Enthusiasm Required: Working Groups

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Enthusiasm Required: Working Groups

Post by BFA Committee » Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:41 am

Dear All,

The BFA has a number of invitation/request-only working group forums to discuss how to develop the game in various ways.

Many of these groups need an influx of new and enthusiastic individuals. This is your chance to change how the BFA runs and bring new ideas to the party.

These are the groups that we currently need new people for:

- Commercial Development - Covers any commercial activities the BFA is involved in, sponsorship, expert challenges, licensing the BFA logo, etc.
- Computing - Website development, could include graphics, tournament software, etc and may also include server admin
- Elo Rankings - Covers the issues surrounding and the development of Elo rankings to trial alongside the current BFA rankings.
- Graphic Design - Could be merged into Computing, but at present covers discussions on BFA graphic design (e.g. new logos)
- Sports Commission - Trying to get foosball recognised as a sport.
- Youth and Grass Roots Development - Anything youth/grass roots oriented. There's quite a bit of material from historical activity in here, and lots of balls to pick up and run with if anyone's interested!

If you wish to join any of these groups, please send an email to jonathan.may@britfoos.com including your Britfoos username and your request.


BFA Committee

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