Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

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Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by Boris » Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:37 am

Open Doubles
1 Sohi, Jujhar Lyall, Stephen
2 Migliore, Vito Higgs, Tiago
3 Ziemann, David Derhi, Michael
4 Krammerova, Katarina Holecko, Matus
5 Bundy, Joe Atha, Boris
5 Farrukh, Muhammad Knox, Emily
5 Millington-Marston, Alex Cohen, Michael
5 Torok, Tamas Oliveira, Jose

9 Rosen, Dan Cushman, Tony
9 Paulauskas, Vilius Wong, Jonathan
11 Angella, Andrea Tassi, Michela
11 Diaz, Yaka Bende, Laszlo
11 Mariot, Nico Dubosquet, Seb
14 Greenberg, Alan Greenberg, Sam

Pro Doubles
1 Derhi, Michael Cohen, Michael
2 Sohi, Jujhar Farrukh, Muhammad
3 Bundy, Joe Millington-Marston, Alex

Amateur Doubles
1 Mariot, Nico Dubosquet, Seb
2 Torok, Tamas Puhalla, Peter
3 Greenberg, Alan Greenberg, Sam
4 Angella, Andrea Tassi, Michela

5 Rosen, Dan Cushman, Tony

Mixed Doubles
1 Ziemann, David Knox, Emily
2 Krammerova, Katarina Holecko, Matus
3 Paulauskas, Vilius Diaz, Yaka

Open Singles
1 Derhi Michael
2 Russell-Gebbett Andrei
3 Olivieira Jose
4 Ziemann Dave
5 Atha Boris
5 Bundy Joe
5 Knox Emily
5 Migliore Vito
9 Cushman Tony
9 Littlefair James
9 Millington-Marston Alex
9 Paulauskas Vilius

13 Wong Jonathan
14 Cohen Mike
15 Kremer Alex
15 Schmidlin Bertrand
15 Hawkes Will
18 Edree Enel
19 Knenzlie Nikita
19 Diaz Yaka

Senior Singles
1 Ziemann, David
2 Atha, Boris
3 Cohen, Michael

Womens Singles
1 Knox, Emily
2 Diaz, Yaka

Junior Singles
1 Edree Enel
2 Knenzlie Nikita

Pro Singles
1 Derhi, Michael
2 Russell-Gebbett Andrei
3 Oliveira Jose
4 Bundy Joe

5 Littlefair James
6 Cohen Mike

Amateur Singles
1 Knox, Emily
2 Cushman, Tony
3 Wong, Jonathan
4 Schmidlin Bertrand
5 Knenzlie Nikita
5 Edree Enel
5 Paulauskas Vilius
5 Diaz Yaka

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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by Boris » Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:28 pm

No comments at all?

If you came please give us your thoughts - good and bad - about the tournament so we can improve next time.

If you didn't come why not? What put you off?

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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by Phil Williams » Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:37 pm

Entry fees were too low, thats why I did not go!

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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by davez » Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:30 pm

I really enjoyed the tournament, the playing, the people, the environment, the ambience, Shoreditch, the people who came just to watch their mates and not play (Gregg, Tiago...) ...but the appalling turnout is something that really requires some quantitative analysis.

Can someone set up a poll to find out actual reasons why people did not come (and to be clear to separate from the (still valuable) opinions of those who wouldn't have come anyway)? Here are some obvious possibilities:
- event and table fees too expensive
- don't like Bonzini
- not going to London
- Wimbledon
- Glastonbury
- rugby

In terms of feedback about the actual event, turnout aside, the most serious problem IMO was the fact that many of the tables had handles which could not be removed because the preparatory work to remove the screws was not done.
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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by Alex MM » Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:05 pm

I really enjoyed the tournament. Lots of fun dispite a low turnout. Thank you very much to JP and Bundy for making this happen. Thanks to my partners Mike C and Bundy I don't think I'd had the pleasure of playing with either of you before. Here are my highs/lows

The venue obv has a fun atmosphere that I haven't seen replicated anywhere yet at a foos tournament. Some tables were a bit crampt but other than that layout was good. You can have a chat with people in the middle without getting in the way, grab a drink, sit down and watch some Sport on the big screen all in one room.

It was a bit wierd playing on the two different versions of the table. I lost all my games on the old style but won most of those on the newer tables. They are very different especially the weight of the rods. I'm not good enough to make adjustments based on what table I'm about to play on next unfortunatly.

I wish I had won of the awesome bonzini men trophies. They looked really cool.

It was brilliant to see the networked computer for the players had been implmented here too.

I really enjoyed having groups in the open events but 5.3 was too short a format for SE IMO. If the Open events had been the first events the format could have been longer. The amateur events could have started after the open groups had finished and the pro ones an hour or two after that.

It was nice to be out of everything for the final rounds of OD on the saturday and watch them. Laughing at Steve constantly going over 15 seconds because he couldn't set the ball up, for a pull shot on bonzini, was particularly funny.

I got frustrated with players taking the handles off and not putting them back on or leaving them loose. Fine if you want to use your own handles just put them back on afterwards please.

Confused why I only paid the registration fee online. Would have preferred if it was the whole entry fees or none at all. Plus then I had to fill out a pre-reg form also. Very confusing..... £10 a day is definatly excessive!!!! It was £11.25 or something in advance for 2 days. That is what I pay as the customer. I don't care how much of it the organisers recieve after transaction charges just the amount I pay. Advertise it correctly next time please.

It was definatly expensive compared to the normal evening events. I prefer paying less and not getting prize money. £5 to enter an event with no prize money or paying £27.50 for 2 events with prize money or £45 for 4 events with prize money. Especially as there were no SP events so my likelyhood of winning is lower anyway.

Nice variety of styles in the singles.

Playing DaveZ in the first round of OS KO was fun. We had a really close first game which he ended with a hack from the 5 bar. Aparently that was the only time I'd left it for him. Doh. He defended my scumy angle pin shots better than anyone else at the tournament and in the second game made the adjustments to his 5 bar and beating me convincingly.

Had a hilarious match against Muhammad and Juj. Defended both of their pull shots really well and in the end got hacked to shreds. Think it was 3 hacks scored in the final game.

Great game against Michael and Davez. My defence was solid against Michael's 3bar bringing his scoring % way down. Unfortunatly DaveZ's was saving 100% against Mike's 3 so we had to switch so I could score a couple from the front. Another defeat from DaveZ in the KOs :(

Having a sofa made covering the desk a pleasure while Bundy was playing.

Watching sevens rugby on the wettest pitch I've ever seen was jokes. The players kept falling over when they were trying to kick the ball or sidestep around someone.

Overall I had a great time.

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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by willhawkes » Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:43 pm

Well. I was only there for OS, failed to qualify although I could have done if I'd managed to win one of my sweatball matches, had chances on the 3 bar each time. Took a miserable f+sting from Bundy in the groups as well, his Bonzini snake was phenomenal.

The lesson there was certainly that it's not good to turn up and play from cold in the middle of a Sunday afternoon when the other players on on their third day of matches, I struggled with the slippery balls and didn't have game brain on at all but hey it had been a hectic weekend to that point.

Nice to see some new players, esp. the Israeli juniors, and Tony Cushman improving rapidly too. Good that Michael Derhi finally has been "integrated" into the UK foosball scene. For someone who used to rank #6 in France 7 years ago (he told me), it's funny how we had him down as a novice. Glad to see excellent results in OD for Vito Migliore and Tiago Higgs too - trying to convince Vito to come to so other tournaments as well.

About the turnout, don't know, but I can put something together on Survey Monkey so we can find out.

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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by Bundy Volume 1 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:56 pm

willhawkes wrote:Took a miserable f+sting from Bundy in the groups as well, his Bonzini snake was phenomenal.
Think you were just unlucky enough to play me in a brief window of everything going well :wink:

I'd really like to thank JP for this weekend. He organised this tournament, put me up for the weekend, was crazily generous to me and overall cracking company. I'm sorry the turn out wasn't higher, he deserved it. But I know lessons will be learnt and he'll move onwards and upwards from here.

I had a lot of fun at the tournament. Small turnout, yet met more new people than I have done for a while at a UK tournament. Which was great. Bar Kick is a great place just to be too, it makes for my sort of tournament - with a great atmosphere. Friday night was a lot of fun, ending up playing around with a couple of random Californian tourists.

I also liked GSE open events with 6/7 games in the groups.

Great to play against lots of different styles, feel I've improved more as a player from this than I've felt in a long time.

Whatever direction JP takes for future events, I'm sure I'll want to be a part of them.

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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by Messiah » Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:19 am

Presumably one of the big reasons for a low turnout is the number of other competitions on at the moment - Tornado at Isha, and Leonhart in Gloucester having tournaments either side (and also a lot of events booked in the calendar for later this year).

A few people may want to go to a tournament every 2 weeks, but not many do (or more specifically can afford time and money to do) so they will pick and choose more selectively
Still going....

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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by PaulM » Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:30 pm

I intended to go to the Friday DYP but finished work way to late. I was never going for the weekend events as I was already spoken for. My wife seems to think that booking a night out at the theatre 8 months in advance is a legitimate
reason not to play FOOS. Stuffed. But I am not surprised at the low turn out. JP will never get the local players out at the weekend, in the numbers he gets for Wed and Thu events. There are too many other attractions in London. A 3 day event is not an option, especially in summer. The high cost will also play a part as well. Many had concerns, and voiced them as well. London will always be expensive, even if you sleep in the underground. JP even managed a listing on, and still we had a low turnout.
I will be at the next Wed event.

Paul M

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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by Steviola » Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:19 pm

Hi Paul,

This is why for the Tornado events we have gone for one-dayers :) I've been told there is a big demand for one-day tournaments to come back...well if they are going to keep happening they need the players to support it.

This first event we are doing will decide how we take the series forward.

Alex MM
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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by Alex MM » Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:51 pm

Uploaded the OD Final 5th game up on youtube. Please excuse the subpar camera work it had been awhile since I'd filmed a match. ... zTVt_vVcpQ

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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by Teeb » Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:10 am

So what are your opinions on the prize money Steve?

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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by robmoss2k » Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:23 pm

London is just too far away and too expensive for me to justify. As much as I'd like to go to every tournament there is (like I used to) it seems too many of them land inside the M25 at the moment for my liking. When I looked at how much it would cost me to stay on my own for a weekend in London, pay for food, drinks, travel and accommodation, plus entry fees, it would be cheaper to go on holiday abroad with the whole family. The same problem doesn't apply with the Gloucester tournaments.

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Re: Bonzini Open @ BAR KICK - Results & Afterglow

Post by Gipsy Beast » Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:19 pm

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