Hereford after glow

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Hereford after glow

Post by Kingy » Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:51 pm

A great weekend i have had. Really enjoyed the tournament. Me and my friend from work (wojtek) made the 2 hr drive to be there. On saturday me and wojtek entered semi pro and pro doubles in which we only won one game all day but still enjoyed some close games. Got to the evenings team event. We teamed up with Joe and Boris to make a northern team. Although we lost both our matches, me and wojtek won both our games in the 2 matches we played. Which was strange as we struggled to win one game all day. Then at midnight we played a game of 2 ball with Sarah and joe in which me and Sarah won 10-8. This game was the most fun filled game we played all day. Bring back 2 ball events!
Sunday i had a lot more success. Partnering Alex in OD we won the first match 3-0. Then played the Lyall bros, we managed to nick a game off them in which I think I scored 3 from the back but lost 3-1. Then in Losers bracket we played Emily and Christian. Up untill this game i played at the back, but we lost our first game so switched round. Alex was stopping chris a lot better than me and we was both scoring, so we came back to win the match 2-1. Next we played William and vincent, i started at the back but after losing the first game we swapped round again. We won the second game in which Alex was trying some great shots and he pulled them off, scoring a shot from the goalie and faked another goalie shot from which he then scored from his 2 bar, brilliant and even William and Vincent gave a smile, but we eventually lost 2-1.
Then came pro singles. In a group of 4 first i lost to Emily 7-6. I then had 2 lucky games in which i beat William and Joe 7-6 in both games to get me In to the knockout stage, but then got my ass kicked by Nubbert!
Then there was semi-pro singles in which there was 6 in the group. I won all my group games and went on to win the event.
Turnout was disappointing but on the plus side for me i got to enter more events and play more games. Players who didn't make this tournament you missed out on a fun well organised and well run weekend. Credit to Sarah, Joe and all table helpers. Thanks for putting on a great weekend.
Oh and thanks to Alex for partnering me too.


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Re: Hereford after glow

Post by ybbun » Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:24 pm

Great tournament! My highlights:

- 3rd in OD after two ITSF sweatball losses in the winners and losers finals. I think my doubles game has come on a lot in the last year.
- This is my 9th time in the top 3 of OD without ever winning. I'll stop counting if I win one...
- Congrats to Chris for your first OS win and for doubling up in OD!
- And Rich for reaching your first open final.
- Gourmet burgers for the win.
- Comfy sofas are an excellent addition to any foosball tournament.
- Sarah 5th in OS and 2nd in PS (which was basically a rerun of OS at shorter formats) was impressive; I couldn't handle your singles game in the team event for sure.
- Alex not being able to think of anything that starts with T that you play foosball on.
- New player Matt Harries defended well in the DYP to help us finish 2nd - cheers, it was fun!
- Alex always has the princess.

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Re: Hereford after glow

Post by Bundy Volume 1 » Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:15 pm



1. Ziemann, Dave Jones Jnr, John
2. Nubbert, Andrew Harries, Matt
3. Marsh, Rich Daniels, John
4. Bundy, Joe Brice, Louise

5. Brice, Sarah Boswell, Ben
6. Lyall, Stephen Sterry, Mick
7. Curtis, Tom Grice, Dan
8. Fletcher, Charlie Rawson, Hugh
9. Millington-Marston, Alex Playford, Grant
10. Trapmore, Andrew Rozier, Tim
11. Johal, Pardeep Singh, Onkarr
12. Hookway, Val Hookway, Les

Open Singles

1. Lyall, Christopher
2. Marsh, Rich
3. Ziemann, Dave
4. Mok, Vincent
5. Brice, Sarah
Leung, William
7. Bali, Krisztian
Bundy, Joe
9. Atha, Boris
Curtis, Tom
King, Mark
Nubbert, Andrew
13. Dawkins, Sam
Oates, Dave
Rathke, Joules
Walker, Donna
17. Daniels, John
Grice, Dan
Jones Jnr, John
Kelsey, Greg
Mackenzie-Shaw, Peter
Millington-Marston, Alex
Trapmore, Andrew
25. Harries, Matt
Johal, Pardeep
Kalita, Wojtek
Playford, Grant
Singh, Onkarr
Steele, Ray

Amateur Doubles

1. Daniels, John Grice, Dan
2. Curtis, Tom Harries, Matt
3. Jones Jnr, John Steele, Ray
4. Warren, Robert Kelsey, Greg
5. Hookway, Les Hookway, Val
Johal, Pardeep,Singh, Onkarr
Mackenzie-Shaw, Peter,Kalita, Wojtek

Senior Singles

1. Atha, Boris
2. Oates, Dave
3. Ziemann, Dave

Women’s Singles

1. Brice, Sarah
2. Walker, Donna
3. Hookway, Val
4. Johal, Pardeep

Pro Doubles

1. Lyall, Stephen Marsh, Rich
2. Ziemann, Dave Bundy, Joe
3. Lyall, Christopher Nubbert, Andrew
4. Dawkins, Sam Walker, Donna
5. Bali, Krisztian Atha, Boris
Leung, William Mok, Vincent
Oates, Dave Millington-Marston, Alex
Rathke, Joules Brice, Sarah

9. King, Mark Kalita, Wojtek
10. Wen, Nick Trapmore, Andrew

Semi-Pro Doubles

1. Rathke, Joules Curtis, Tom
2. Wen, Nick Trapmore, Andrew
3. Dawkins, Sam Walker, Donna
4. Kalita, Wojtek King, Mark

Open Doubles

1. Lyall, Christopher,Lyall, Stephen
2. Mok, Vincent,Leung, William
3. Ziemann, Dave,Nubbert, Andrew
4. Marsh, Rich,Atha, Boris
5. Dawkins, Sam,Bundy, Joe
Millington-Marston, Alex,King, Mark
7.Knox, Emily,Bali, Krisztian
Walker, Donna,Brice, Sarah
9.Rathke, Joules,Kalita, Wojtek

Pro Singles

1.Marsh, Rich
2.Brice, Sarah
3.Lyall, Christopher
4.Nubbert, Andrew
5. Bali, Krisztian
King, Mark
Leung, William
Ziemann, Dave
9. Mok, Vincent
10. Millington-Marston, Alex
11. Bundy, Joe
12.Lyall, Stephen
13. Rathke, Joules
14. Knox, Emily
15. Walker, Donna
16.Dawkins, Sam
17.Trapmore, Andrew

Semi-Pro Singles

1.King, Mark
2. Dawkins, Sam
3.Walker, Donna
4.Trapmore, Andrew
5.Boswell, Ben
6.Rathke, Joules

Amateur Singles

1.Grice, Dan
2.Daniels, John
3.Curtis, Tom
4.Kelsey, Greg
5.Harries, Matt
Jones Jnr, John
Mackenzie-Shaw, Peter
Singh, Onkarr
9.Kalita, Wojtek
10.Steel, Ray
11. Johal, Pardeep

Team Event

2.Bar Kick
3.Barrels 1
5.Barrels 2

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