BFA Committee 2017 - announcement from the new Chair

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The Doctor
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BFA Committee 2017 - announcement from the new Chair

Post by The Doctor » Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:07 am

Greetings fellow foosers,

My name is Andrei Russell-Gebbett (on Facebook: Andrei Constantin) and I will be your BFA Chair for 2017. I feel very privileged to be taking over from Joe Bundy and hope to help to build on the great work that he, the committee and the wider foosing community have been doing in recent years.

I hope that my contribution to the community will be positively informed by the greatly pleasurable variety of experiences that I have derived from foosball: from humble beginnings battling my brother on our much-loved toy table at the age of ten, to developing a healthily unhealthy obsession with the real thing at Oxford University and finally to proudly representing my country abroad - Hamburg 2017 included!

My colleagues in the BFA committee benefit from even greater knowledge of and passion for the game: Boris Atha and Will Hawkes reaffirm their formidable commitment to British foosball by remaining in the posts of Treasurer and Secretary; J-p Thompson will bring his considerable experience and enthusiasm in developing the sport in London to the role of Vice Chairman and Yaka Diaz continues her dependably industrious and clear-sighted work as Sports Director.

Regional development will be in the charge of our Regional Representatives: former Garlando U18 World Champion Matthew Warr will be overseeing progress in the north; Martyn Dehaney will continue to contribute invaluable time to the Midlands; the south and west of the country will be under Team GB stalwart Christopher Lyall’s watch and Joe Bundy will be keeping the fires burning in the Big Smoke.

I will be hoping to build on Joe’s sterling work in encouraging and facilitating communication between the BFA, the players and the public at large, doing my utmost to help the BFA to use as many channels of communication as possible whilst keeping this communication clear. The BFA will redouble its efforts to reach out to prospective players and I will maintain the tradition of the chair’s regular blog posts to keep you current players updated on our achievements and plans for the future.

As far as these plans are concerned, there will imminently be announcements of the tournaments planned for this year, including the usual flagship events that form the backbone of the national tournament scene and news of very exciting developments in the youth game that will help British foosball to flourish well into the future.

Away from the table, I hope to help the BFA to find new ways to raise awareness of both the sport and its role and will be reaching out to any of you who may be able to help us – your openness, enthusiasm and creativity can help attract and keep new foosball lovers and your experiences of the sport as you find it can help all of us refine our approach. Please send to your regional representatives, the committee and me (here, on Facebook, or to any success stories, moans and groans or weird and whacky ideas - and please start up and keep up discussion on anything and everything foos here on Facebook or - even better - here on our trusty forum at

Looking forward to hearing from you; see you over the table soon!


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