BFA AGM 2016 - 12pm Sunday 21 Feb, Anglia Grove, London

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BFA AGM 2016 - 12pm Sunday 21 Feb, Anglia Grove, London

Post by willhawkes » Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:19 am

The Annual General Meeting of the British Foosball Association will be held on from 12-2pm on Sunday 21st February at Anglia Grove Snooker Club in London, coinciding with the BFA League Finals (which will have taken place the day before) and the multi-table Open Singles tournament happening from 2pm onwards.

A new BFA Committee will be elected at the AGM. If you’re interested in helping table football grow in the UK, then you are encouraged to apply for one of the committee positions. These include Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Sports Director, Women’s Officer, as well as up to 3 other positions. Committee elections happen every 2 years so this runs until spring 2018.

Interested parties should post either on Facebook or on the BFA Forum, saying the position they wish to stand for, why they are qualified for it, and also articulate a little on what they would like achieve in the role.


Present & Apologies
Minutes of 2015 AGM
Matters Arising
Chairman's Report
Financial Report
Constitutional Amendments
Membership Fees, GM Quorum & Spending Limits
Committee Elections
AOB (Clubs & League 2016, Team GB, WCh Qualification, UKC, Website & Social Media, etc)

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Re: BFA AGM 2016 - 12pm Sunday 21 Feb, Anglia Grove, London

Post by Boris » Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:52 pm

I confirm I will be standing for re-election committee again, having served on committee since 2000. I have been treasurer since 2014 and have previously held all the main offices except Sports Director, including 4 years as chairman. I am happy to continue as Treasurer, unless someone else wishes to take on the role in which case I would stand for Sports Director (unless the two roles could be combined).

I have been developing the concept of regional championships. having run 40+ events in the North West in 2015, and expanding club competitions via a revamped 'League' structure for 2016. My principal aim is to increase grass-roots participation in the game. Initial proposals have been circulated to club captains for feedback and a more detailed document is being drawn up for agreement via the AGM.

Re Constitutional amendments, I propose that 4x Executive committee members be elected via the clubs in the regions, one from London, one from the South & West, one from the Midlands/East Anglia, and one from the North as full voting members, to provide representation from the regions and the clubs, replacing EC members currently 'without portfolio'. The committee should have the power to co-opt individuals without voting rights for consultation and policy implementation.

Joe Bundy has proposed that the committee elections revert to annual rather than 2-year terms.

I understand Ben Mason will be stepping down as chairman.

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Re: BFA AGM 2016 - 12pm Sunday 21 Feb, Anglia Grove, London

Post by willhawkes » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:09 pm

I confirm that I would like to stand for the position of Secretary again.

I joined the BFA Committee in 2013, and have been Secretary since 2014. I have been responsible in particular for developing the BFA's communication platform via social media (the Facebook page), and I maintain the BFA's membership programme (through the RegOnline platform). More recently I have been building a new website which I hope can go live by the end of February.

I believe that for the foreseeable future the BFA should focussing on helping our playing communities (e.g. our clubs) to grow and mature. We should be putting structures and guidance in place so that our clubs have fixed locations with tables in good condition; committed organisers running regular small-scale tournaments; new players are being brought into the game and existing players improving; and most critically of all, ensuring that foosball is FUN, no matter what level it is played at.

I believe there is a great deal to celebrate in UK table football, and it's exciting to think about the potential for growth that continues to be there. The past is history, let's put together a plan for a great future, and then go and make it happen.


Please note that I live in South Korea and I do not anticipate returning to the UK permanently any time soon, so I can't do anything for the BFA face-to-face. Also, whilst I have not been working I have been able to put a lot of time to BFA matters, however from 1 July I will be back in employment and will have less free time.

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Re: BFA AGM 2016 - 12pm Sunday 21 Feb, Anglia Grove, London

Post by Bundy Volume 1 » Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:34 pm

Asking around, there doesn't seem to be any interest in being on the committee right now. That's pretty much to be expected, as the presence of the committee has dropped to near zero over the past couple of years.

So I'm going to stand for Chair again (though if anyone else had been thinking about it, then please get in touch!).

I've done the job before for 2 years. I'm not going to promise anything revolutionary. That would be unrealistic. But what I can say is that I will care. What feels lacking right now is the sense of community in the BFA. I have met so many just brilliant people in the game in this country that you cannot feel anything else that should we come together a bit more, the state of the BFA and the national lever game could only get better.

I like Boris's proposal above, having 4 of the committee from the teams. But we're still going to need the 5 people to make up the exec. committee. I think there is only so much a committee can ever do. We all have jobs, and lives, and there is only so much time anyone could ever give. So all the BFA really needs are just people who care about the game. There is always going to be a limit to how much a group of 9 people are going to know what to do, what I'd like to see is the committee and the community being a lot closer, and as a whole we can make things better.

With more communication from the committee, we can bring more people into the national level game, get more tournaments happening, and breathe a little more life into the BFA.

I don't want to be a president. I want to be part of a better BFA community. I want there to be more foosball things to get excited about and look forward to. And we're going to have to do that together.

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Re: BFA AGM 2016 - 12pm Sunday 21 Feb, Anglia Grove, London

Post by Jody » Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:46 am

I would like to stand for a position on the committee again.

I care a great deal about the game and players. As i am now living in France i will be unable to be active face to face in the UK but believe that i can strongly represent the women and Team GB remotely.

My main responsibilities would be registering players for International Tournaments, providing ITSF tournament information, organizing teams and National players for World Series and the World Cup and provide content and help with the upkeep of the new website that Will is creating.


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Re: BFA AGM 2016 - 12pm Sunday 21 Feb, Anglia Grove, London

Post by Boris » Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:54 pm

Part of the agenda under Any Other Business is a proposal to radically restructure the League in 2016 and going forward.
BFA 2016 Club Championships


The 2016 Club Championships is a team competition open to all BFA Clubs.

The BFA Club Championships have been played since 2011, past winners include Southampton Rockets (2011), Bar Kick (2013) and Cambridge TFC (2014), with the 2015 season finals due to be held at Anglia Grove in Hackney on Saturday 20th February 2016.

Because the distribution of active player bases in the UK is uneven, it has been difficult to organise successful home/away leagues outside the London area, and so a radical alternative solution is proposed for 2016 to allow for a more flexible yet meaningful competition, reducing barriers to participation.

Instead of forcing clubs into formal regional league competitions (these may still occur where viable), each club may play any other UK club once at home and once away throughout the course of the year. In addition clubs may meet in team competitions at tournaments. Clubs can play as few or as many opponents as they wish whether in a regional league format or informal challenge matches, but only their best 10x results will count.

Clubs seeking to be competitive and willing to travel to away fixtures and tournaments will be those competing for honours at the end of the year, whereas clubs simply willing to host other clubs for occasional home matches are free to do so with no obligation to travel, and will get a league position for doing so. The format also give established clubs an incentive to encourage the development of new clubs in their region as potential opponents.

Clubs can join the competition at any point in the year, but only matches played in 2016 will count towards the points total.


Clubs must state the days of the week and times they are available to play home fixtures, and cannot refuse a Fixture Request/Challenge from an away team on these days without good reason.

Matches should comprise a minimum of 10x games (default 4x singles, 6x doubles) when played home and away (max 2x singles/2x doubles, or 4x doubles games per player).
For team competitions within tournaments matches should comprise a minimum of 5x games (2x singles, 3x doubles - max 1x singles/1x doubles, or 2x doubles games per player).
If both captains agree, further singles or doubles games can be included in matches between larger teams, provided the match includes at least 4x singles and 6x doubles games, and no player (in the larger team) plays more than 4x games as above, and the total number of games is agreed at the start of the match.

Teams must have a minimum of 4x players to complete a fixture. There is no maximum number provided the players are registered with your club.
In the event of a team only having 3x players available for a match each singles player plays with the third player in doubles with the 3rd doubles game(s) forfeited.

The default game format is first to score 7x goals, with players handicapped 1 goal per difference in rank (of highest-ranked player in doubles). This format is recommended where beginner teams meet experienced teams.
If both captains agree the game format can be first to score 5x goals with no handicapping. This format is recommended where teams are fairly evenly-matched.

Clubs can play both legs of a home/away match on the same occasion/location provided each club is able to play on its ‘home’ table type.

All match scores must be reported to within 7 days.

League Championship

All results will be entered into a single UK League Table/Club Ranking list, including results from regional league competitions, team competitions at tournaments, and challenge matches between clubs.
Points are awarded as follows
5 points for a win
3 points for a tie (inc. defeat in a penalty shootout)
2 points for defeat by a single game
1 point for any other defeat

Only each team’s best 10x results will count towards the points total. In the event of teams finishing level on points, the game average (ratio of games won to games lost) will decide the position.

At the end of the season the top 4 ranked teams will qualify for the National finals to be held in a central location during Jan/Feb 2017. These will determine the National Champions and which clubs qualify for the European Champions League. The finals may be increased to 6 or 8x teams if resources permit, but this is not guaranteed. There is therefore an incentive for teams seeking to compete at a higher level to fulfil as many fixtures as they can.

How to enter

1 – Form a club – for this you need
Minimum 4x players
A foosball table (any full-sized type) and somewhere to play home fixtures in evenings or at weekends
Two club e-mail contact persons (at least one of whom is on Facebook)
There is a default club constitution which can be downloaded from the BFA website, or you can adopt your own constitution if you wish.

2 – Register your team
Provide address of home venue inc postcode
Days/times of the week available for home fixtures.
Any excluded dates (e.g. due to holidays or venue closures)
Your Home Table Type (make/model/photo)
Your team captain contact details
Vice-captain contact details
Clubs must provide a list of players in their squad to including full names, years of birth and nationality (if UK resident under 5 years), any additions or transfers must be notified promptly.

3 – Challenge Other Clubs
Look at the list of participating clubs and pick an opponent
E-mail (or contact via Facebook) their club captain with a date to visit them for a match when you are both able to field teams.
Play the match and HAVE FUN!!!
Report the results (e.g. United 6, City 4) to within 7 days

4 – Go to Tournaments as a team!
Major weekend BFA tournaments may include a club/team competition, typically on the Saturday evening. These represent an opportunity to play several opponents in shorter-format matches on the same day and boost your club’s points total.


There are no entry fees to this competition, however organisers of tournaments may require an entry fee for team competitions at those events, and teams qualifying for the finals may have to pay a table rental fee if unable to bring their own table.

Where tables are coin-operated, home teams are responsible for bearing the costs of all games played in the fixture on their home table. Away teams have automatic choice of side except where the ‘away’ table is provided by the home venue or team.

Forward to Two Divisions in 2017?

Following the end of the 2016 season clubs can be separated into 2x divisions, with the top 8 or 10 clubs designated division A and all other clubs Division B. In 2017 there will be 2x divisions each with their own league table, however clubs can still play any other club (Div A or B) to gain points in their division, but with differential points at stake as follows:
A-v-A or B-v-B – 5W,3D,1L
A-v-B – 3W, 2D, 1L
B-v-A – 7W, 5D, 3L

At the end of 2017 there would be promotions and relegations between divisions. The top clubs in Division A would play off for the Championship at the end of the year along with the winner of Division B.

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