New BFA Membership Scheme

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New BFA Membership Scheme

Post by BFA Committee » Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:00 pm

The BFA Committee is pleased to announce a new Membership Scheme, as unanimously agreed at the recent Extraordinary General Meeting on 15th March 2013.

The new Membership Scheme is as follows. Full details will be published on the website shortly:

BFA Membership Scheme:

Basic Membership:

- Eligible to enter a BFA sanctioned event cat D or E
- An official BFA ranking regularly updated and published
- Notification of upcoming local and national BFA events

Price - Free

Full Membership:

- All the benefits of Basic Membership
- Eligible to enter a BFA sanctioned event cat C or above
- Eligible to enter the BFA League Championships
- Eligible for an ITSF licence
- Eligible to represent Great Britain
- Voting rights at General Meetings

Price - £5 per year if registering via an official BFA Club OR £10 per year otherwise

Novices & Juniors - half price. Novices registering via a club - FREE.

Foreign Associate:

- Eligible to enter a BFA sanctioned event cat C or above
- Eligible to enter a BFA sanctioned event cat D or E
- Ranking data kept for future events
- Right to attend AGM but no voting rights

Price - £10 per year.

Players can register and pay online or at their next BFA sanctioned event.

In order to register for either membership scheme players must provide the following:

Full name, D.O.B, email address, post code, club membership (if applicable)

Membership will last until October 2014 to tie in with the 2013-14 BFA League Championships season (so players do not have to register for membership again half way through that season). Obviously membership registrations after October 2013 will expire a year from that point.

Cancellation of existing scheme:

Full membership for all players who qualified for full membership via the previous rules is cancelled
(a) Tournament players - from 1st April 2013
(b) Registered League Players - from 31st October 2013 (for league championships only)
Motion 3 – Carried nem con

Time to implement the scheme: 2-3 weeks from today (to be in place before Isha tournament)

The BFA Committee are now in the final stages of selecting a 3rd party software product to manage online membership payments and general membership management to ensure the new scheme is easy to implement for players, organisers and the committee - full details of this and more will be announced in the coming weeks.

The BFA Committee

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