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BFA Club Survey

Post by willhawkes » Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:57 am

A message for those people who are the main organising person for a table football club.


We want to get a better understanding of how table football is developing at the club level. This means we can better develop and grow our great game in the UK.

This quick survey has 10 questions about how your club is doing, and won't take you very long. Just click the link below to get started.

If you do have any questions or thoughts, please do let me know. And thank you for participating!

Will Hawkes
Secretary, British Foosball Association

BFA General Secretary
Posts: 1133
Joined: Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:31 am
Real Name: Will Hawkes

Re: BFA Club Survey

Post by willhawkes » Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:11 am

Thank you to everyone who has replied to the BFA Club Survey. Here's what you said:

22 clubs responded to the BFA’s survey. These were:
North West: Lokomotive Liverpool, Manchester Rainbow Warriors, Chester Centurions
North Darlington TFC, Farsley Rangers (Leeds), Doncaster Town
South West Bristol TFC, Walcot Gnarlandos (Bath), The Barrels Hereford,
South Marauders (Reading), Southampton Rockets
Midlands Royal Oak (Nuneaton), Warwick University
East Anglia Cambridge TFC, University of East Anglia (Norwich)
London Bar Kick, Foosball Kick / Isha, Wanderers, Hotshots, LTFC, Imperial College
I continue to chase a number of known playing communities for their responses. A number of clubs are also evidently no longer active in any form.

The majority of clubs play on Garlando – although there are clubs which play on Bonzini, Leonhart, Fireball, Tornado, or are Multi-table.

10 clubs meet weekly, 1 bi-monthly, 3 monthly, 2 quarterly, and 6 rarely if ever.

Staying in touch
Private forums on social media are used by 9 clubs; public social media pages are also used by 9. Only 3 have websites and only 5 use the phone to stay in touch. Email is still popular, used by 10 clubs.

Knowing your members
13 clubs know who their members are – 9 do not.

Type of Club
11 clubs are based in public venues (e.g. pubs, bars, cafes). 4 are university based. 2 are in snooker clubs. One is at a company. One is a dedicated venue for foosball! 3 clubs do not have a home venue.

14 clubs have run local tournaments and 3 have run national tournaments. 8 clubs do not organise tournaments.

Regional Engagement
15 clubs have no engagement with other clubs in their region – only 7 say they do, all in London or the North West.

Support Needed
The following ideas were mentioned:

• A forum for club captains
• Club events at UK national tournaments
• Guidance for how to develop a foosball club
• Guidance for how to run a club tournament
• Funds to transport tables
• Funds to buy tables
• More national tournaments
• Help identifying new players and helping them stick with the game
• Inter-university competitions
• More clubs nearby
• More BFA tournaments in London
• More notice about UK tournaments
• Master classes from Pro players


I will update this if I manage to get any more answers. Will also share this from the BFA Facebook page. And let's see if the BFA can help make some of these happen.


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