tournaments, and how? Maintain your own club rankings? Should you own a table? Should you have a fixed home location? How can you raise money? Particularly in Europe, there are lots of healthy foosball clubs which we can look to for best practice when we do this.

It all starts with getting the club captains their email address. Please contact me at or via Facebook, and we'll go from there.


Secretary, BFA

Re: BFA Club Captain Community

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:29 am
by willhawkes
We now have 19 BFA clubs set up with email addresses. Next is to put together some guidelines which help the clubs captains in running and growing their clubs. I attach the first draft below, which includes the comments from a few in the BFA community. What's missing? What else would you add?

[this has been emailed to the club captains too]


A Club should have a name and a club captain, also ideally a home location and home table. ‚ÄčThe Club should aim to have an online presence (social media page, website, logo etc). Clubs may want to adopt a short Club Constitution (the BFA can share a sample version). The BFA can set up a account for each club.

A Club should aim to hold at least one tournament per year rated at least BFA Cat E, or ideally more e.g. quarterly or monthly. Also a Club should aim to hold an annual Club Championship, open only to club members. Full results should be published and shared with the BFA to be incorporated into the UK rankings. If facilities are suitable, Clubs are also encouraged to aspire to host larger BFA tournaments including ITSF Master Series & Pro Tour events; host the UK Championships or BFA League Finals.

Clubs should aim to have a regular club meet-up on at least a monthly basis and ideally weekly if possible. The club could organise a regular DYP, Open Singles / Doubles, Monster DYP etc, Winner Stays On etc on this night. Clubs should be available to play league or challenge matches in the BFA League on their home meet-up nights (a minimum of 4 players is required on such occasions).

The clubs of each region appoint a Regional Director to represent them on the BFA Committee.