Call for Applicants, Team GB Management Team

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Call for Applicants, Team GB Management Team

Post by The Doctor » Wed May 30, 2018 1:46 pm

As the Team GB Manager, Jonathan May, is now Commercial Director, the positions below are unoccupied:

Team GB Manager

(i) To notify Team GB Captains and BFA members of forthcoming tournaments involving national team events.

(ii) To direct Team GB logistics and to be responsible for:

a) allocating sponsorship money to expenditure
b) providing national team kit (shirts, tracksuit tops and bottoms)
c) booking accommodation for Team GB
d) registering Team GB for competitive attendance

(iii) To manage and coordinate the Team GB Management Team where required.

Team GB Head of Development

(i) To direct inclusive development initiatives to improve Team GB's placings in national team events.

(ii) To lead training delivery and assist Team GB Captains in strategic planning.

(iii) To assist Team GB Captains in player selection.

Team GB Marketing Director

(i) To devise and deliver Team GB promotional initiatives.

(ii) To represent and report on Team GB in electronic and print media.

(iii) To collaborate with the BFA Commercial and Marketing Directors on the above.

The Team GB Management Team will collaboratively submit a quarterly report on the past three months' work with each team within Team GB (at least 150 words on each of the Men's, Women's, Seniors and Juniors teams)

The deadline for any applications is 14th June 2018; please send expressions of interest to

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