Call for Applications: GB Team Manager role

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Call for Applications: GB Team Manager role

Post by The Doctor » Thu May 11, 2017 12:53 pm


The British Foosball Association is seeking applicants to the newly established post of National Team Coordinator (Team GB Manager).

The successful candidate, broadly speaking, will collaborate with the BFA in masterminding the development of our national teams: Men's, Women's, Seniors' and Juniors'.

Here is the detailed specification of the role:
National Team Coordinator ('Team GB Manager') Role Description

The duties of the National Team Coordinator (here 'Team GB Manager') include but may not be restricted to the below:

Talent Development and Strategy

(i) To lead inclusive and ambitious development initiatives aimed at improving Team GB's placings in international competition recognised by the International Table Soccer Federation.

These development initiatives should be open to all wishing to compete for Team GB, whether now or in the future. Within the United Kingdom, they should not be wedded to a single region (with a 'region' denoting an area overseen by a BFA Regional Representative).

(ii) To build positive and fruitful relationships with Team GB's Captains and to contribute to any review of their performances.

(iii) To notify Team GB Captains and Team GB Trainees of forthcoming tournaments.

(iv) To work together with the Captain on selecting the Pool (players involved in tournament-specific training), Squad (players chosen actually to represent Team GB at a specific tournament) and Team (players elected actively to participate in a tie at a specific tournament), these selection processes requiring the sanction of the BFA.

(v) To be decisively responsible for the selection of a stand-in Captain (although this decision should ideally be made in agreement with the Captain being temporarily replaced).

Administrative Duties

(i) Aggressively to seek and to secure sponsorship for Team GB. Matters involving money will require ratification by the BFA.

(ii) To direct logistical tasks entailed by participation in tournaments involving Team GB and to bear ultimate responsibility for:

a) allocating sponsorship money to expenditure
b) providing national team kit (shirts, tracksuit tops and bottoms)
c) booking accommodation for Team GB
d) registering Team GB for competitive attendance
e) reporting on Team GB performance on Facebook, Twitter, and, more widely, through the dissemination of press releases
f) leading activity on the Team GB Facebook account

Public Representation

(i) Not to bring Team GB or the BFA into disrepute whilst acting in role.

(ii) Enthusiastically and proactively to represent Team GB in the public sphere.

Interaction with the British Foosball Association

(i) To communicate with the BFA through the Team GB Working Group forum on

(ii) To read, as an observer, all new posts on the BFA Committee forum on an at least fortnightly basis.

(iii) To submit a quarterly report on the past three months' work with each team within Team GB (at least 150 words on each of the Men's, Women's, Seniors and Juniors teams)

(iv) To be ultimately accountable to the BFA, which shall have the power to dismiss the Team GB Manager by majority committee vote.

Summary of terms:

Manager - the strategic lead for Team GB as a whole
Captain - the strategic lead for a particular national team ie. Men's, Women's, Senior or Junior
Trainee - any player intending to play for a national team and accepted for training
Pool - Trainees chosen to be involved in tournament-specific training
Squad - Pool players selected to be available to play for Team GB at a particular tournament
Team - Squad players selected to play in an international match
If you wish to apply, please send a statement of your suitability for the role, with close reference to the full specification, to . This statement should be between 200 and 1000 words and reach us by the 25th May.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Andrei Russell-Gebbett

BFA Chair

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