The London Open 1st-3rd December query/discussion thread

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The London Open 1st-3rd December query/discussion thread

Post by The Doctor » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:29 pm

This is for any queries/discussion on The London Open.

Event announcement:
The London Open

1st - 3rd December 2017

1 Heath Road

The London Open is an
International Table Soccer Federation Pro Tour Event
BFA Category A Ranking Tournament
x10 GARLANDO Master Champion

Tournament Organiser: BFA, Andrei Russell-Gebbett

Tournament Director: Christophe Lerat

Entry is open to all; events accommodate all skill levels – from beginner to international.

Summary of Events
Friday 1st December
7:30pm: You can enter...either Women's Doubles, Senior Doubles or Draw Your Partner competition 1 ('DYP')

Saturday 2nd December
10:30am Open Doubles
15:00 Women's Singles
17:00 Senior Singles
18:30 Draw Your Partner II

Sunday 3rd December
10:30am Open Singles

There will be a prize-giving ceremony at 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

There will also be a break for lunch on both Saturday and Sunday for one hour, from 12:30 to 13:30. Players are encouraged to buy lunch at the venue.

Summary of Charges and how to Pay them
a) Event entry fees
b) Table fees
c) BFA membership fees

a) Event entry fees depend on both the event and your rank.
Draw Your Partner: £5 entry, regardless of rank
To enter any other event, per event:
Novice/Beginner: £5
Amateur: £7.50
Semi-Pro: £10
Pro: £15
Pro-Master: £25

Event entry fees are payable in cash on the day, at the venue.

b) Table fees cover the cost of the tables' transport and use. You will not need to carry any change to pay for your games: the tables will be on 'freeplay' mode and you will only need a ball.

You can reserve your place in the tournament by getting a week end table fees package for £20 in advance via TicketWeb link: ... ts/7795915. If places are still availalble on the day the table fee is £15 a day per person. Tournament capacity is 60 players max.
You MUST then go to to confirm your reservation to participate in particular events. Please note this is to allow the tournament organiser to be prepared before the event. Failure to do this 72 hours before the tournament start will make your table fees package void.

c) BFA Membership Fees To take part in a BFA tournament, you must be a member of the British Foosball Association (or a foreign associate). You can pay for membership on the day. If it is your first tournament, you will not need to pay. You can check to see if you are a member as of 1/12/17 HERE!!!!!!

Prize Funds
We envisage that 80% of event entry fees goes to the prize fund; 20% to the BFA
The prize fund is distributed:
Open Events: 25%, 20%, 17%, 13%, 7.5%, 5% (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, =5th/6, =7/8)
All non-open events: 50%,30%,20% (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Event Eligibility
Player rankings will be based on the BFA Rankings List of
1-12-17 here. The organisers reserve the right to give players a rank of their choice. Senior players must be 51 years or older.

Event Formats
Draw Your Partner events: Single Elimination, best of 3 sets
Senior and Women's Doubles: Double Elimination, best of 3 sets
Open Doubles: 6 rounds Swiss, Single Elimination two-tier knockout (top 2/3 to top tier)
Senior and Women's Singles: Single Elimination, best of 3 sets
Open Singles: 4 rounds Swiss, Single Elimination two-tier knockout (top 2/3 to top tier)

If you request a referee from the head official's list, each player must pay £1.
If the referee is appointed by the head official before the match, there is no fee.
Abbreviated and complete rules can be found here.

Dress Code
Please wear sports kit (unless you really don't want to).

On sale at the tournament: Garlando balls, wraps and lube


By Car
The venue is in Twickenham, a suburban area of London on the river Thames. Twickenham Rileys' postcode is TW1 4AW.

Flying to Twickenham
The nearest airport to Twickenham is London Heathrow. The 490 bus runs regularly from the airport, taking 40 minutes.

A taxi from Heathrow to Twickenham costs about £30. It takes less than ten minutes to walk from Twickenham station to Rileys.

There are approximately four journeys an hour from Waterloo to Twickenham and vice-versa. Trains from Twickenham into central London run almost until midnight. Use for up-to-date information.

The venue has no parking of its own. We recommend that you reserve parking online using, for instance, or

Help with Visas
You may require a visa if you are coming from abroad. As foosball is not officially a sport in the UK, applications for sport-related visas may be refused.
For a letter of invitation in support of a visa application, contact via e-mail with your full name, date of birth, passport number, ITSF licence number and nationality.
We also require your full postal address and a fax number for transmission of a signed copy of the letter. Please note there may be deadlines for visa applications.

Notes for those searching for hotels through comparison sites:
There are several hotels within walking distance of the venue, including a Premier Inn and a Marriott.

If you are happy to take short trips to and from the venue, good deals may be found by expanding your search to other parts of South West London: Teddington (which has an affordable Travelodge), Hounslow or Kingston.

Around the Tournament
Food and Drink
There will be hot and cold food for sale at the venue, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
You will not be permitted to consume food and drink brought from somewhere else.

Nearest supermarket: Marks and Spencers, opposite the venue.

Nearest restaurants:, There are many restaurants within walking distance, open until late in the evening.

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Re: The London Open 1st-3rd December query/discussion thread

Post by Gipsy Beast » Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:54 pm

Hello everyone, the tournament is coming quick and the great thing about using the ITSF F.A.S.T tournament software is you can check the registrations in the tournament in advance. If you see anything wrong with yours please get in touch with us or if you have not registered yet please do so. The Maximum capacity of the competition is 60 participants in each open event. Currently we have 48 participants. Please check the link:

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Re: The London Open 1st-3rd December query/discussion thread

Post by Boris » Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:18 pm

Results (for BFA Rankings Purposes)
Note these differ from ITSF results as final KO placings taken into account
No ITSF points awarded for SD or WD as only two teams in each (3 required)

Open Doubles
1 Csabi Miklos Migliore Vito 55
2 Lyall Chris Marsh Richard 45
3 Oakes Callum Warr Matthew 35
4 Ziemann Dave Zaykov Yordan 28
5 Lyall Stephen Russell-Gebbett Andrei 23
5 Forgacs Edina Nemeth Patrik 23
7 Flick Roland Felso Kata 18
7 Prenier Balasz Lestyan Sandor 18
9 Banasik Waclaw Latif Yasin Thaer 13
9 Polimeni Claudio Thompson JP 13
9 Roberts Rhys Degun Tich 13
9 Cohen Mike Hawkes Will 13
13 Oliveira Jose Goodman-Smith Nigel 8
13 Jaeger Kai Martin Paul 8
13 Russell Mike Diaz Yaka 8

16 Powers Spencer Millington-Marston Alex 5
17 Rathke Joules Cutcliffe Phil 4
18 Melka Laszlo Hajnal Peter 4
19 Pellei Janos Kmetty Sandor 3
20 Maciuliaitis Mindaugas Maciulaitis Vytautas 3
20 Day Nicholas Watters Joe 3
20 Landers Sophie Landers Martin 3

Open Singles
1 Warr Matthew 60
2 Oakes Callum 50
3 Marsh Richard 40
4 Nemeth Patrik 33
5 Lyall Chris 28
5 Migliore Vito 28
5 Zaykov Yordan 28
5 Felber Pascal 28
9 Ziemann Dave 18
9 Prenier Balasz 18
9 Russell-Gebbett Andrei 18
9 Forgacs Edina 18
9 Polimeni Claudio 18
9 Lestyan Sandor 18
9 Warr Darren 18
9 Thompson JP 18
17 Hawkes Will 8
17 Goodman-Smith Nigel 8
17 Oliveira Jose 8
17 Martin Paul 8
17 Cohen Mike 8

22 Flick Roland 6
23 Roberts Rhys 5
24 Day Nicholas 5
25 Watters Joe 5
26 Zareckis Aleksejs 4
26 Warr Alice 4
26 Inall Rob 4
26 Diaz Yaka 4
30 Erixson Magnus 2
30 Russell Mike 2
30 Landers Sophie 2

Senior Singles
1 Roberts Rhys 35
2 Ziemann Dave 25
3 Degun Tich 15
4 Martin Paul 8
5 Goodman-Smith Nigel 4
5 Jaeger Kai 4

Senior Doubles
1 Ziemann Dave Martin Paul 20
2 Degun Tich Roberts Rhys 10

Womens Singles
1 Warr Alice 35
2 Forgacs Edina 25
3 Felso Kata 15
4 Diaz Yaka 8
5 Landers Sophie 4

Womens Doubles
1 Forgacs Edina Felso Kata 20
2 Diaz Yaka Durante Cristina 10

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