Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 2011

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by cmau » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:38 pm

Before I forget I want to condemn Jonathan May for what was clearly the most stressful SPD partner you could give anyone.

Reza was a good guy but he gave off such an Iranian Mafia Lord vibe that it wasn't even funny. Besides being such a large lump of MAN, he couldn't speak any English at all and was followed at all times by a translator/bodyguard/henchman with a moustache that would give you nightmares.

Everyone of our games had controversial decisions, the worst of which was a one-handed hack against the Darraghs that got Yuri Otten and Rob Atha involved. When I said that he clearly only had one hand on the table, his translator shot me a look that pretty much said "how should I best kill you?" and thankfully for me, we won that game. I must apologise again to Brendan and Alina as it felt like they were pretty much robbed.

Be very careful next time someone offers you a "top Iranian pro". :lol: Just kidding, thanks for a great tournament Jonathan.

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by Matt Price » Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:10 pm

I had an awesome time at this tournament and would like to thank everyone that was involved in organising and running it.

- Pro-am with Meng: I think we did pretty well all things considered. Meng, you played great with me for that event.
- I think my overall high of the weekend was 3rd in SPD with Fitz. I was so happy to get a trophy (and prize money!) from this event in only my second tournament as a semi-pro. This was massively due to how well Fitz was playing. If only we'd both played as well in the semi-final.
- Having a half-decent 5 bar at times
- Having a solid snake when practising
- Meeting and playing with/against a whole load of new people, especially the Kuwait guys who I seemed to encounter in every event.
- Pick up games, particularly with Rich Marsh.

- General performance on Sunday was massively below par. OD performance was poor - apologies to Brice.
- Not having a 5 bar at times
- Not having a snake during games
- Poor performance in SPS. Got to 6 first in all of my group games, only to get stuck with no 3 bar and no way to end the game. Just couldn't gear myself up to quite take it seriously enough.

Overall though I was pretty pleased with how I played. It was nice to at least feel competitive at semi-pro standard, especially in a large field and I felt that I learnt a lot from the tournament. What was even better was that I never really felt that frustrated even after losing games, which I sometimes do - I'm sure this was to do with how friendly the whole tournament felt.

One negative, and I'm not sure how it could have been handled differently, was the fact that the room across the hall was not hooked up to the sound system in the main room - I should also point out that at times there were a number of free tables in there, even though events were running behind schedule!

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by louisstann » Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:57 pm

first tournament in the UK :) first time playing in such a big tournament. really enjoyed myself. :)

-didnt expect to reach that far in OD with littlefair! (7th place)
-amateur singles and doubles 3rd place
-HS- 2nd place
-super good experience
-first time meeting tony and rob and seeing them play live! superb players
-people say i was under ranked but i didnt even win amateur singles nor doubles! which makes me NOT underranked :D
-very happy to meet new people and make tonnes of new friends!

- didn't like the fact that it was race to 7 rather than best out of 3 games. but i understand time was an issue
- tournament ended so late that i had to miss my train because i was waiting for handicap doubles to start just to find out that there was a mistake and i wasn't included in handicap doubles!. I DEMAND TO PLAY HANDICAP DOUBLES AS AN AMATEUR NEXT EVENT ! :D

-thanks chris lyall for fetching me back to brum!

Overall it was an amazing experience playing in this event . CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EVENT!!
Louis Tan

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by Damo » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:58 am

Many Thanks to Jon May and his team for putting this big event on.
The Venue kinda grew on me as the tourney went on (rooms were not as bad as reviews suggested) and was also very easy to locate and the convienent parking.
Thanks to all my partners Tony Spredeman , Des O Rourke , Ben Mason , and Sander Winter
Also thanks to Yuri & Tessa for the ciggies from Schipol


Winning Open Doubles with Tony
Top 10 finish with Sander in DYP
The large numbers of Irish attending and the success they enjoyed in all competitions
Hanging with the Hungarian Guys
The Guys from Kuwait they suprised us all with their level of skills and friendly they were.
Indide Foos attending with Jim Stevens and the Legendary Semi Pro Iceman
Tables played well (despite the moving floor)
Friendly Staff at the venue.
Gery Mahoneys energy and enthusiasm
Dave Brennan recovering from his injury for a strong finish in Open Doubles
The percentage of matches that did not require referees says a lot about all who participated (easy tourny for referees).
Old faces returning to the game and lots of new ones.
The Darlington contingent (watching Mel & Calum Oakes coming close to taking John Shovelton & Dave Morgan down in OD )
Staying at the venue is always a plus
Meeting Janos Bertalan again

The return of the ATOMIC TORTIOSE (Lee you are a legend keep posting I miss your posts ... 1&p=114732#


Could have finished better in SPD ( those Kuwait guys again) and Pro Am (sorry Mase)
Long wait for games
No Louise Herring
No Billy Pappas cos of lost passport.
Getting done by the Maya Slingshot (twice)

Victor from Kuwait is currently in Dublin and playing with us tonight.

All said I really enjoyed the event and bring on Fireball European Masters 2012

Peace & Love in the GHETTO

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by Bundy Volume 1 » Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:43 pm

Thank you to Foosball UK, Jon, Mase, Chris, any desk monkeys and the hotel staff.

This tournament achieved more than any in my time in the game, including, but not exclusive to, Inside foos being present and and relatively large number of international players for the UK.

Few mistakes were made in the running of the tournament schedule, despite the organisers having many other tournament commitments that have not been part of other events, which is commendable.

Thank you to my partners, though sorry I rarely played to what I believe to be my current potential (but one highlight was beating Andreas Werner and Rytis in the DYP playing with Szandika Tomozi, though she did drag me to that with great blocking and 2 well timed goals). As a side note, this was my 1st tournament in 3/4 years playing where I played upfront in all events, which I guess has been overdue.

Sorry to Steve for having to leave before we played a HD match.

The weekend wasn't long enough. Disappointed not to spend enough time as I wanted with enough people. I wish we could all get together without the distraction of foos.


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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by richmarsh » Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:27 pm

Massive thanks to Foosball UK and everyone else involved in making it happen - Jon, Mase, Chris etc ...

From a tournament perspective:

I echo the hotel-as-the-venue sentiments of others.
Lots of well priced events and a good mix of serious/fun competitions.
International turnout was the best I've seen since I started playing. It was great to see lots of faces from big foreign tournaments and plenty of new ones too.
Inside foos really made it seem more professional and I know of several players who upped their game for a chance to make it onto table 1 for some Jim Stevens commentary.
Fireball tables being awesome.

Tables were a bit dodgy on the Friday evening, but this resolved itself by Saturday morning.
Not having a speaker in the bar room.
Very late finish on Sunday - I was happy on Friday and Saturday as my room was just upstairs, but had to abandon plans to get the train back at about 6pm when HD had just started and OD was miles away from completion. I realise a large part of this was due to awkward event holdups and lots of players, so I'm not really offering a solution, but it's still worth pointing out.

Personally, thanks to Josh, Dave Z, Simmo (even though we never really got going), Alex, Greta, Christian and Andrew for partnering me:

Winning Pro Singles - I had a great game against Nubbert in the quarters (which almost gave me a heart attack at the time), and generally feel I played near the top of my game.
OD and OS results - 7th and 9th respectively. Well chuffed with my performance and took away some things to work on from playing some great players along the way.
4th in left handed singles - the greatest event ever created.
Taking 2BRB seriously and annoying people in the process.
Taking stupid-2BRB completely non-seriously.
Pick up games with Keele and Warwick.
The food and drink prices.

The train journey on Monday morning being delayed by 3 hours.
Never getting started in pro doubles (apologies Simmo).

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by Bren » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:28 pm

Loved the event, was really good fun.

I'd just like to say with respect to the SPD incident that Meng referred to, don't worry about it we lost all our other games anyway, i'm sure it was just a misunderstanding and I hope it didn't put you or Reza off your game. I think its the first time I've called anyone on a rule and I wasn't sure about the rule at the time and it all felt a bit awkward, but you guys won anyway fair and square in the end. Reza was a really nice guy I managed a short conversation with him later on as he could speak a few words, i also loved his pin shot off the middle guy to the wing guy, I'm trying that on a garlando in Nuneaton next time! - he caught a few people out with that, his friend was cool to - we had a fun game as well later in the evening.

Highs & Lows
- Making it in time for the DYP through Heathrow having been in Lisbon until early afternoon
- Game against Dave Morgan in Pro Singles even though I lost after being well ahead there was a lot of amusing moments where I could feel Dave's panic, probably thinking 'Oh bloop what filthy skanky shot is he gonna try next'.
- Finding out that Meng had also entered Pro Singles instead of SPS and that we both won a group game to protect the honour of Semi Pros.
- Failing to close out games (not necessarily matches) against Dave Morgan (PS) Jonathan & Mayya (OD), Tom Burdett (OS), Graeme Addison (HS). I had more than one shot from the three bar on each occasion except maybe HS against Graeme and in the cases of OS and OD they were first games of the match so may have made things more interesting.
- Scoring my favoured (high percentage) shot - the angled chip from the wingman from a deadball position against almost everyone. Probably only Mayya and Dave Morgan didn't concede one out of everyone I played. Including two out of two against Mr May in LHS (though hit slightly slower than normal, its a shame they were all I got in that game).
- Alina working out peoples snake shots totally and as a result blocking a hugh percentage in a few games most notably in OD.
- Having literally no 5 bar passes that really worked consistently. My entire 5 bar is based on unexpectedly timed and placed chips which works well for me on a garlando but I couldn't get them right on fireball.
- Having a great 3 bar on Saturday only to have an awful one on Sunday that could only go push on any shot
- On sunday getting drawn almost exclusively against people who know I can only go push on a Garlando who assumed the same for fireball and it worked for them (see above) even though Saturday I could go both ways with ease.
- Bobby Moss' bank shots (fast, on the move perfectly angled - unplayable.... until we worked out how to play them by which time it was too late.
- Ben Mason's snake that neither Alina or I could get to grips with (good shooting)
- KFC at about 10:00pm on the M6 on the way home. Sometimes its just what you need
- Worthington putting in an appearance, and falling for the angle shot,... twice.
- Alina getting Tony in the DYP
- One of the tables directly under the aircon being very cold to play on
- On the whole lots of free tables and on the whole the tables having two balls each inside them for most of the time.
- Greg Grant's tip on 5 bar defence working beautifully for most of Sunday, even if it meant the crazy frog tune is now stuck in my head.

- Alina and I would also like to thank everyone for their best wishes.


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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by willhawkes » Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:29 pm

Massive thanks to the organisors for putting on a fantastic event. I had an awesome time. Highs and Lows:

- Second in AD, stormed to a Jim-Stevens commentated final and played the best we possibly could, it went to sweatball and Alex (Preda) hit the best far side lane pass I've ever seen to get it to the 3-bar but then got blocked, I made 2 blocks at our end but couldn't keep out the slop to lose it at the end. We didn't mind though, Marcin and his partner played great and I bought the DVD. I then loyally followed my doubles partner kicking ass in OS, putting out two pros on his way to a final 9th finish.
- The international crowd were great. Kuwaitis friendly and played a strong game, and I second Brendan's appreciation of Reza's backpin series, it's fun and despite no English he explained Iranian football to me ("red NO! blue YES!"), the team is Estreghlal if there was any doubt. The Poles Czechs Hungarians etc play really well, only matched by some funky sportswear brands clearly more fashionable on the continent - and kudos to Jon May for his impeccable pronunciation of difficult names throughout.
- Great to meet people old and new, and respect to Peter Morris who remembered we had corresponded in 96 when I had set up an early and short lived UK table football website when the Internet was a young thing.
- Talking about the game with the better and wiser. 5 minutes with Gregg Grant is worth 5 hours of table time.
- Thanks to my partners: Alex, Luke, Jody, Louis, Chris B, you all played great. The table was fun too, most shots worked about as well as I can get them to work.

Looking forward to the next tournament. Cheers all,


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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by aleps » Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:08 pm

Awesome from the beginning to the end!

My bigest achievement at this tournament was not at the table (even though I had a pretty amazing run for my standards) was the fact that I had the opportunity to design the poster. I've never made so many friends after one event, and I'm very grateful for that! In addition, I took some photos (that I didn't have time to retouch, so don't judge the quality at some of them) and you can see them on facebook at: ... 136&type=1 (if it doesn't work, look at my photos on facebook at: ) and on flickr at: .

Please feel free to tag yourself and others that I miss, and also to "friend" me :D

Thank you to everyone involved in making this tournament possible and to everyone who attended! Hope to catch as many tournaments as possible! To all my doubles partners in this tournament: thank you and sorry if I messed up in any way, I'm mainly a singles player.

ps: if you want to download the full res photos you can do so from this link: ...

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by Bundy Volume 1 » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:10 pm

Excellent photos Alex! Including a rather dashing one of the BFA chairman. Yet another aspect for other federations to be jealous of :wink:

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by Steviola » Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:05 pm

Great tournament! Huge thanks to Jon, Foosball UK, Mase and Chris for their hard work, and to all the desk monkeys that chipped in. It was a great occasion - well done.

Having InsideFoos there was awesome - definitely added to the feeling of prestige, and I really wish they were at every tournament. Having quite a few of my matches commentated on felt a bit surreal, and I've never watched myself before so should be a good learning experience when the DVDs arrive.


- Bundy booking a room literally adjacent to the main tournament room - legend
- The venue being in a hotel - more of that please
- The pit area - should be at every tournament where possible
- Cheap beer
- Tony Spredeman
- 3rd in OD with Simon - he played like a lion at the back - what a 2 bar! And kept out some top players with his D, good man. We beat some top teams on the way - Tich and Bruce, the HK guys at Warwick (Amateur???), Shovo and Dave, Gilles and then Snopek. A pleasure to play with as always, kept cool at all times and bailed us out with some important goals. In the winner's final against Tony I feel like we could have won if we had believed a bit more - that was the main learning point to come from that. Against Rob and Norm in the losers final Rob was in the zone and blew us away...though the 4 hour gap between those games did not help our cause. Still, I think we proved our point for the World Cup!
- Mixed with Mayya - we came sooooooooo close to beating Tony + partner - sweat ball final game! Ahhh...great fun playing with you, you played really well.
- 7th in OS - strong field and only lost to Tony and Tom, happy with that.
- Fireball table - sick table, great fun to play on, more fireball tournaments please!


- The massive overrun on Sunday - getting back to London at 5am was not nice
- Having to pull out of Handicap Doubles cos of the overrun
- Having to play Tich and Bruce first game of OD due to an administrative error
- Tiny trophies

Thanks to my partners Simon and Mayya, both played great and had a good laugh along the way.

See you at the next one.


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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by GITABLOK » Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:03 am

My pics are up guys. Hope you enjoy :) ... Manchester

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by davez » Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:40 am

Great photos ice, thanks!
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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by Simmo » Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:31 pm

Another fantastic tournament from Jon May! Many thanks to all the people who helped out to make this tournament happen and for FoosballUK to provide all the tables. It was great to see InsideFoos there and many thanks for those who donated money for that to happen.


- Playing on Fireball again! Fantastic table to play on.
- Open Doubles. Always a pleasure playing with Steve Lyall with is sick 5-bar! Watch out World Cup for Steve's smoking 5!!
- Having a 2 bar.
- Being commentated by InsideFoos in a few matches... still wondering what stuff Mase had come up with in those matches.....
- Coming 3rd in OD only losing out to Tony and Rob.
- Seeing everyone again
- All the international players especially the guys from Kuwait. Always a pleasure playing against you all.


- Losing to Tich in the losers bracket of OS in the 3rd game 5-4 forgetting it was ITSF sweaty-b :(
- PD, not qualifying from the group stages with Rich. Someday we'll reach out potential Rich.
- Only winning one game with Greta in both Mixed and Pro-Am.
- 4 hours of waiting after getting knocked into the losers bracket only to get beaten again.
- Late finish

Hope to see everyone in Liverpool

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by Jonathan may » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:32 pm

Apologies for the lateness of this message.

We'd like to issue a huge thank you to all of those who helped make this event happen. Firstly, thanks to Ben Mason, who was instrumental in helping make this event such a success.

Secondly, a huge thanks to Chris Lyall, Joe Bundy, Shovo, Dave Morgan, Tom B, Boris and even Rob Davey (yes, he knows how Sport works, for future TO reference) for helping behind the desk. And also a big thanks to those I've missed out - there were inevitably some who gave up time but went un-noticed, and I apologise for forgetting you.

A big thanks to FoosballUK for supplying the tables. I'm sure you all agree these were some of the best quality tables we've had at a UK event before.

A special mention to the players from Kuwait - we all massively enjoyed having you here and well done on your results. Also, our congratulations go out to Reza from Iran for making the trip over and achieving some good results in his first international event! We had players from all over the world who all helped to make this one special, so thank you. Really enjoyed meeting so many new faces.

I'd like to apologise for the overruns. We did our very best to keep things on time. We did not expect another 140+ turnout, given the late notice of the announcement. I think had we had even 10 more the event would have creaked a little too much at the seams (like the hotel!), so I think the numbers really pushed at the outer limits of what was possible for us.

Congrats to Nubbert for the epic 6-2 comeback in LHS after his epic defeat of galactic LHS champion Tony.

Well done to Tom for starting and finishing our match (on sweat-ball!) with the same nasty weak-wristed bank shot.

I'm sure I've missed masses, but wanted to get a note out to say thanks to everyone for coming and for the kind words...

Finally, a big thanks to all of those who so kindly donated to help get InsideFoos over. Jim and Ice I think made such a difference to the event - the pit area was something not seen before at a UK tournament (one I've been to anyway) and I think it added so much in the way of atmosphere. So, thanks for donations: you know who you are and I'd name you with your permission!

One last thing - we negotiated with Jim Stevens to supply a "B-sides" DVD of the event. This will be a single DVD and will contain mostly matches that did not make it onto the main box-set, but that we know you'd love to see. We'll be selling these single disks for £10, and at the moment the matches on them are undecided, so make your feelings known. Plus, get in touch if you'd like to order one. :-)
Manager, TeamGB.

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by Garmani » Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:14 am

Thanks to the organisers and the players, particularly those who practiced with me and gave me tips. A great gang of friendly cool people who are passionate about our sport. It was a great event. I learned loads and improved loads.
I was seriously drained for a week afterwards. I can't remember being so drained before (and I did 15 consecutive weeks skiing and ice skating earlier this year). I went to halloween parties the following weekend and couldn't enjoy them. Hope to see you all again next year.

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Re: Results and Afterglow for the European Fireball Open 201

Post by davez » Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:40 am

Ha ha Gary, nice post. It's good to hear that I'm not the only one who finds foos exhausting, but I'm not surprised if you only do one a year!
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