Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

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Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Alex MM » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:18 pm

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves I know I did. I'd like to just thank everyone who helped out over the weekend on the desk or otherwise and provided me with advise over the past 6 weeks. Special thanks to:
Steve Lyall my brilliant TD who also helped with a lot of the planning stages and gave me the confidence to organise the event.
Laura Thirsk my one and only van driver who went along with my crazy arrangments to save money.
Mark Williams and Steve Wheeler my muscle at the storage unit.
Joe Bundy a brilliant consultant, helped on the desk and provided shelter to the Van team on Thursday and Sunday night.
Boris Atha for all his wise knowedge on all things foos.
Ben Mason and Tom Burdett for the brilliant coaching session on the Friday and also to Mase for helping on the desk.
Dave Morgan who spent a significant amount of time on the desk and described it as a relaxing break from
playing foos.
My society and the others who set up and took down the tables in what I reckon were record breaking times.
Below is the majority of results. As many players at the tournament know some of the finals were taped and I hope to make these available in the near future. I'll be uploading the photos I've taken on Facebook and our clubs website could people please tag me in any pictures they took so I can upload them too :)

Club Trophy

1) Surrey Tsunamis 36
2) Bristol TFC 33
3) Warwick Uni TFC 32
4)London Table Football Club 30
5) Cheltenham 29
6) Royal Oak Nuneaton (P) 23
7) Oxford Uni TFC 20
8 ) PTFS Cambridge 16
9) Darlington TFC 13
10) London Table Football Championship 8
11) Keele Uni FS 5
12) Liverpool TFC 4
13) Leicester TFC 3

Points scored for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were 6, 4 and 2 for the majority of events. OS, OD and OM were weighted at 200% and GW FSO were weighted at 50%. All clubs other than Warwick got 1 point for every person that pre registered.

Open Singles
1) May, Jonathan
2)Tan, Louis
3) Nubbert, Andrew
4 Marsh, Rich
5) Lyall, Christopher
5) Lyall, Stephen
7) Mok, Vincent
7) Racy, Mayya
9) Amsden, Mike
9) Burdett, Tom
9) Tari, Jozsef
9) Thompson, Jean-Phillippe
13) Atha, Boris
13) Moss, Robert
13) Nubbert, Mark
13) Willetts, Tom
17) Cordle, Stephen
17) Fitzgerald, Jude
17) Leung, William
17) Nubbert, Tom
17) Shovelton, Alex
17) Wheeler, Steve
17) Yeung, Simon
17) Ziemann, Dave
25) Addison, Graeme
25) Bundy, Joe
25) Dunleavy, Patrick
25) Haddon, Chris
25) Juhasz, Krisztian
25) Mason, Ben
25) Morgan, Dave
25) Pearson, Brodie
33) Au, Chee Meng
33) Bezlov, Dean
33) Burlakov, Stanislav
33) Chudzinski, Karol
33) Glavin, Damian
33) Hawkes, Will
33) Kim, Jee Ha
33) Konieczny, Tom
33) Lesage, Charles
33) Littlefair, James
33) Mandall, Robert
33) Oakes, Callum
33) Powers, Spencer
33) Walding, Jody
33) Warr, Darren
33) Warr, Matthew
49) Abdelmalek, Dadci
49) Anielak, Mariusz
49) Davey, Rob
49) Jones, Adam
49) King, Mark
49) Laugwitz, Justus
49) Mohamed, Saman
49) Redhead, Joe
49) Saleh, Noor
49) Shore, Addison
49) Singh, Inderjit
49) Thirsk, Laura
49) Watson, James

Open Doubles

1) Morgan, Dave,Shovelton, Alex
2) Lyall, Stephen,Yeung, Simon
3) May, Jonathan,Racy, Mayya
4) Ziemann, Dave,Amsden, Mike
5) Davey, Rob,Nubbert, Andrew
5) Tan, Louis,Walding, Jody
7) Bundy, Joe,Lyall, Christopher
7) Glavin, Damian,O'Rourke, Des
9) Leung, William,Mok, Vincent
9) Mason, Ben,Lesage, Charles
9) Nubbert, Mark,Nubbert, Tom
9) Potts, Rich,Marsh, Rich
13) Addison, Graeme,Au, Chee Meng
13) Atha, Boris,Russelll-Gebbett, Andrei
13) Fitzgerald, Jude,Thompson, Jean-Phillippe
13) Skrupskelyte, Greta,Powers, Spencer
17) Ashley, Luke,Littlefair, James
17) Burlakov, Stanislav,Pearson, Brodie
17) Dunleavy, Patrick,Haddon, Chris
17) Fitzpatrick, Sam,Moss, Robert
17) Kawa, John,Csabi, Miklos
17) Konieczny, Tom,Chudzinski, Karol
17) Lazutkaite, Greta,Ciziunaite, Ieva
17) Wheeler, Steve,Willetts, Tom
25) Bezlov, Dean,Laugwitz, Justus
25) Juhasz, Krisztian,Tari, Jozsef
25) King, Mark,Mohamed, Saman
25) Mandall, Robert,Cordle, Stephen
25) Robinson, Matthew,Shore, Addison
25) Sampson, Luke,Jones, Adam
25) Watson, James,Thirsk, Laura
25) Wong, Jonathan,Millington-Marston, Alex
33) Ahearne, Blake,Saleh, Noor

Open Mixed

1) Nubbert, Andrew Walding, Jody
2) Lyall, Stephen Racy, Mayya
3) Lazutkaite, Greta Marsh, Rich
4) Skrupskelyte, Greta Willetts, Tom
4) Tan, Louis Thirsk, Laura
6) Cook, Mel Moss, Robert

Team Event
1) Cheltenham TFC
2) Warwick Uni TFC (A)
3) Surrey Tsunamis
4) Bristol TFC
5) Oxford Uni TFC
5) London Table Football Club

7) Warwick Uni TFC (B)
8 ) Leicester TFC
8 ) PTFS Cambridge
8 ) London Table Football Championship
8 ) Ireland
8 ) Royal Oak
8 ) Liverpool TFC
8 ) Keele Uni FS

Novice Doubles

1) King, Mark, Mohamed, Saman
2) Lau, Jungle, Bezlov, Dean
3) Shore, Addison, Robinson, Matthew
4) Watson, James,Anielak, Mariusz
5) Mandall, Robert,Redhead, Joe

Amateur Doubles
1) Ormerod, Bill Dunleavy, Patrick
2) Pearson, Brodie Lau, Jungle
3) Chau, Franky Millington-Marston, Alex
4) King, Mark Mohamed, Saman

5) Cordle, Stephen Sampson Luke
5) Chudzinski, Karol Thirsk, Laura
7) Jones, Adam Skrupskelyte, Greta
7) Robinson, Matthew Shore, Addison
9) Laugwitz, Justus Bezlov, Dean
9)Ahearne, Blake Saleh, Noor
11) Wong, Jonathan Mandall, Robert

Pro Doubles
1) Juhasz, Krisztian,Tari, Jozsef
2) Fitzgerald, Jude,Lyall, Christopher
3) Tan, Louis,Wheeler, Steve
4) Glavin, Damian,O'Rourke, Des
5) Ashley, Luke,Willetts, Tom
5) Au, Chee Meng,Littlefair, James
5) Bundy, Joe,Mason, Ben
5) Morgan, Dave,Zakowski, Greg

9) Addison, Graeme Nubbert, Tom
9) Powers, Spencer Lazutkaite, Greta
9) Potts, Rich Fitzpatrick, Sam
9) Kawa, John Csabi, Miklos
13) Racy, Mayya Yeung, Simon
13) Lesage, Charles Walding, Jody
13) Burlakov, Stanislav Koniecy, Tom
13) Nubbert, Mark Russell-Gebbett, Andrei
13) Atha, Boris Haddon, Chris
13) Leung, William Mok, Vincent

Amateur Singles
1) Pearson, Brodie
2) Cordle, Stephen
3) Chau, Franky
4) Hawkes, Will
5) Chudzinski, Karol
5) Jones, Adam
5) Oakes, Callum
5) Skrupskelyte, Greta
9) Dunleavy, Patrick
9) King, Mark
9) Mohamed, Saman
9) Robinson, Matthew
9) Shore, Addison

14) Noor Saleh
14) Robert Mandall
14) Dean Bezlov
14) Mariusz Anielak
14) Justus Laugwitz
19) Joe Redhead
19) Jungle Lau
19) Laura Thirsk
19) Jonathon Wong
19) James Watson
19) Mark Williams

Semi-Pro Singles

1) Tan, Louis
2) Mason, Ben
3) Fitzgerald, Jude
4) Nubbert, Mark
5) Au, Chee Meng
5) Kim, Jee Ha
5) Mok, Vincent
5) Russelll-Gebbett, Andrei
9) Addison, Graeme
9) Juhasz, Krisztian
9) Leung, William
9) Nubbert, Tom
9) Powers, Spencer
9) Zakowski, Greg

15) Moss, Robert
15) Wheeler Steve
15) Kawa, John
15) Littlefair, James
15) Warr, Matthew
15) Burlakov, Stanislav
21) Haddon, Chris
21) Willets, Tom
21) Konieczny, Tom
21) Warr, Darren
25) Millington-Marston, Alex

Pro Singles
1) Lyall, Christopher
2) Racy, Mayya
3) Morgan, Dave
4) Thompson, Jean-Phillippe
5) Tari, Jozsef
5) Walding, Jody

7) Atha, Boris
7) Bundy, Joe
7) O’Rourke, Des
10) Lesage, Charles
10) Yeung, Simon
10) Glavin, Damian

Woman's Singles

1) Racy, Mayya
2) Walding, Jody
3) Lazutkaite, Greta
4) Skrupskelyte, Greta
5) Thirsk, Laura

Junior's Singles
1) Warr, Matthew
2) Oakes, Callum

Handicapped Doubles
1) Fitzgerald, Jude Lesage, Charles
2) Yeung, Simon Lyall, Stephen
3) Nubbert, Mark Willetts, Tom
4) Addison, Graeme Zakowski, Greg
5) Ashley, Luke Lyall, Christopher
5) Marsh, Rich May, Jonathan
5) Potts, Rich Racy, Mayya
5) Walding, Jody Ziemann, Dave
9) Au, Chee Meng Wheeler, Steve
9) Csabi, Miklos Kawa, John
9) Haddon, Chris Nubbert, Tom
9) Tari, Jozsef Juhasz, Krisztian

13) Leung, William Mok, Vincent
13) Fitzpatrick, Sam Lazutkaite, Greta
13) Cordle, Stephen Jones, Adam
16) Davey, Rob Nubbert, Andrew
16) Chudzinski, Karol Konieczny, Tom
16) Thirsk, Laura Watson, James
16) Dunleavy, Patrick Ormerod, Bill
16) Skrupskelyte, Greta Tan, Louis
21) Chau, Franky Powers, Spencer

Goalie Wars
1) Nubbert, Andrew
2) Nubbert, Tom
3) Willetts, Tom
4) Jones, Adam
5) Glavin, Damian
5) Haddon, Chris
5) Konieczny, Tom
5) Thompson, Jean-Phillippe

9) Nubbert, Mark
10) Sampson, Luke
10) Tan, Louis
10) Skrupskelyte, Greta
10) Mok, Vincent
14) Berry, Tom
14) Williams, Mark

Forward shoot out
1) Nubbert, Tom
2) Haddon, Chris
3) Willetts, Tom
4) Nubbert, Andrew
5) Glavin, Damian
5) Konieczny, Tom
5) Mason, Ben
5) Tan, Louis

9) Nubbert, Mark
10) Thompson, Jean-Phillippe
10) Jones, Adam
10) Sampson, Luke
13) Williams, Mark

1) Haddon, Chris Nubbert, Andrew
2) Willetts, Tom Bomev, Boyko
3) Fitzgerald, Jude Chau, Franky
4) Tan, Louis Konieczny, Tom
5) Bundy, Joe Shore, Addison
5) Littlefair, James Singh, Inderjit
5) Mason, Ben Wheeler, Steve
5) Yeung, Simon Nubbert, Tom
9) Lesage, Charles Laugwitz, Justus
9) Lyall, Stephen Robinson, Matthew
9) May, Jonathan Ormerod, Bill
9) Moss, Robert Skrupskelyte, Greta
9) O'Rourke, Des Williams, Mark
9) Ziemann, Dave Parsons, Derek

15) Burdett, Tom Thirsk, Laura
15) Racy, Mayya King, Mark
15) Amsden, Mike Dehany, Martyn
15) Shovelton, Alex Ahearne, Blake
15) Marsh, Rich Powers, Spencer
15) Walding, Jody Watson, James
21) Au, Chee Meng Berry, Tom
21) Glavin, Damian Jones, Adam
21) Thompson, Jean-Phillippe Saleh, Noor
21) Nubbert, Mark Sampson, Luke
25) Morgan, Dave Mandall, Robert

Again, thank you to everyone who competed it was brilliant to see such a large turnout.
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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Alex MM » Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:06 pm

I've uploaded the pictures onto facebook. They can be found here. Enjoy :)
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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by davez » Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:41 pm

Thank you very much Alex and Steve and the other for making this happen. Thanks to Laura for doing the hauling!

My bits 'n' bobs...

* was nice to see Chris Haddon doing well in DYP & FSO
* nice to see Callum and Matt doing well too
* great to see Louis doing good too, and also Charles Lesage getting better and better quickly
* was a shame the team event went on late, but it was in fact huge fun, great banter and play
* good to see Fitz take time off from being a star!
* Jungle Lau making the trip from London on a shoestring
* chatting to Matt and Eigle about theirfilming project, and learning that Matt lives literally opposite me (unbelievable)
* I wasn't happy that I only had one serious event (OS) the whole day on Saturday, bummer
* I didn't progress well in OS, losing to Josef and Mayya, I put it down to a mix of poor play, insufficient warm-up due to no other events, and a lot of skank that went against me
* (singles skank goes both ways of course but it DOES also go in runs, last tournament was OK this one not)
* no senior events was a real downer and a bad move
* loved playing with Mike in OD, a great partner, we used intel excellently, made great swapping decisions
* coming back from 0-2 down against powerhouses cLyall and Bundy, the match flipping on a jar and a timely swap
* not coming back against sLyall and Simmo, who played very well
* Blocking Alex's pull well and him getting ball back on 3 time after time - advantage of pull shot
* cLyall 5 bar so smooth and unreadable, lovely
* loved playing HD with you Jody, you played so well, sorry I didn't do enough to overcome my handicaps :-)
* Mike was hilarious when pretending to wind up Steve about team event expected completion time
* Mike was in his car engine running ready to leave when Steve called him back to play!
* the Ramada was expensive but it really was a great hotel, the shower and breakfast were both large enough for 4 people

I need more than a bullet to talk about the lack of senior events. I'm not actually upset about it, because I enjoyed the tournament and had fun, even though I only had 3 events apart from team, and I am grateful to Steve for making the tournament happen. But I think it was a mistake not to have seniors. Even though notables like Martyn, Eddie, Stuart, Les, Brian, Eddie were absent, there was actually quite a large senior turnouts... me, Jude, Boris, Des, Rob D, Noor, Indy, Derek, Chris, maybe more... And it would have been more if we'd had senior events. Not having senior events really does have an impact on senior bonding/competitiveness and our ability to know how we are all doing, and in the end on our ability to field the best team for Nantes. I hope we never have another tournament without at least Senior Singles.

I would also like to follow up a suggestion made by Rob Davey. His idea is that the seniors are allocated some dedicated table time for senior team practice, say just one hour at a fixed time each day of the tournament. This would make a big difference. We can practice togther, work out pairings and create a sense of continuity and bonding for our international campaigns. Dedicatde senior table time would also encourage seniors who might not otherwise have come, to do so. People like Eddie, Les Jones, Stuart Cree. If they know we have senior time they would be more likely to come.

Thanks again guys for a really fun tournament.
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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Jude » Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:43 pm

I really enjoyed this tournament, thanks to Alex and all the notables for putting it on and helping out on the day.

Garlando with a "Tornado" ball was a revelation, I may even practice on garlando now. Certainly a half decent pull shot is a possibility, and without RSI due to lighter bars :)

Many thanks also to my eclectic list of partners; Franky, JP, Chris, Charles and plucky Jungle in the team event, I thoroughly enjoyed playing with each of you.

Regarding seniors, I agree with DZ ...

Next time,


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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Alex MM » Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:30 pm

Just added the Club trophy results and breifly explained the points system below them. Thanks for the feedback so far. I hope to discuss further any problems people had as I enjoyed organising this tournament so much I will be running another tournament next year. I think the tournament was a massive success as it acheived its primary goal of demonstrating one way the club structure can eaisly be integrated into the UKs tournament structure. This was important to me as I felt the BFA were trying to jump too far ahead with local leagues etc. For example the distance you have to live near the club's venue was brought up and many were saying 40 miles was too much. However while there are few clubs in the UK this needs to be a large number. In a few years time when the number of clubs has increased and the distribution spreads across the UK this could be brought down. In fact we acheived our aim so well the BFA have adapted my Club Trophy so it can be used all year and points earned at tournaments total up. I truely believe the club structure will start to flourish and I will be helping the BFA as much as I can.

As this was my first time organising a tournament I expected there to be a few things people didn't like. So feel free to point them out as well as the things you loved just be gentle :P Things I can't change like lighting please don't comment on.

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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Christopher Lyall » Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:22 pm

Regarding what Alex has posted above -

The BFA committee are truly grateful to Alex, Warwickfoos as a whole and also Stephen Lyall, both for putting on this hugely successful event and also for showing such enthusiasm in progressing UK foosball. It is true that Alex's idea for a Club Trophy was too good for us not to steal - the process has already begun to build it into a fully-fledged national competition. We were also very impressed by the team event and were able to witness first hand it's unique ability to draw players together as teams, rather than separate them through competition.

Alex has the committee's full support to organise another tournament next year, and as players as well as committee members we heartily look forward to it.

Many thanks to Alex.

Christopher Lyall
BFA General Secretary
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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by *mayya* » Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:42 pm

Enjoyed the tournament - thanks guys. My highlights:

--Liked the venue - Jack Rabbits, smoking area, good weather. Liked the hotel - sofa and TV area, and bed was awesome (no traction at all w the floor..)
--Was cool to see many people there, including some faces I hadnt seen for a while. Also people were really nice - eg I scored one particularly good 2-bar goal vs Boris (no points for guessing what kind of shot) and he totally congratulated me (I was ecstatic to be fair lol - def the high point of my wkend) - I liked that, was a good sport.
--Liked my results overall - but still gutted I didnt do better - 7th in OS (2 shots to win to come 5th or better - whats wrong w me. Yes I know I beat 2 PMs to get there blah blah but I just saw this face over on the right of my screen which says it all :mad: ), 1st WS, 2nd PS (1st place twice in a row would have been WAY cooler - well played Lyall), 2nd in Mixed and 3rd OD (lost in both winners and losers final dammit)
--Agree w DZ re team event - Mike was totally on form. Hilarious. So even though started lateRRR, it was a lot of fun.
--Amazing how many games I played this wkend - I think it was 35 on Saturday and ~20 on Sunday. In retrospect probably took on too much, given my neck, but whatever, it was fun - good value so cool to see from organizers.

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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by ybbun » Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:45 pm

Thanks to Alex MMMMM and the rest of the organisers for a fantastic tournament. It all ran very smoothly and I had a great time. My highlights:

- Winning 3 events (GW, Mixed, DYP). The Burdett Slam was a blip.
- Seeing people I hadn't seen in ages: Luke Ashley, JeeHa Kim, and others
- My brothers taking time-outs to watch Bolton scoring on TV and to watch sweatballs in other foos matches
- SURREY TSUNAMIS: shirts, banter, results, and Spencer's initiation as an honorary brother
- "I didn't know what size shirt to buy for Spencer so I got a large 'cos he looked pretty big in his facebook photo"
- Throwing away my best chance to win OS in 3 years: beating Tom Nub in 4 sets, Boris and Chris in 5 sets, then Steve 5-4 5-4 5-4 to reach the winners final... where I was promptly dispatched 3-0 by an on-form Louis Tan. Then I took two games 5-1 from Jon May in the losers' final and still lost!
- WTF Louis Tan
- The flying ladybird circling above Steve's 3-bar causing a 2 minute delay to our OS match, until Simmo came to the rescue by running outside when it landed on him
- Winning a bet with Alex MM that I'd have someone defend my 5 without holding their 5 before he'd have someone defend his 3 by holding their 5
- Playing the goalie wars final against Tom Nub. First all-Nubbert final! And Nubberts winning all the Friday events
- Ridiculous 5-0 5-1 1-5 0-5 5-2 win over Moss and Fitz in OD
- Getting lost in Coventry's underground pedestrian tunnel maze
- Crazy OS results. There's a group of about 12 people who can all beat each other on a good day which is starting to make for some brilliant events.
- James Littlefair's left-handed 5-bar slingshot to beat us on sweatball in our DYP group game
- Learning that the Darlington guys have already booked their flights and hotel for the Garlando worlds! Darren's going to make sure the details are posted on the forum.

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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Boris » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:08 pm

Not my best tournament - I'd echo what DZ said about the absence of senior events, particularly as there was a decent turnout from the more senior Nuneatonites...

Highlights were few & far between
Left-handed back-pin push-shot from the goalie in the filth-fest which was my OS game against Nubbert, thought I had him at 2-1 up but underestimate him at your peril, never got a look-in for the decider. A bit surprised to come up against Jon May in the Losers at 13th, If I'd managed to win that I'd have faced Tom B at 9th - the gods smileth on me not!
The team event and Mel Cook - This woman hadn't ever played before but pulled off some great blocks, and the enthusiastic response when I scored certainly encouraged me to score more, unfortunately couldn't do it quickly enough - sorry Mel! Hoping she's got the bug!!
Thai restaurant before team event on Saturday - great food, great service and got me finished on time...
Leeds beating Middlesbrough away!

General lack of power in any of my shots, my hand seemed to have swollen up and grip was well off, generally played like a n00b all weekend
Hotel (Ibis) was miles away and although cheap it was not of the usual standard
No senior events
Extortionate parking charges on Saturday
Thai buffet after getting knocked out of everything - very limited selection, dodgy starters, realised why I was the only customer...

Many thanks to Alex MM, Steve L and everyone else who made it happen. Good venue - liked the smoking area out back...

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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Bundy Volume 1 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:09 pm

Thank you very much to the organisers for this tournament. Overall they did a very good job.

Also thank you to Laura for driving the table. Unsure how people are aware of the involvement of the person who sorts transport out unless they're the TO, but these people need thanks. By the time everything was set down and they'd made it back up to Liverpool, and mine, with the tables it was 4am. Only for them to be kicked out of mine before 8am when I left for work to load the tables back in the storage place and then drive back to Warwick and then Keele. It's a lot of effort.

So Dave Z style bullet points of notable occurrences;

*Doubles events being vastly more fun than singles
*Playing with Addison Shore in the Pro-Am DYP. His great defence and 2 bar, for a novice, carried us through to finishing 5th, which I think was very good.
*Poor lighting on a few of the tables. More thought needs to go into lighting for tournaments.
*None ITSF sweatball in open events, unusual, and I could see no reason why this was the case.
*'Arbitrary rules foosball' with Addison, Matthew and Justus.
*Bobby and Mel joining me in getting smashed for the team event and making it very fun.
*Late running of team event meaning we couldn't get people together and go out for dinner. I used to really like doing this at tournaments, feels like years since we've had a schedule which as allowed this.
*Well timed being knocked out of events Sat to watch Everton fist Tottenham.
*Playing with Chris in OD, odd event, was one of, if not the, the most enjoyable I can remember playing, but left me more frustrated than ever at not having that little bit more about my game.
*Mayya's clearly intentional sexy voice :wink:
*Now I'm pro and seeded higher, I have to go deeper to face higher ranked players in OS. This made the event a lot less enjoyable for me, going out to SPs through slop and me not playing well enough to win through that.
*Varying ball quality from the start, some 2nd hand balls being used from the off. Not brilliant.
*Going out of PS in the group after a sweatball loss. Annoying not being able to play other pros in longer format games.
*Ramada Hotel was a really nice place to stay.
*Very good turnout, good to see so many people supporting new organisers.
*Maybe the, overall, most expensive tournament for me in my 4 years of foos.
*Missing out on playing HD AGAIN! Though not at the fault of the organisers.
*Very sad to see some foosers going through hard times in their lives right now.
*Matthew Robinson coming over to keep me company when I was left all alone while desk manning. Which makes him much nicer than most of you b*****ds who just abandon me to run things :wink:
*Jungle Lau - best name ever.
*Louis Tan doing so well. Good to see a new challenge for the top players in the UK.
*Proper committee meeting Sunday morning. We so rarely get the chance to have a proper sit down and talk in person, was good that Chris organised this.
*Riley's tables (non-ITSF standard) being used for open events. Not a fan of this.
*The return of card + drinking games to tournaments.
*Seemingly being unable to recognise the existence of Mr. Strathmore.
*Many new players, always great to see.
*Club team event hopefully starting to push the idea of clubs in UK foos.
*Continuing of no tournament Dave Morgan turns up to and helps out with being very delayed.

Thank you again to all involved. Hope another event can be organised before too long.


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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by louisstann » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:16 pm

Special thanks to the organisers of this event! Steve lyall and Alex M! Also thanks to the people who were helping out at the desk who weren't involved in organizing the event. It was really cool of you guys to help out. I would be MORE than willing to help out the next time if someone thought me on how to work those programs.

- thanks to Jody Walding, Greta S., Steve Wheeler and Laura Thirsk for partnering me! Thanks Greta S for letting me crash on your couch :) i owe you dinner or something!

-arriving early to help set up the tables cause i know how much work it requires.
-barely got to see the sunlight.
-Doing well for my 2nd Garlando tournament!
-partnered Tom Konieczy for pro-am DYP, finished 4th placing who played really well in defense!
-very happy and surprised to finish 2nd in OS after having a very very hard draw! had to play with 3 or 4PMs to reach the final with Jon May.
-getting double dipped by Jon may in the finals, he played superbly well and deserved the win more than i did.
-Getting my revenge on Tom Burdett after trashin me in the Liverpool tournament .
-Winning 1st for SPS which was my last chance playing as a semi-pro.
-Asking William Leung for literally a 5 minute time out cause my hand had a muscle cramp and i couldnt move my fingers at all. Had to get some people to massage my forearm. Thanks to them! :D
-Manage to score a skank a sweat ball while partnering steve wheeler in SPD against vincent and william. (i did however intended to skank it in MUAHAHA)
-finishing 5th is OD with jody walding, which was an amazing partner. Also had a very hard draw. Disappointed with myself where i played really badly in most games. Winning alex shovie and dave morgan and meeting them again in the losers bracket where we came back from a 4-0(i think) in the 5th set but still lost 5-4.
-3rd place in semi-pro with steve wheeler who did all the work from defense! You may want to partner him for the next tourney if you're semi-pro. :)
-Apologize to greta S and Laura Thirsk for not doing well in handicap and mixed doubles :( i have to admit, i am a very bad doubles player.
-The magerita pizza in Rileys was super goood. the rest of the food kinda sucked to me. :(
-was hoping for a night out on saturday night but team event finished late . was looking forward to that.
-getting barely enough sleep especially when steve lyall snores hahaahahah sorry :P i couldnt help pointing that out lollll.
-Team Cheltenham winning the team event! (Simon Yeung, Luke Ashley, and Greg Zakowski) . Me and Luke ashley un-beaten!
-Meeting new people like the Nubbert brothers who trashed me in forward shootout. (forgot which Nubbert)
or JP-thompson and Alex shovie who were really nice to me.
-The constant complaining of how i still hate garlando to Meng .( i still dislike it no doubt)

overall i really enjoyed this tournament, i cant think of how it could've been run better. Maybe the lightings :P but alex said not to mentioned that. Looking forward to the next event! I'll be very happy to help out with anything in the next event(provided i am free of course) .


louis tan

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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Mase » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:28 pm

Hi All,

Thanks to Alex and Steve for a great event. Thank you to the table people who always go without thanks.

*5th DYP great fun to play with Steve Wheeler and a real lovely guy.
*5th FSO rubbish table and rubbish balls, couldn't shoot consistently.
*2nd in SPS (actually first if we accept Louis is not an SP)
*5th Pro doubles genuinely loved playing with Joe, good shoulder to lean on and christ does this guy crank it from the back.
*9th in OD played this with Charles Lesage. He was bang up for it and again another nice guy to play with.

All in all I had a good time.

Thank you to all those that gave me a bit of a fuss over the weekend, it was appreciated and I hope to bounce back and be fully "at" the next event.

Lets hope its Fireball and that Louis is ranked PM.

PS had the nicest thai meal I have had for a long time. Out the back was a lovely thai restaurant, went with Bobby, Jonathan, Alex, Dave and Mel. Great food and great company. Really looking forward to seeing you all again.


Ben Mason

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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Steviola » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:50 pm

Thanks to all those that came and made this tournament a success! I hope you all enjoyed it. Overall the feedback on the weekend and afterwards on here (so far) seems pretty positive which is a relief.

Huge thanks to Alex for being an excellent organiser - finding the venue, arranging the tables, transport, loading/unloading the van, trophies, sorting out the prize money, publicity, giving me everything I needed to run the tournament on the weekend...awesome. Seemed like you had done plenty - rarely have I worked with someone so organised, level headed and responsible as a tournament organiser and I've worked with most.

Big thanks also to Laura Thirsk, Steve Wheeler, Mark Williams, Joe Bundy and the Warwick crew for their parts in bringing the tables to the venue, getting them set up and in place well in time for events to start. The only thing we were slightly unsure of was the PA system but fortunately Riley's bailed us out.

Thanks to Ben Mason, Dave Morgan, Jon May, Graeme Addison and anyone else that helped behind the desk whilst I was playing my matches. Finally thanks to Tom Burdett for being our coach - I didn't get to see any of it but hopefully get to catch it when the videos get uploaded.

EDIT: Wow can't believe I almost forgot - big thanks to Greta Skrupskelyte for not only letting me stay at hers but also making awesome food at stupid o'clock cos the takeaway places were horrid - amazing.

I spent most of the time being ill behind the desk and found it hard to focus on my own game - only pick up games I played were once on Friday night, but despite that I still had some decent results, though I'm a bit disappointed having lost 3 finals.

- DYP - teamed up with Matt Robinson at his (I believe) first tournament - he played really well and we won all our group games relatively comfortably, unfortunately I didn't play at anywhere near my level in our first knockout game and lost. Matt has good technique on his 2 bar and definitely one to watch out for in the future if he keeps it up.
- OS - played very well in the opening games, comfortably beating Mark Nubbert and Simon before a top match against Mike Amsden. I was pleased with this because I don't usually beat Mike in singles, and at 2-1 down I was struggling, but I changed a few things tactically and really turned it around which was satisfying. Unfortunately I then had to play Nubbert in the Semis, and really should have taken the first game having been 4-2 up and in relative control. I felt if I had taken that game the match would have turned out differently, but I missed chances and found it hard to pass on table 8 for some reason. I then played Jon on the same table and lost any desire after about 3 balls. Good effort from Jon to come all the way back losing early in the Winners to take the title
- OD - sooooooo close! Simon and I played some great stuff throughout the event, losing only one game (and mostly because of slop) to get to the final. He was scoring regularly at the back, defending well, we made good decisions as a team, taking strong timeouts, and I was shooting well. Not entirely as comfortable on the 5 as I usually am, but it was enough. Unfortunately we had a big wait (standard) until our grand final against an in form Shovie storming the losers. Even so we were 2-1 up in games and 3-2 up in goals in the first dip but I tightened up and couldn't shoot. Well played though guys, you deserved the win. 3rd in Fireball, 2nd in Warwick, 1st next time...
- Mixed - Mayya and I beat everyone in the one big group and then did our standard thing of losing the final (pretty pathetically) the following day - I didn't show up in that - sorry
- Team Event - great to see so many teams (14!) and everyone seemed to have a good time. It overran a bit (2am!) but I really liked the atmosphere and togetherness it created and I really hope other tournament organisers include this in their schedules in all tournaments to come.
- HD - Joe bailed on me again so teamed up with Simon where we got to the final but lost to Jude and Charles - still not happy about that jar at 5-5 :wink:

Re Senior events: Guys, I really do NOT understand how you can complain about a lack of Senior events during or after the tournament when you knew that there weren't going to be any. Like, how can a lowlight be a lack of Senior events when that was exactly what you expected upon arrival at the tournament? Moaning just for the sake of moaning - particularly from people that either have only just reached Senior status or usually complain about overruns/too many events/short formats etc. Rob Davey's idea is completely impractical (obviously). If there is such a demand for Senior practice you do not have to have it during a tournament.

Once again thanks to everyone who came and I hope you all had a good time! I'm not sure when the next tournament is going to be but I'm looking forward to not having to run it!


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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Sampson » Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:11 pm

Obviously many thanks go to all those who helped organise and set-up, I appreciate how much effort and time is required to run a tournament with very little personal reward.

I also wanted to thank all those who congratulated me on my recent news, that really meant a lot. You guys rule.

A mixture of highs and lows, I'll leave you to decide in which category they fall:
- Seeing old friends and making new ones.
- Playing terribly (apologies to my partners) for 90% of the time.
- Playing averagely for the other 10%.
- Louis' phenomenal results (seems like you've come on so much even since we first played at The Pear!).
- Watching some really high quality foos from loads of different people.
- Being home by 7pm on Sunday evening.
- Missing Saturday.
- Shocking results mean another tournament as amateur. Gone were the days when that was a highlight.

Even though this was the worst tournament for me (results-wise), I still enjoyed it immensely and can't wait for the next one!


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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by cbalife » Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:59 pm

Thanks to Alex, Steve, Warwick in general, laura, all the desk people and anyone else who I've forgotten, also thanks to Meng, Twillets and Louis for partnering me, Mase for getting drawn with me (it was really fun!) and Spencer for letting me sleep somewhere!

Apologies to anyone I skanked in singles, I had absolutely no 3 bar the entire tournament. I focussed on shooting from my 2 bar since hearing how loud Mantas' pullshot was at Liverpool lol.

I really enjoyed playing defence for people, scoring from the back is so gratifying, if the next tournament is garlando then ill do it again :).

Btw Luke, I owe you a congratulatatory pint

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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Sampson » Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:06 pm

cbalife wrote:Btw Luke, I owe you a congratulatatory pint
That reminds me, I owe Mr. Mark Nubbert a pint too. Steve, if you buy him one, we're all square ;)

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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by PADDY. » Wed Mar 14, 2012 12:01 am

A motorcycle event with poker verses a weekend of foos in Coventry.

I haven't been to a tourney in 2 years so I just had to pick the latter, and I'm so glad that I did.

To me this was a great weekend tourney, well run, relaxed, everything just seemed hassle free,

All credit to the organisers Alex Millington Marston, Stephen Lyall and their team behind the desk.

Everyone was really friendly and a lot of fun.

My foos had very mixed results over the weekend.

Really enjoyed the pick- up games and banter

I will be joining the Britfoos [OAP's] seniors this Nov, so it would be cool if there were some senior events next time. It’s not a deal breaker as I would attend again anyway.

Hope another is run next year.

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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Damo » Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:42 pm

Gotta say I enjoyed the Tourny the people who attended the venue and the new balls.
Still not a Garlando Fan though.
Team event was great and thanks to Jungle (our adopted Irish Man we made sure he got back to his hotel and dosed him with orange juice to reward his gallant efforts for team Ireland)
Also thanks to my team mates Des & Jude and a little gloat must be forgiven Damo & Des taking down Jon May and Ben Motson 7-1 in the team event !!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex MM the TO and his team did a great job big thanks to Laura & co too.
Steve Lyall busiest man at the event great job being TD and OD Finalist too well done.

Good to see some old faces and great to see Alex back.

As for Louis Tan all I can say is watch out Rob , Tony and Co this guy is going right to the top of the game what a player.

Good talking to Jody and Maya as usual but missed Sarah Brice (hope to see you soon)

All that said more good points than bad (except Chris Lyall who knocked us out of almost everything well played Chris) and would consider attending another one.

If I missed anyone sorry and keep foosin

Peace & Love in the GHETTO

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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by sparky » Sat Mar 17, 2012 8:20 pm

Hi guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for running the event. It was good to catch up with a lot of you and its great to see the Warwick scene going so strong.

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Re: Warwick Open 2012 - Results and afterglow

Post by Gipsy Beast » Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:31 pm

Had a really great time! Well done to the organisers for all your efforts in making the event happen.

I took some pics too. You can find them here.. (Picasa Photo Slide Show).

See you next time (without a damaged right hand :robot: )

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