How to get tournaments happening again?

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How to get tournaments happening again?

Post by Boris » Tue Apr 21, 2015 5:31 pm

People have been asking why there have been no big tournaments in the UK until recently, and the answer is simple, those with experience have been worn out mainly due to the physical effort involved, and there are so few of us left who haven't left the game for marriage/job/kids etc.

We have Garlando and Leonhard tables available to anyone who is interested in running a tournament, and the BFA will subsidise the cost of an ITSF pro-tour registration fee (if you want a Master Series you need to cover the difference). Essentially all you need to do is find a venue and enough people willing to help. Some subsidy may also be available towards table transport costs. The BFA tables (10x Garlandos and 14x Leonharts) are currently in storage near Liverpool with 24 hour access possible. However I am 56 next week with a bad back and bad knees, and cannot load and unload all the tables myself, even if I can drive a van, so you need someone willing to (at least help) pick them up before, and drop them off after, the event.

The killer though is packing the tables away at the end of the tournament, there are usually enough people willing to help set up on the first day, but people leave as soon as they are knocked out of events on the last day. At the end of the UKC it was down to myself (barely able to walk due to injury) and Chris Lyall to pack the tables away, load them in the van and unload them at the storage unit, finally getting in at 3am. If we had had two other people to help we could easily have been finished by 10pm, and I would already have a date in mind for another Liverpool Open.

The biggest need therefore is for people willing to stay behind after a tournament to dismantle and pack away tables, and load the van. Where a tournament is successful some payment may be possible for this. The alternative is to hire paid staff on at least minimum wage to set up and break down tables, which would result in higher entry fees and lower payouts for tournaments.

So is there anyone out there willing to help bring big tournaments back to the UK? If so contact myself or Steve Lyall (BFA Sports Director)

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Re: How to get tournaments happening again?

Post by willhawkes » Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:31 pm

Boris, I'm going to post this on the Facebook page too.

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