New Venue in Sunderland - The Corner House

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New Venue in Sunderland - The Corner House

Post by Elvis » Sat Jan 21, 2012 5:38 pm

Hi All

Just wanted to share some good news:

Darlington Table Football Club installed a Garlando Coperto Table into a pub in Sunderland today expanding their operations 30 miles to the north.

The Pub (The Corner House) is a fantastic venue situated near the main empire theatre on what can only be described as an island of pubs. There's several popular trendy bars nearby and the area looks like a great place for a night out and the pub was very busy when we arrived; there was even someone selling hot-dogs in the corner.

The Corner House is a football theme pub and stands facing the Stadium of Light (Sunderlands Home Ground) which is just across the river. I must admit that the stadium looked amazing under the bright blue winter sky positioned where a cathedral might have be placed had Sunderland decided to build one. The walls were littered with large screen TVs showing football and as we arrived Sunderland V Swansea was the live match. What we experienced next was surreal - Just as we got out of the car we were hit by a wall of sound - the roar from fans celebrating Sunderland's first goal from across the river - and then 3 seconds later the pub roared because the game was on Sky and there was a natural live broadcast delay - And I thought they were applauding the arrival of the table!!!

The landlady of the Corner House is called Kara, she was lovely, I spoke to her about the BFA (and I put BFA stickers on the table). I also briefly talked about the BFA vision for widening interest in the game and developing a national club structure. To be fair she probably thought I was mad but I wanted to get the point across that we were not a games machine company interested only in money and I think I managed to achieve that.

All we can do now is hope a group of people start to play on the table and get hooked and who knows - Sunderland might be the birthplace of another new Table Football Club - I HOPE SO

One of our Club Members is a Policeman in Sunderland so he'll be keeping an eye on the table to ensure its kept in pristine condition.

Secretary Darlington Table Football Club
Martin Landers
Secretary - Darlington Table Football Club

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