BFA AGM 2013 Friday 15th February 7pm

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Alex MM
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Re: BFA AGM 2013 Friday 15th February 7pm

Post by Alex MM » Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:32 pm

I would also like to run for committee. I’m particularly interested in the Sport side of the game and the new club structure. I started off my foosball career at Warwickfoos and the year after joined the exec committee. As part of the committee my main tasks were to recruit new members, organise club tournaments and update the website. Since then I have set up a club in London the Lewisham Tornados and are currently looking for a venue for our tables. Last year I was the TO for the Warwick Open and provided some muscle with both the Liverpool Open and the UKC and will be organising events in the near and distant future.

Very few weekend tournaments were held in 2012 and this needs to change. Organising a tournament isn’t hard work it is just a lot of small tasks put together. The hard and time consuming task is finding out how to do each part and finding help with a task you can’t do yourself. More information needs to be published and a point of contact in the committee or EOG needs to be given to potential/new TOs to talk to one on one. Then advertise all this in the newsletter, by talking to clubs, making announcements at tournaments and of course talking to individuals. The UKC was a brilliant demonstration of how a tournament can be organised by people who live spread out through the UK. The TO lived about 100 miles away from the venue! As a recent addition to the tournament organiser’s scene I feel I will offer a unique perspective in bringing in other new TOs and I’ve already started to do this.

Clubs are the future of UK foosball. The structure increases access to new players to the game and now we have a large number of clubs it is important to encourage them to grow and become sustainable. For example awesome ideas like the club trophy, holding team events that require more than 4 members to enter, providing clubs with advertising materials and other help to set up club nights. The most important part will be talking to the clubs themselves whether this is an official or unofficial capacity about getting new players. Having more clubs should make it easier to find new TOs and/or helpers in the area. It will also provide a larger player basis and publicity opportunities so tournaments don’t have to rely so much on players travelling from afar which will allow for more tournaments to be held and a larger schedule.

A number of people I have brought to tournaments looked very blank when I mentioned “the BFA” to them after the event and shocked to hear they were part of the association and had a UK ranking for me this is very worrying and something needs to change. I feel also clubs should be encouraged to get all their players signed up to the BFA. A player actually filling out a paper or online form will make them either ask their club more about us, google us, or if it is an online form visit the site!!! Even if they later stop going to the club they then have at least heard of the BFA and may come back later or tell a friend.

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Re: BFA AGM 2013 Friday 15th February 7pm

Post by Steviola » Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:32 pm

The Vice Chair role is redundant besides a never-utilised disciplinary role. This role will be moved into Sports in any case, making more space for a role-defined position. Efficiency is the name of the game - we cannot afford people with titles and no responsibility anymore.

The ideal secretary is someone highly organised, reliable and with good communication skills.

Also VERY pleased Alex is going for a position - I can see him making a big impact this year.

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Re: BFA AGM 2013 Friday 15th February 7pm

Post by Boris » Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:53 pm

The 2012-2013 BFA Committee elected at the AGM is as follows:

Chair - Steve Lyall
Vice-Chair - Dave Oates
Secretary - Boris Atha
Treasurer - John Worthington
Mayya Racy
Andrew Nubbert
Chris Lyall
Will Hawkes
Alex Millington-Marston

Full minutes to follow.

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