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Lil Brice
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Re: UK Championships Results

Post by Lil Brice » Wed Nov 17, 2010 2:06 pm

I agree with the idea that one team should qualify for the worlds through winning the ukc, and then the wildcard chosen through rankings. We spoke about this in the powder room when we realised that our best lady was unable to attend the ukc.

ITSF rankings would make sense as we are trying to qualify for the ITSF world championships. However I believe we should focus on what might help the foosball scene in the uk and use POY points. This would definitely influence my decision and I would come to as many tournaments as I could! Therefore having higher prize funds and higher turnout tournaments which also look more attractive to noobs, and of course more money for the BFA. However if we used ITSF rankings I would still be unable to attend tournaments abroad due to lack of time and money.

Cheers Juj :D I had really close games, all the women played amazingly! Especially Alina she is becoming a real threat! You were so accurate with your comments lol. There was indeed lots of giggling, but we now have recoiling on our push snakes :D

Congrats again to Oli and Boris you both definitely deserve to go to Nantes! I’m sorry if I said anything at the ukc that hinted towards one of you dropping out. I was completely ignorant if I said anything other than congratulations. It was up to you guys and Rob only to talk about that.

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Mike A
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Re: UK Championships Results

Post by Mike A » Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:17 pm

Very pleased to be UK Doubles Champion with Rob D. It wasn't all plain sailing and there were a few close games at 4-4, but we managed to put them all away to win the tournament without dropping a game. Our toughest game was probably against Dave Z and Sanj in the winners final, but after a tight 5-4 win in game one, we carried the momentum through the rest of the match.
Well played rob. It was nice to close this year off with a win, especially after reaching and losing two other OD finals together (Bonzini and Tornado).

My Singles tournament suffered badly from speedballs. I had a nice opener against Potts (all Tornado legs so naturally loved it - despite the tornado ball being the old variety and handling slightly differently, and the rubbers still being too large on those T tables, we just need to cut them back a bit, I might take a knife with me to the next tornado event).
Next round I played Chris who had picked Garlando, sorry mate but that Ball on Garlando is a sad state of affairs, and I felt this was the reason I lost. I simply couldn't play my Garlando game with that ball, and after your tap bang bank on the three rod put you 4-3 up, it gave you a huge advantage in the first Tornado leg. The second T leg I cruised, but just couldn't make anything work on Garlando. The speedball is shockingly bad, I would prefer to play on a block foot with orange balls (or a blockfoot with ballbearings) - very pleased to hear that the ball may change for Nantes - anything would be an improvement.
Lost the losers side of OS to Rob D, our matches are normally a coin toss and after it went 1-1 Rob won the decider (albeit a little scrappily) - well played.

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Re: UK Championships Results

Post by DaveC » Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:28 pm

This whole thread is ridiculous. There is only one way to pick the team to go and that's using a sliding clown scale (the front runners therefore being Worthers and I).

Seriously though, well done Oli-Boz and Mike-Rob (whose achievement has been somewhat overshadowed by bilge).

Oli, it's such a shame you can't play OD due to your, err, repetitive strain injury. Too much 'snaking'..?

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