Birmingham Open 2016 - Results & Afterglow

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Birmingham Open 2016 - Results & Afterglow

Post by Boris » Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:34 pm

Birmingham Open


Open Doubles

1 Marsh, Richard Nubbert, Andrew
2 Bundy, Joe Ziemann, David
3 Oakes, Callum Warr, Matthew
4 Lyall, Stephen Lyall, Christopher
5 Fitzpatrick, Sam Potts, Richard
5 Gerova, Blagovesta Zaykov, Yordan
7 Bareham, Dave Kingston, Dan
7 Oates, Dave Zalantai, Alex
9 Atha, Boris Edwards, Eddie
9 Cohen, Michael Thompson, J-P
9 Nijjer, JP Singh, Onkarr
9 Oliveira, Jose Price, Matt
13 Harms, Brian Warr, Darren
13 Kalita, Wojtek Auxtova, Ivana
13 King, Mark Saman, Mohamed

Open Singles
1 Lyall, Stephen
2 Oakes, Callum
3 Nubbert, Andrew
4 Zalantai, Alex
5 Marsh, Richard
5 Warr, Matthew
7 Brice, Sarah
7 Gerova, Blagovesta
9 Atha, Boris
9 Bundy, Joe
9 Oliveira, Jose
9 Ziemann, David
13 Harms, Brian
13 King, Mark
13 Thompson, J-P
13 Warr, Darren
17 Cohen, Michael
17 Donne, Bill
17 Fitzpatrick, Sam
17 Kingston, Dan
17 Nijjer, JP
17 Potts, Richard
17 Price, Matt
17 Zaykov, Yordan
25 Boswell, Ben
25 Bowkett, Frank
25 Carnell, Kevin
25 Edwards, Bethan
25 Hart, Peter
25 Kalita, Wojtek
25 Kropacz, John
25 Singh, Onkarr

Womens Doubles
1 Gerova, Blagovesta Felso, Kata
2 Lazutkaite, Greta Brice, Sarah
3 Edwards, Bethan Auxtova, Ivana
4 Brice, Amy Hookway, Val

Womens Singles
1 Gerova, Blagovesta
2 Brice, Sarah
3 Lazutkaite, Greta
4 Hookway, Val
5 Brice, Amy
5 Edwards, Bethan

Senior Doubles
1 Atha Boris Oates Dave
2 Ziemann Dave Edwards Eddie
3 Healey Roger Khajawi Nasser
4 Cohen Mike Harms Brian

Senior Singles
1 Atha, Boris
2 Edwards, Eddie
3 Ziemann, David
4 Oates, Dave
5 Cohen, Michael
5 Harms, Brian

Pro Doubles
1 Marsh, Richard Nubbert, Andrew
2 Fitzpatrick, Sam Potts, Richard
3 Oates, Dave Zalantai, Alex
4 Cohen, Michael Thompson, J-P
5 Gerova, Blagovesta Bundy, Joe
5 Oakes, Callum Warr, Matthew

7 Nijjer, JP Zaykov, Yordan
8 Bareham, Dave Kingston, Dan
9 Brice, Sarah Price, Matt
10 Harms, Brian Warr, Darren
11 King, Mark Kalita, Wojtek

Pro Singles
1 Oakes, Callum
2 Bundy, Joe
3 Brice, Sarah
4 Thompson, J-P
5 Kingston, Dan
5 Lyall, Christopher
5 Nubbert, Andrew
5 Warr, Matthew
9 Potts, Richard
9 Zalantai, Alex

11 Harms, Brian
12 Marsh, Richard
13 Price, Matt
13 Singh, Inderjit
15 King, Mark
15 Fitzpatrick, Sam
17 Cohen, Michael
17 Warr, Darren

Semi-Pro Singles
1 Warr, Darren
2 Zaykov, Yordan
3 Harms, Brian
4 Nijjer, JP
5 King, Mark
5 Price, Matt
5 Fitzpatrick, Sam
5 Singh, Inderjit

9 Singh Onkarr
10 Saman Mohamed

Pro-Am Doubles
1 Warr, Matthew Nijjer, JP
2 Gerova, Blagovesta Zaykov, Yordan
3 Potts, Richard Fitzpatrick, Sam
4 Edwards, Bethan Lyall, Stephen
5 Price, Matt Felso, Kata
5 Bundy, Joe Boswell, Ben
5 Oakes, Callum Donne, Bill
5 Marsh, Richard Bowkett, Frank
9 Kingston, Dan Hookway, Val
9 Zalantai, Alex Kalita, Wojtek

11 Atha, Boris Singh, Onkarr
11 Harms, Brian Warr, Darren
13 Carnell, Kevin Ziemann, David
13 Brice, Sarah Brice, Amy
13 King, Mark Auxtova, Ivana
13 Cohen, Michael Saman, Mohamed

Amateur Doubles
1 Kalita, Wojtek Singh, Onkarr
2 Healey, Roger Edwards, Bethan

3 Auxtova, Ivana Saman, Mohamed
4 Dehaney, Martin Jackson, Adam

Amateur Singles
1 Nijjer, JP
2 Zaykov, Yordan
3 Donne, Bill
4 Singh, Onkarr
5 Boswell, Ben
5 Carnell, Kevin

7 Kropacz, John
7 Bowkett, Frank
9 Edwards, Bethan
9 Kalita, Wojtek
11 Hart, Peter
11 Saman, Mohamed

Beginners Doubles
1 Kalita, Wojtek Auxtova, Ivana
2 Ljasenko, Spartak Micheler, Simon

3 Bowkett, Frank Kropacz, John
4 Edwards, Bethan Carnell, Kevin
5 Hookway, Val Brice, Amy
6 Boswell, Ben Hart, Peter

Beginners Singles
1 Khajavi, Nasser
2 Dehaney, Martin
3 Healey, Roger
4 Kalita, Wojtek

5 Auxtova, Ivana
6 Jackson, Adam
7 Edwards, Bethan

1 Nubbert, Andrew Marsh, Richard
2 Lyall, Stephen Price, Matt
3 Fitzpatrick, Sam Bundy, Joe
4 Ziemann, David Singh, Inderjit
5 Haddon, Chris Brice, Sarah
5 Nijjer, JP Addison, Paul
5 Potts, Richard Modhwadia, Vivek
5 Zaykov, Yordan Chatha, Buta

9 Singh, Onkarr Felso, Kata
10 Atha, Boris Edwards, Bethan
10 Cohen, Michael Thompson, J-P
10 Ormerod, Bill King, Mark
13 Lawrenson, Peter Lazutkaite, Greta
13 Zalantai, Alex Khajavi, Nasser
13 Healey, Roger Kalita, Wojtek

Club Cup
No Team Abbr Played W D L F A GF GA Points MD GD
1 Darlington TFC DAR 6 5 0 1 22 8 184 130 5 14 54

2 Bar Kick BKK 6 4 0 2 20 10 181 146 4 10 35
3 Cambridge TFC CAM 6 4 0 2 18 12 181 151 4 6 30
4 Bristol Academy BRS 6 3 0 3 16 14 169 162 3 2 7
5 Tamworth TMW 6 3 0 3 11 16 148 162 3 -5 -14
6 Barrels Hereford HBR 6 2 0 4 10 17 126 162 2 -7 -36
7 Nuneaton NUN 6 0 0 6 5 25 123 199 0 -20 -76

Many thanks to everyone who made this event happen - Mark Arnott-Job, Martyn Dehaney, Adam Jackson and especially Roger Healey from Two Towers and Nuneaton TFC for the venue and catering; Chris Lyall as an excellent TD assisted by Greta Lazutkaite, Joe Bundy and Andrew Nubbert; and special thanks to the Table Crew of Rich Potts, Matt Price and Sam Fitzpatrick. Extra thanks to Joe B for loading and unloading tables at the Liverpool end.

Note the rankings will be updated from the beginning of May.

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Re: Birmingham Open 2016 - Results & Afterglow

Post by Boris » Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:44 pm

Provisional Ranking Changes
Rob Atha - PM6* -> PM7*
Rich Marsh - Pro* -> PM
Sarah Brice - Pro -> Pro*
Dave Oates - SP -> Pro
Paul Martin - SP -> Pro
Vojtech Kalita - Nov -> Am
Hussain Ghamarian - Nov -> Am
Ben Boswell - Nov -> Am
Laura Hitchell - Nov -> Am
Josh Kennard - Nov -> Am
Ivana Auxtova - Nov -> Am
Nasser Khajawi - Nov -> Am

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Re: Birmingham Open 2016 - Results & Afterglow

Post by Bundy Volume 1 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:53 pm

Thank you very much to everyone behind this tournament. The venue really needed a bit more of the stuff in it cleared out, but if this could happen, I think it would be a good venue for future tournaments. Maybe in the warmer weather too, but that's no ones fault. All a bit rough around the edges, but overall everything was good, and I really do appreciate all of the effort everything behind this put in.

Big thanks to my partners too. Dave Z was awesome in OD, the perfect partner for me. My best run in an doubles event playing forward, and that was greatly helped by Dave. After having a couple of brilliant matches, shame I was just a bit mentally and physically tired by the OD final and not 100%. Well done to Rich and Nubbert for winning though obvs. Good to feel I'm at a higher level now, and still feel I learned a fair bit playing at this tournament.

And thanks to the Barrels lot for making Saturday evening a lot of fun. Even if the quantity of rum took its toll on the team.

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Re: Birmingham Open 2016 - Results & Afterglow

Post by Steviola » Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:33 pm

This was a fun tournament for me, thanks to Boris, Chris, Joe and the table helpers, and the venue staff for all their work. Thanks to all my partners as well.

The venue was quirky but actually worked quite well, it was great to have a proper sit down area and the food on Saturday was awesome.

Overall I am mostly pleased with my results although I felt my performances were up and down, on Saturday after a slow start I had really got on a nice run and won almost every match I played across OS, Pro Am and the Team Event, but Sunday I didn't get going and Chris and I got punished as a result.

- Winning Open Singles, my first ITSF OS win! After Yarmouth where I lost only to Rob and Tony I'm glad I took advantage of their absence this time. Almost every match was a grind tho, the toughest being against an on-form Sarah (who had knocked Joe into the losers the game before) in 4 games, Callum in the winners final who played great, and Nubbert in the losers final whose style of play means you're always under pressure at every moment. Thankfully I found a way to win and carried that momentum in the grand final to win.
- The DYP with Matt Price finishing 2nd to the OD pairing of Rich and Nubbert, well played mate.
- Pro Am with Bethan - she is very good and if she keeps playing could become a very strong player. We had a great run then came up against an illegal team (Pro with a Semi Pro) in the semi finals. I felt so cheated afterwards that my head wasn't in it for the 3/4th playoff match.
- The team event - really enjoyed playing in these matches even if handicapping does spoil it - clubbing a novice team 7-4 after a 4-0 head start is no fun for anyone. Better to start 0-0 and have a more relaxed game rather than give them some hope and eventual disappointment. Shame we didn't have time to finish all the matches.
- OD - Sunday I played rubbish, wasn't feeling great and head was pounding (despite being a good boy the night before) so feel like I let Chris down, still we salvaged 4th so it wasn't terrible.

On a final note, it's encouraging to see some players step up and raise their game. I was very impressed with Joe, Rich, Sarah and Callum who all seem to have levelled up lately. This is great news for the tournament scene and for the national teams. Keep going, your work is starting to pay off.

Until next time,

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